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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Principles of Handgun Self-Defense

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now there are a couple of basic principles when you are doing handgun self defense. Pretty
much the same with rifles and shotguns; if the gun is pointed at you, you want to get
as close as possible. You want to pivot your hips, turn your shoulders like so (Nate, if
you could turn this way for me, just so the camera will be able to see). Now, when I push,
I can simply twist my hips and turn my shoulder and the line of fire is no longer on me. I’m
just going to assist that with my hand, okay. The basic principle is, once it’s fired, if
I’m able to catch it and it’s still fired, the bullet will no longer hit me. So I can
push it either way from here. Now, one thing you want to know about a semi-automatic handgun:
whichever way the round ejects (which is usually to the right), if you are able to stop it
from ejecting, once it’s fired, this will cause the gun to jam and renders it ineffective.
So when you are catching, you want to catch just like so, covering up the ejection port
and you want to catch it right here. With disarms, you want to understand the wrist
and how to work against the wrist and their body when you are disarming. Okay? Look for
weak points in the wrist. So again, trajectory disarms and covering up the port to cause
a gun jam. That’s how to…those are some of the basic principles of how to defend yourself
against a handgun.

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