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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Face

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now many times, your mugger will have his gun to your face to try and intimidate
you. You feel like you are looking down the barrel of a gun, because you are. This is
very intimidating because you are looking directly at the gun. What you want to do in
this situation is simply roll your head to the outside of the trajectory of the round
and push up on the handgun. You want to make sure you have this grasped firmly. At the
same time you are doing this, you are stepping forward slightly and attacking the inside
of the hand. At the same time, twist this gun right here down that way. Now, you’ve
done this; now you can either come with a back fist here, a hook here. But from here
you probably want to go here and then there, create distance enough for you to back up
and hold him at gunpoint. So, we are going to do this one more time. Now, our hands are
up. Our hands are up because he feels like he has control one, and two, this sets us
up for a better position to disarm him. So, we’re doing this. Simultaneous motion; stepping
outside of the trajectory, pushing, pulling and reaping the gun out of his hand, striking
here or here to create distance and coming back here to hold him at gunpoint. So we’ll
do that one more time full speed, okay. Okay, and we have him at gunpoint and we can hold
him there until the police arrive.

14 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Face

  1. wow. quick move man the full speed version sure was unpredictable. its good to see it that way cuz often enough those technique dont seem fast enough to work in all cases. here at that speed it seems like he wouldnt have the time to react.. but u have to practice it a lot to be precise enough.. i mean.. someone who's not used to fighting or doing quick accurate movement could probably just miss the gun or the arm with one of his hand.. and that would suck 😛

  2. He's a young instructor and a little nervous, but he did a decent job.

    Not really a technique I would employ myself.

  3. These kids need to stick to their video games! Responding to attacks with firearms is NO joke! It looks well choreographed but the first points of safety have been over looked, such as take control of the weapon and where its pointing. Those who have not used nor been trained in firearms professionally shouldnt be teaching how to respond to them. This is a joke!

  4. The other guy being the "dummy" for the demonstration is cute* I actually thought he was a girl at first. (^_^)

  5. He's got the right idea, but once I have both hands on the weapon, I wouldnt let go… a violent twist of the body, and he will either let go of the gun, or end up with a dislocated shoulder or elbow; you could also throw him off balance, and the move is much more simple.

  6. My personal opinion is stick to the Krav Maga technique.. To much movement can b registered by ones perifrial vision.. Reaction time is .05th of a sec and the gun would go off at least once.. Unless you train to have a gun go off that close to ear and are used to shell shock your gonna get yourself killed..

  7. I don't like grabbing on top of the slide. It could cause an injury serious enough to keep the hand from grasping the weapon. If u grab it as the weapon is discharged, the slide is driven to the rear & the front sight post rips across your palm. Your instinct will be to release the grip & retract the hand like when u touch a hot stove, then he shoots u if he wants. Done fast, this move allows u to avoid the first shot but the rest is based the old disarms from when most people carried revolvers

  8. you don't show an empty weapon or that is a fake and you let this guy point a weapon at you head with his finger on the trigger, not very expert.

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