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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Tips for Handgun Self-Defense Safety & Review

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now to recap some of the points we’ve gone over: we’ve talked about the different
types of handguns, the revolver, the semi-automatic handgun; we’ve gone over the basic principles
about the line of fire and how handguns work. We’ve also gone over redirecting drills; simply
pushing out of the way and working on your speed. We’ve gone over several of the hand
techniques. He comes with a handgun, I’m able to use his body against him, taking his wrist,
redirecting it and causing damage to him or pain through a wrist lock. So, we’ve gone
over all these things, all these techniques. Just take these and apply them. When you are
actually doing the techniques on the street, make sure that you are fully committed. You
can’t do these techniques half way because it is a gun. All it takes is a single pull
of the trigger, and that’s your life. These are just a few points that we are recapping
on on gun self defense using your open hands.

2 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Tips for Handgun Self-Defense Safety & Review

  1. notice the hesitation, when he turnes the gun against the "training dummy" he says "… causes, um, damage" lol. he killed him. i guess that causes damage rofl

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