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AK47 – Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the thirty-third
episode of my Black Ops weapon guide. A familiar favourite this time. In this episode we’re covering the AK-47. It’s an automatic weapon, unlocked at level
38. The AK-47, or Avtomat Kalashnikova, is a weapon
that originates from the former Soviet Union. As its designation implies, its design was
finalised in the year 1947. It was World War 2 that spurred small arms
development in the 1940s, and the introduction of the first assault rifle – the German Sturmgewehr
44 – forged a new niche between rifle and submachine gun. Mikhail Kalashnikov, then a tank driver and
mechanic in the Red Army, would come up with the now-infamous AK assault rifle design while
recuperating in hospital after being wounded during the Battle of Bryansk. His combat experience led to his rifle design
being extremely soldier-focussed: rugged, as lightweight as possible and simple to use
and maintain. In 1949, Kalashnikov’s Avtomat was officially
adopted by the Red Army – its simple design ideal for mass production, an important consideration
for any large-scale military force. The design was further improved in the later
AKM design – with a stamped receiver rather than a milled one, improved muzzle brake and
other small mechanical improvements, what most people regard as an AK-47 is, in fact
the AKM design. With approximately 75 million such rifles
manufactured, no other rifle is as ubiquitous, nor as recognisable: and the AK is unlikely
to disappear anytime soon. Even today, the AK serves as the basis for
many modern military rifles – albeit in a derivative form. The AK-74 is a notable iteration, designed
to fire a smaller, higher-velocity round, with improved terminal ballistics. The AK-100 series, and the new AK-12, are
the most modern variants – making use of modern manufacturing techniques, but with a solid
grounding in Kalashnikov’s original design. The AK fires the M43 cartridge – first used
in the RPD light machine gun, 7.62-by-39 millimetres in dimension. Magazines are of a distinctive curved box
type, the curvature a result of the slightly tapered cartridge. Capacity is 30 rounds by default, or 45 with
extended mags. Damage is moderate – high by an automatic
weapon’s standards, but lower than the semi-automatic assault rifles. You’ll kill in 3 shots up close, like the
FAMAS and AUG – but, thanks to the elevated damage your 3-hit kill zone will be larger,
and you’ll potentially kill in just two headshots. At long range, you may need up to 4 shots
to kill. Rate of fire is moderately slow – at 750 rounds
per minute. Because of this lower fire rate, however,
the weapon is relatively controllable when firing full-auto – and will remain effective
out to some distance. At extreme ranges you’ll want to burst fire,
of course – distant targets, especially those behind cover, will require trigger control
to be effectively tackled. Aim time is standard for the assault rifle
category, at 250 milliseconds – and reloads are moderately quick, at 2.5 seconds. The full complement of assault rifle attachments
are available for the AK-47, all functionally equivalent to the default, but there are some
visual differences. The Red Dot sight is the same as used on the
AK74u and RPK – a squarer frame is used on the Kalashnikov rifles, providing a slightly
clearer view on target than the rounder lens used by the default. The reflex sight is unaltered, however – and
in any case, both the red dot and reflex are functionally identical in performance, if
not in appearance. The iron sights are generally OK on the AK
– the central post is a clear enough indicator, but the red dot or reflex will provide a better
all-round view on target. The ACOG scope, with its Soviet-style reticle,
will grant a zoom advantage to your weapon – but this comes at a cost of increased recoil
and a slower aim time, reducing your overall effectiveness. The AK-47 is a versatile weapon, so it makes
sense not to specialise for a long-range role. The Infrared scope is similar, providing an
elevated zoom level with the highlighting of enemies in bright white. Again, suitable for only long-range roles
with the weapon, and thus not ideally suited to the AK-47. The magazine attachments are much more useful
– Dual mags will give you additional starting ammunition, and a faster alternate reload. Each of these traits is useful, so to have
both benefits combined into a single attachment makes it well worth considering. Extended Mags will grant an extra 15 rounds
in your magazine, useful with an automatic weapon, as it will give you the ability to
tackle more enemies at once without reloading. Well worth considering, should you subscribe
to a ‘spray-and-pray’ mentality. The suppressor will keep you off the minimap
when firing, in exchange for a portion of your effective range. You will find you’ll need 4 shots to kill
more often, but you will elude detection. If you prefer to attack your foe from the
side or in another indirect fashion, the suppressor is a very valuable choice. The underslung weapons are all without major
surprise, such as the Masterkey, which adds a one-shot kill potential to your weapon,
but is less useful in light of the AK-47’s reasonably good performance up-close. Similar is the flamethrower, which can make
tackling multiple opponents easier, but it lacks the usefulness of some of the other
attachments on offer. The underslung grenade launcher – visually
styled as the Soviet GP-25 – is present, and behaves in the same way as you’d expect. Sometimes useful in objective game modes,
but with limited grenade supply and a niche role, it’s not something I’d use. Overall, I’d recommend Dual Mags or the suppressor,
depending on your playstyle – although extended mags or the red dot sight are both worthy
attachments as well. Our class with the AK-47 is a versatile one,
with a mix of perks designed to keep us well-supplied, and well-protected on the battlefield. Our first perk – Flak Jacket – will enhance
your rate of survival when facing explosive threats. This will help increase your ability to attain
the higher killstreaks, by keeping you alive through an onslaught of grenades, claymores
and RC-XDs. Our second perk – Warlord – allows us to customise
our weapon to our liking, and gives us bonus grenades to boot with the Pro variant. Two attachments allows for the perfect combination
for any playstyle – suppressor with dual mags for a high-streak stealth role, or the red
dot with extended mags for those who prefer sustained defence along distant sightlines. Our third perk – Tactical Mask – is a great
complement to Flak Jacket, making for a very robust loadout that will prevent enemy grenades
from impacting your performance. The base perk will protect you from Nova Gas
– but it’s the Pro benefits that are most useful, greatly limiting the effects of flash
and stun grenades: and also providing directional hints to enemies caught by your own tactical
ordnance. It takes a little time to earn – but it’s
well worth it. For your lethal grenades, Semtex is useful
in an aggressive role, as it doesn’t need to be cooked. For your tactical grenades, I’d recommend
either flash or concussion grenades to take advantage of Tac Mask Pro’s ability – either
will serve you well when facing multiple opponents or when breaching rooms. Your equipment is dependent on your playstyle:
C4 for those who want a little more explosive ordnance, or the Motion Sensor for those who
plan to lock down a building and make maximum use of their resistive perks. For your secondary weapon, the fast swapping
pistols are always a worthy consideration – I favour the CZ-75 with extended mags, or
the Python with Speed Reloader. The AK-47 is a versatile weapon, boasting
consistent damage and generally good handling characteristics. Its lower rate of fire means it’s ideally
suited to automatic use, with controllable recoil and an ability to eke out sustained
firepower from its 30-round magazine. Of course, this slower rate of fire will impact
your close-range performance: fewer bullets dispensed means a longer time to kill, and
will make hipfire kills less reliable, should a close-range enemy be aware of your presence. Still, this is the price of versatility: whilst
the AK might shine at middle range, it loses out to SMGs and the faster-firing assault
rifles up close. Keep your wits about you, however, and any
disparity in performance won’t be apparent: don’t give your enemy a fair fight, and you’ll
emerge victorious. With balanced handling and reliable performance,
this rough-hewn Russian rifle is as enduring… …as its legendary endurance. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next time, when I’ll be covering the
penultimate SMG – the Spectre. Until then, farewell.

