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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Handgun Self-Defense Safety

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua
Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now some of the equipment you are going to need to train in handgun self defense
is pretty simple and easy to obtain. First, we have an Airsoft pistol. This is pretty
realistic. The slide cocks back and there’s a magazine release. Also, another thing you
would use this for is live fire training. Because it’s simply just plastic BB’s that
are fired from it, you are able to train with some type of padding on your midsection and
eyewear so that you can tell with your speed whether or not you are being hit with a round
or not. That’s just kind of the way to just test where you are at with your speed. Also,
just make sure that you have the eyewear, the padding when you do that, and that’s pretty
much all the gear you are going to need to do this. Just make sure that when you are
doing this that you are in the hands of a professional who knows handguns and also,
you need to make sure that you are aware of the different types of handguns and how they
can be used.

1 thought on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Handgun Self-Defense Safety

  1. definately not an expert in fire arms your videos don't show you with safe weapons, you need to clarify this.

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