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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Self-Defense Against a Handgun to the Mid-Section

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. A situation that you’ll often encounter is an attacker holding the gun at your midsection,
okay. What you want to do is if you’ve practiced the drills is, simply turn to the side and
catch the pistol right here. Now, once the line of fire is outside of your body, you
are going to strike, punch to the face or the throat, and then at the same time, roll
the hand back this way. From here, you are going to elbow and at the same time, wrap
around to here. Now, I have completely disarmed him at this point and I’ve also got him in
a headlock. I want to keep the gun away from this hand right here, so I’m just going to
push back and hold him at gunpoint, okay. At this point, you can call the police or
direct someone else to call the police. Again, we’ll go over that. Push it out of the way,
strike, wrist lock here (this forces him to release, see how his fingers are right here),
elbow, wrap around. And when you have the gun, you simply push and you are back here
and ready, holding him at gunpoint. You’ve eliminated the threat of the gun. You can
direct someone to call the police, or direct him, whichever way would be safest.

7 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Self-Defense Against a Handgun to the Mid-Section

  1. I really don't think any criminal would position their gun right infront of their victem…-_-
    common sense wise, they would be of a distance away, so the person can't do anything about it.

  2. As a rule of thumb in any effective technique: You never strike, hit, pull or do anything before you fully SECURE the weapon, pull it away, or have it pointed towards the enemy while you are OUT of the line of fire.

  3. While you roll the hand back, the fingers might twitch and you get shot in the face. This is very dangerous, and should not be followed. You twist the gun into the enemy's body and either pull the gun away and fire.

  4. When you're moving out of the way you should use your hands in the reverse order (in the video he grabs with the left, do this with the right) this will allow you to keep your arms out of the line of attack from the gun more as you're striking.

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