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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Lower Back

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now you may come across the situation where your attacker has come up behind you
and he’s asking either for your wallet or whatever. So, you use the opportunity of him
asking for your wallet to simply bring this hand back here. Once you do that, you are
going to shoulder the gun out of the way, strike into the face and then snake this hand
through right here. At this point, I can take him down to the ground. As you can see, I
have an effective choke right here. But also, you can see I have control of this gun hand.
I can pull the trigger into his leg and then take the gun from him or I can simply keep
the line of fire away from both of us and from anyone else until I’m able to choke him
out. So, we are going to go over that one more time. Slowly, pushing this out of the
way, striking, coming up behind, choking him out, gaining control of the gun and the line
of fire. I’m able to cinch in right here and cut off the blood to the head. He will black
out at this point and once he’s down, I can take the gun from him. That’s one way to defend
yourself against the mugger who’s got his gun to your back.

6 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Lower Back

  1. He had no control for a period of time wich makes this move risky, you need to control the weapon FIRST. Check out my gun video.

  2. @ws2family this
    i would only try to attack someone armed with a weapon if it was clear that they were going to kill me no matter what, or i had something on my person that i felt was worth risking my life not to lose. And if i was i really wouldn't try to put them in a choke-hold. Ideally i would just try to get the gun away from them and then put myself between them and the gun.

  3. Never try this stupidity your self for couple of $100.00 dls you never know who is being you can be a 6'6" 300 lbs man that is not that easy to take down like it appears to be. Trying to disarm someone not a good Idea .just give him the money and go home hug your family and thanks God you still alive.

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