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AKIMBO PISTOLS! (Call of Duty WW2 Akimbo Pistols)

What’s up guys this is Merk music and today I’m gonna be playing Call of Duty World War 2 obviously with a little bit of a twist the one thing I’ve legitimately never Seen anyone use in a public match is akimbo pistols, which is exactly what I’m gonna. Be using today. Can you fuck off I don’t know. I just feel like using akimbo pistols and going hard as shit I’m gonna destroy some people today unlike most call of duty games if you look at the attachments for all the pistols You don’t actually have akimbo, but if you would like to use your pistols akimbo You just have to go to basic training and run duelist I don’t know exactly what level you get it at I’m at level 47 right now So I can’t see exactly what level you unlock it at but when you equip it It says take akimbo pistols as the secondary, and you also get a bonus of extra pistol ammo, so yeah I’m gonna rock that I’m gonna use each pistol. I’m gonna use them with steady aim normally I would use extended mags just so you can have some extra ammo But if you look, it’s gonna be kind of tough to hit mediums long-range shots, but if you put steady aim on oh, baby Exactly you see that’s pretty good. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Let’s go play some hardcore Oh Flak tower. Yes, please don’t you just love how everyone votes for maps I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this But isn’t it kind of goofy that you have to click the left trigger to actually vote for the map I feel like by adding that extra step people just don’t vote for the maps we have 10 people in this Lobby and only two Of us vote that’s pathetic Man that was weak, hopefully my pistol game is stronger than that You don’t stand a chance you don’t stand a chance? Oh my god fucking try me? Wait I killed him with a stun, oh oh I saw someone way out there get them oh I love these pistols so much. Oh my god. It’s too good Yeah, if you’re gonna use a combo pistols definitely you steady aim, holy Sh Don’t like my team Why are they all why are they here? They were just randomly three people at our spot fuck off STG jump shot I’m 18 to 6 right now look how bad my team is oh my god? Oh, I like lost my controller there for a sec That shoulda been a feature bin the split quality poop I fucked it up, so I don’t know if you happen to notice by now, but I got a rug it’s right there And it’s oh boy. I feel like I actually got trolled a picture of it online looks completely different I don’t know if you can tell just from looking at the webcam, but it’s actually like a shag carpet Not a big fan really goofed that up, and don’t be surprised nice team kill Oh, don’t be surprised if you don’t see it in future videos. I’m already planning to replace it. I’m really disappointed I don’t know if any of you guys like it or not you wanted I can email it to you. Get that shit away from me But you know what oh my god. I actually flinch there wasn’t enough flinching the game already I’m actually physically flinching if I can map someone from here across Stupid did I have play of the game. Please. Tell me I have play of the game Nope, what what is this? What is this gun is that a breccie ew dude the breccie like got his dick cut off do you see this? Two kills with the breccie like how was that play the game yeah? They’re stuck back here. Oh what no what what did I just fail? More Yeah, I mean oh yeah, it could be an easy quad feed So sometimes that happens you just miss everything He’s already dead wait what I can’t believe I’m not getting a feed on flak tower I have 50 plus kills first game on using just akimbo pistols 56 kills. That’s pretty good I didn’t have a lot of objective play because we were getting spawn trapped a lot I know that seems hard to believe when I got that many kills but obviously in a typical match especially when it’s war I put the objective really hard and for the sake of making this video I Want to try to get you guys some good gameplay and get a lot of kills I’m gonna switch this to the m1911 flak tower again. Yes are okay. I’m in a different lobby which chinfoo I can’t believe I found chinfoo today guys oh My what the fuckin squid I’ve lost all my ammo so fast there was at least a triple Maybe even a quad feed potential there his name is HP 6000 thing that printer. Oh Oh my god, that was disgusting Get away from me Doing Crossfit how how the printer fucking killed me must be a factory reject oh? Oh, there’s almost potential like I don’t know what’s going on me across There were four people God. They don’t luck today, dude God oh I’m really trying I need chin Foos luck. Oh My god, it’s disgusting fuck me Okay sound like the shovel guys screaming ah I’m not gonna run gonna walk Don’t fucking bullshit me. It’s finding them oh oh no hope Good with them oh? They’re close flocked our game Oh Gustav yeah, that’s good pistol app Okay, so our gonna be using the machine pistols on London Docks. Okay? I’m dead oh I don’t like this Well one thing I probably completely forgot to mention is that centering is really important when you’re trying to use a Kimbo pistols in hardcore since then amis Have less health I mean It’s relatively easier to take them down with pistols Which is why you want to play hardcore when using pistols? Especially if you’re going for pistol camos so that’s the one thing that’s gonna be really tricky when you’re trying to use a Kimbo pistols In hardcore you have to know exactly where your centre is otherwise you’re gonna miss everything in the corner was Moving the corner way back there. What the hell you just walked right past me. Holy shit All going up these things burn to Remo so quickly. I think I might have to use extended mag It’s not a big fan of using this akimbo. I don’t know if it’s just the lobby I couldn’t really get much done Dave Tina tenant to have with these things These are the only non semi-auto pistols in the game And you’d think that they might be better than the actual like regular ones, but Shin Fuu-chin fur just got a 5 on with the team kill so forth cafe and open okay, that’s all English what am I doing? I think that’s pretty much gonna do it I haven’t really used the akimbo pistols extensively before making this video And I was actually trying for the pistol quad feats in hardcore I was not using them akimbo really I did use the m1911 akimbo a little bit But really not that much and even then the clip I using the video wasn’t even clean But if you want to have some fun or just experiment with the Kimbo pistols. It is pretty fun It’s kind of interesting because the first pistol you get is really kind of like the most versatile And it works really well with a Kimbo and then as you go down the line It just kind of gets worse, and I just kind of realized this I’m not sure if you guys picked up on this, but we don’t have any revolvers in this game I’d imagine that if supply drop weapons are coming or if they include them with the season pass like infinite warfare Then they’re probably gonna end up adding revolvers I just kind of notice that it’s really bizarre that there aren’t any I guess I’ll just have to wait and see but anyway Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this akimbo pistol only video if you guys did and you’d like to see some more called Duty World War 2 videos make sure to drop a like and I’ll see you guys later Hmm

100 thoughts on “AKIMBO PISTOLS! (Call of Duty WW2 Akimbo Pistols)

  1. If you go for this again, run Infantry Division so you get the second attachment for pistols so you can run steady aim and extended mag.

  2. With the c96 akimbo you need high power and use them like a sawed off shotgun range. Shoot one at a time so you can constantly shoot , and when it's like oh poop close use both at once

  3. One time on pointe du hoc (D-DAY) I was at the mg nest and saw someone at the entrance to the bunker. I shot at him and got a headshot with an stg-44, FMJ, steady aim. IMO its OP.
    Steady aim love

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