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All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Back of the Head

Tres Tew here; I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, we are going to be going over handgun self
defense. This is a technique I’m going to show you where someone has the handgun to
the back of your head. Very similar to the previous one; our hands are up. We are simply
going to move our head outside of the line of fire and at the same time assist with our
elbow right here. Now we are going to wrap around and strike to the side of the head,
punch either to the neck or the face while we’ve got control of the gun hand. Now from
here, we are just going to step back and slide this hand to here, gaining control of the
gun and at the same time pushing him down. Letting him fall down, but reaping out the
gun, okay. Now, we are going to do this again. Again, you want to do this part fast. Right
here, you are catching it. Striking, pulling back and you’ve got control of the gun. I’m
simply stepping behind that left leg and posting so that when i push him, he goes down and
then I’m backing up so that I’m able to hold him there until the police arrive. Now, again,
the police are probably one of your best assets when it comes to self defense. If a policeman
is around, leave this to them, okay? They are highly trained professionals and they
know what they are doing. Okay, so if someone is holding you at gunpoint and the police
are there, please do not attempt to do any of these techniques.

31 thoughts on “All About Hand Gun Self Defense : Defend Against a Handgun to the Back of the Head

  1. You are failing to see the big picture. Gun control is only ever about power and control. That's what happens — and it's what you deserve — when you don't ferociously defend your God-given and inalienable rights the first minute they're attacked. And, sure enough, as the firearms restrictions have increased in severity, so has the tyranny. Why? Because the government knows there is absolutely no threat of an armed rebellion it can get away with just about anything without any threat from you.

  2. maybe you need that there but we dont here. if they were to make guns readily available here then that would cause more problems than it would solve. the people here dont want a coup. and if this government was to lose support over something then the rival party would assume control through a re-election and solve it to gain popularity. no rights would be infringed. however i can understand that guns do work in America (in part)

  3. And if you are an ex-gun-owner, I hope the handful of silver the government gave you for turning in your guns made the humiliation of being rolled over and stiffed seem worthwhile — it certainly was for the government!

  4. Please stop posting these videos…they do not work in a real combat situation. These techniques were acceptable against a bladed weapon in ancient times but semi-auto firearms are a whole different animal and add combat stress on top of that and you have another situation entirely


  6. "Master Tew" here gets his balls blown off just after about 0:42 in the clip. Nice one.

  7. No, Tres, NO. The downfall of this move is in going for the takedown and disarm. Once you have his arm pinned, you may as well go for a break. Or if you are going to strike with your free hand, do MULTIPLE eye, nose and throat strikes. A fast knee to the groin or thigh is there too, and you won't sacrifce too much balance. Or do what everyone else says, and move to the outside; there are more options that way.

  8. @airsoftbuddies50 Anyone who seriously trains with a handgun, whether wielding it or defending against it knows not to have the barrel of the gun pointed directly at any part of you. The saying is "all guns are loaded," (meaning they should be treated as such) even if the user has checked and is sure it's not. That's the least one should expect from a safety professional.

  9. One serious flaw in this technique is that his body comes into the line of fire of the weapon. Best to maintain control of where that barrel points rather than have it point at your pelvis when the assailant is going down. Techniques that control, strip, and drop are probably safer than this with a great deal of repetitive practice in multiple scenarios.

  10. You move your head and he fires you are disorientated from the shot. And I am sure he is just gonna stand there while you remember all your steps

  11. okay so by the time the cops get there your the 1 holding the gun on him so they will be aimed on you!! lol…

  12. Cops have received training on dealing with armed citizens as well as their own comrades who are in plain clothes.

    Likewise, there are guidelines for legally armed citizens and plainclothes on conduct when challenged by a law enforcement officer.

  13. Apparently they taught this kind of thing to OSS (predecessor of the CIA) during WWII – and they still teach this to LEOs and special operations forces today.

  14. While you don't train with live ammo, repetition of these kinds of moves will help you remember how to do them under stress so that it becomes automatic.

  15. A persons finger will most likely be on the trigger, inside the guard… pulling the weapon in the direction you show could cause the weapon to fire…
    Also, the bad guy may fire the weapon the instant you pivot… true it may miss your head but be prepared for a very loud noise next to your ear, much louder than a Kiai …
    Just saying 😉 🙏

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