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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Face with a Gansta Grip

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. Now I’m going to show you how to defend yourself when someone has a side grip
on their pistol. You may encounter this. This is obviously someone who has not been trained
in the use of a handgun. They are pretty much using it as an intimidation tool. So what
you want to do is push it out of the way. Strike into the face, or strike simultaneously.
You can push either this way as you strike, or that way and move it to the left hand.
But what we are going to do, we are going to move this way and strike and with the wrist
lock, push down to here. Now, at this point, he’s got the gun to himself, so he’s probably
going to want to let go. So what we are going to do is take and slide it. Push into his
face as we slide through. Just make sure your finger is off the trigger. So once he let’s
go here, we’re just hooking in and smacking into the side of his face. When he is going
back, we will hold him at gunpoint. So, we’ll do that one more time. Right here, striking,
pushing back to here, striking again, pushing and coming back to here. That’s how to defend
yourself when someone has a side grip on their pistol, just like this, using a wrist lock
against them.

67 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Face with a Gansta Grip

  1. the 1 who carry a Gun he gonna be more fast to shoot than us befor we even think to use any techniques.that video show us unmoved target

  2. If you're punching a person with a gun isn't it possible to knock him back and break your grip on the gun. This would put you in the direct line of fire.

  3. I disagree with this technique.

    1) If the shooter falls backwards after the first strike, the gun will be lined back up with the defender.

    2) This technique seeks to control the shooter's arm/hand, not the weapon. You get much more torque by grabbing the barrel. Yes, this can hurt your hand if the weapon discharges, but it will hurt much less than a bullet.

  4. Well, I guess under some situations this might work. However, most criminals will either stand just far enough away to keep you from being able to grab it or will have fired it already. Your odds are not good and people have died trying this.

  5. I agree. The person with the drawn handgun is probably so nervous already that they are close to firing it anyway. Best bet is NOT to do anything to make them more nervous.

  6. this jokes not even funny !! fightin sum 1 whose got a gun pointed at u ?? r u stupid !! unless ofcuz the gangsta is high.. smoked that pure budd..but if the gun was on me white boi ide still smoke your asssss hahahaha

  7. erm, yeah the answer to this is to have your weapon out before this situation arises. gangsta would have been smoked before that gun ever got nearly on target.

    Get your CHL and practice your standards until your arms fall off.

  8. This gun defense is a joke for two reasons. One: If you push the gun away like that, in a stressful situation, you may fuck up like he did and remain in the line of fire for too long. Two: If you rip the gun out of his hand in that position with the barrel pointed towards his head, you very well may shoot him in the head. Take Krav Maga: It is the real deal with practical weapons defense.

  9. One last thing for all you who do not really know how to defend yourself in a worst case scenario gun situation: First step is to control the weapon. Grab it, grip it as strong as you can, and immediately bring yourself out of the line of fire. Second step is to strike at his nose, eyes, groin, etc. until he is incapable of harming you any further (i.e. beat his ass to a pulp). Always make sure the weapon is not pointed at you. As sloppy as it may be, it may keep you from being shot.

  10. Sounds about right. Also learn how to realistically disarm him,basically by 'bending' the gun back and out of his grip by using the barrel as a lever,not like the way Steven Seagal does it.But don't try to disarm him until you fuck him up good for a bit

  11. The "gangsta grip" is obviously an intimidation tool. However, if you're going to criticize handgun technique you need to exercise proper operative conduct with the weapon itself. After you've applied your joint lock and disengaged the weapon make sure that you're utilizing a sensible method by which to direct the firearm. Your left wrist needs more forward rotation and you need to keep the gun off center to your line.

  12. These kids need to stick to their video games! Responding to attacks with firearms is NO joke! It looks well choreographed but the first points of safety have been over looked, such as take control of the weapon and where its pointing. Those who have not used nor been trained in firearms professionally shouldnt be teaching how to respond to them. This is a joke!

  13. Looks great in the gym, but that will probably fail in real life.

    Keep it simple. That's the main rule in defending against a gun.

    Quick little observation. During those moves, there were a few instances where the muzzle of the weapon was next to the defender's head. All it takes is a fraction of movement for the bad guy to pull the trigger to make the defender deaf, disoriented, and bloody from the muzzle blast.

    This may possibly work, but it seems too hollywood to me.

  14. lol. Good luck taking the gun without first hitting/disorienting the person holding it. I'm sure he'll hand it right over to you so you can run away and report to the police. Good plan.

  15. thats too risky i say everyone learn commando krav maga there dissarming techniques are more effective

  16. Actually, it's best to stand as close as possible. It's better to have the bullet go right through you than to have shards of shrapnel splintered into your already torn up flesh.

  17. 0:24 "so what you are gonna do, is to push it out of the way" While at the same time a nice bullet is blowing your brains out…

  18. Wait sec… human reaction time (Correct me if i am wrong) is about 0.28 seconds… can you push the pistol out of the way with in that time?