62 thoughts on “AK47 – Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

  1. I unlocked this weapons Last night and I played a few games and my 1st one was 21-1 which was amazing. The accuracy is On point, I have suppressor and Extend mag.

  2. There are still a lot of players online in MW2 PC but in Black Ops there are only shitty modded servers. I wish Black Ops had regular servers too so I could play this beauty again.

  3. 45 eound mags are BS. They now have 100 round drum magazines which Mercenaries use in real life because MURICA! Ps. Some lunatics created a new 150 round drum magazine.

  4. Fun fact, it's more of a WASR-2 than an AK-47. Given how you play as a Black Ops operative in the campaign, the AK you get is an American made experimental variant (WASR-2).
    The problem is the Vietcong in the campaign use it, and that really doesn't make any sense as they were using Chinese rip-off Type-56's and Russian AKM's.

  5. Surely adding mass above the barrel should lessen recoil – like the sights, because the closer the COM is to the firing bullet the less torque is produced in exchange for more backward force, although adding mass reduces the acceleration.

  6. Spawns in as MacVSog
    "Today Was A Bad Day class setup"

    AK47 Extended Mag
    M1911 Extended Mag
    Sleight Of Hand
    Frag Grenade

  7. If I can remember correctly, this AK was actually an American variant called the WASR-7. It fired a 5.45 or something like that.

  8. I just realized after all these years I could have had a commando with a grenade lantcher attachment, 2 semtex, 2 poison gas grenades, 2 c4, and a China lake……….

  9. The AK depicted in Black Ops is a WASR-2, which is a licensed copy of the AK-47, made in Romania and imported in semi-autonomous to the US. It's actually in 5.45x39mm, which is what the AK-74 fires, which also explains the lack of a proper curve to the mag that an actual 7.62x39mm mag would have. Like many guns in CoD, probably modelled after one that someone on the team had at home for conveniences sake, rather than the real thing, as that would be more expensive and harder to use as a modelling source.

  10. Wait a moment, how does a human survive the first headshot. Like if you get shot with a 7.62 in the head I’m pretty sure you would die.

  11. back when game guides were actual guides

    now all guides are videos were a jack ass is trying too hard to be funny and failing horribly and giving you piss poor info

  12. compared to the mw2/mw3 ak, the bo1 ak didnt sound like it had the oomph and authority the mw2/3 ak had, same with the fal.
    rpk, dragunov and ak74u had it, but not the ak47, it sounded unrealistic

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