    Don't forget that his body is going to be tensed up ready for a attack like that…

    and even if yes, you can do it with ease with in 0.28 seconds, whats the chances hes going to be that close to you?

  19. A simple grab on the gun and into a finger lock will be more effective and quick….you don't want to waste any time punching the guy….do a quick disarm, step back and IF NEED BE…shoot.

  20. the grab is wrong—your hands are already up–so you CANT flinch now…he is grabbing gunner's limb—should be grabbing the gun

    this guy will get you killed

  21. tecnica pericolosa. troppi movimenti nella fase prima della tecnica. le mani sono prima troppo alte e si abbassano per effettuare la presa. un partner migliore sparerebbe immediatamente!!! inoltre colpire senza effettuare la presa crea sicuramente un cambio di posizione dell'avversario e una reazione istintiva. tutta la tecnica così mostrata non esiste. ci sono buone tecniche. usate quelle non servono le supposizioni. expertvillage…

  22. the guy on the right is a fucking deer in head lights, these techniques are absolute nonsense, if you get in this situation, give them the fucking money, if they're there to kill you, you've done something to make them feel that way and you're not going to stop them unless you carry concealed yourself. more reason to express your Second Amendment right and carry concealed!….this is all bullshit.

  23. @ginjaninja1988 Have fun bandaging your fingers after the slide rips them open 🙂
    Otherwise what you say is true, but trying to stop the slide with your bare hands?
    And why the hell would anyone hold a gun in your face if there were witnesses? .. Sure, the bullet can fly off into the sunset, ricochet off a wall, a lamp, a sign post and an old guys spectacles and THEN hit someone, but what are the odds?
    And ignoring odds, that one bullet you let be shot could be dangerous too.

  24. The problem with these gun disarm videos is, they are trying to do too much at once. Your coorination will be off in a high stress situation. Focus on one thing. Either you want to take out the attacker, or you want to gain posession of the weapon. Whichever one you choose, you have to be completely focused on a goal.

  25. cont: If you want to take out the attacker, you have to move to his side or his back, then attack his face, eyes, head and or neck, until you can escape, or until he's out of commission. If you want the weapon, you have to move off line, grab with BOTH hands, then try to rip it away, violently and explosively. If that does not work, you can still get to his side or back and go on the offensive.

  26. You're an idiot.. You train to take guns off people. I train to shoot you in the chest in you come within 6 feet of me. You ain't getting close enough to touch me

  27. kid means well, i'm sure, but not sure about this rather "detailed" maneuver here.
    much to involved and complex. who's gonna execute all this ( excluding Steven Segal) in a tense, "Sudden" encounter. especially the last part, where he's describing "getting ahold of the attackers wrist, WITH THE GUN, then Turn in- inward and force the stock or barrel into attackers face. looks like to me a possible discharge, blowing off the head of our attacker. only guy 'Charged" then, is you. Murder.

  28. this is what you do, someone pointing a gun at you, you get behind a car and try to dodge bullets the best you can, or pretend there's a cop behind them and when they turn around, you make your escape and get behind a car

  29. there are numerous things wrong with this. its appauling, all the shooter has to do is squeeze and its game over. keep it simple, keep it fast. firstly this guy put his hands up, the shooter can see your hands move out of the corner of his eye, keep your hands low. also keep it simple, thinking is the enemy, dont go doing flashy over-the-top moves keep it basic. most importantly this guy didnt shift out of the firing line when starting the disarm. my sensie would kill me for copying this video.


  31. Three steps to not getting mugged.

    #1 Buy gun.

    #2 Have gun strapped to belt.

    #3 Do NOT cover gun.

    Doing this is basically wearing a sign saying "Mug me if you want to die."

  32. When you push, you know, coming from another video you might want to grip the slide so the weapon is unable to cycle and get you fucked over if the enemy isn't surprised at all.

  33. @dewartt69 those "spec ops" operatives don't learn to disarm people. They learn advanced infiltration/extraction/hostage rescue tactics that regular soldiers don't normally do. Fucking Call of Duty generation.

  34. i admire the fact that you are at least trying to demonstrate something useful. However, your technique has not considered some very important facts. 1) The attacker doesn't pull the trigger on impact. 2) you are able to catch the gun in your other hand once you knock it away. 3) that your attacker remains still with the gun. Real life this isn't the way they act, and law enforcement will tell you this tehnique could be fatal for the wrong one. just sayin.

  35. well in a movie you sometimes hear the shot when someone pulls a move like this but they miss. its all about speed and timing

  36. don't call me bro. nothing personal I just don't like it. Anyway he's not explaining when someone pulls out a gun and wants to fire it immediately. but if its used as intimidation you'll at least have a better idea than trying to run and end up getting shot in the back

  37. When dealing with self defense with guns, I have been told to always expect that it will fire at some point, and most likely when you first try to do something. and, if you have the gun pointed at the guy, shoot him, I was told this by a cop with much experience.

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