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AK Niner – “Spetsnaz Concept” Kalashnikov (Saiga 223, AK102)

today we have a resurrection story presenting the 5.56mm… Hello, and welcome to 9 Hole Reviews this is a story of what we have nicknamed the “AK Niner”, for its nine lives and its permanent residency with 9 Hole Reviews a rifle that came barely functioning sold for $200, but now currently stands as one of the most reliable, softest shooting, compact and most quietly suppressible carbines in possession. Eastern Europe, I came across reports about men along the NATO border area with suspected 5.56 caliber AK-100 series rifles with the newest Russian special operations equipment, who, according to Russian officials were “not russian soldiers” and they evidently, “had no idea who they were”. Some suggested that these groups used 5.56 rifles, because if they somehow wandered across NATO lines, 5.56mm ammunition storages were much easier to find, and the found 5.56 casings, if they were to use them, would raise less suspicion. While the idea of using indigenous ammunition supplies is not a new idea by any means, a reliable, combat accurate, and suppressible Kalashnikov rifle that consumed 5.56 ammunition would certainly be an interesting pursuit for any enthusiast living in the heart of the U.S… as a Russian imported Saiga .223 caliber sporting rifle the base rifle’s quality was superb it came from the Izmash factory in Russia, was manufactured under the Kalashnikov Concern, and had an unusual heavy profile cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel prior to our possession, the previous user had made a litany of modifications this was a mid 2000s and Saiga rifles were cheap and he apparently wanted a Galil instead of an AK. The rifle came installed with an aftermarket TAPCO Galil profiled handguard with a handguard retainer, a bullet guide to feed with regular 5.56 magazines and an ACE folder stock. One of the best modifications from the previous user was that he riveted a Galil magazine release magazines now could be released by the tip of the index finger and are near drop-free unfortunately there were many horrible modifications that we had to fix. the previous owner had fitted a very limited production after-market AK102-styled gas block on it the gas block was installed crooked and the pins were drilled at a 30-degree angle, making disassembly an absolute nightmare he cut the barrel down to 14 1/2 inches we presumed that since a gas block pin job was so horrible, he couldn’t access the gas port to enlarge it to compensate for the decreased dwell time, and therefore induced under-gassed misfeeds our primary objective was to make the rifle function again, then more importantly squeeze as much performance out of it, and make it suppressor friendly we installed a slick AGL trigger with a smooth, flat faced two-pound trigger pull, and retained a Saiga bolt lock-open function. We then swapped the handguard back to an AK-100 series polymer grip with an Ultimak gas tube top rail for any potential accessories in the future the stock folds to the right side like an FN FAL paratrooper so the scope does not need to be removed but the rifle could still be fired while folded. And finally we added an Aimpoint PRO red dot with an RS regulate side rail mount I was able to enlarge a gas port with a drill press to where it barely cycled Russian lacquered ammunition and finally I sent the rifle off to Mike Cramer Mike is a former US Army cavalry officer who turned into a gunsmith and has a reputation of fixing unfixable rifles to access a gas port I had to cut the gas block pins to release it for work Mike had the unfortunate pleasure of re-welding re-shaping and re-pinning the gas block with the standard 24mm threads removed to make way for a secret ingredient… the Mk12 series of rifles are known for how quiet their suppressors are and I wanted this rifle to take the same type of suppressor that my Mk12 used I spoke with Ron Allen from Allen Engineering to see if we could custom manufacture a collar system to fit my Mk 12 AEM-5 suppressor on By fitting the AEM 5 suppressor to the rifle, my overall length would be comparable to a suppressed short barreled AK102 but push an extra few inches of pressure than a 14.5 inch barrel had to offer and still substantially be quieter than most 5.56mm suppressor designs On the close range, the ALG trigger in combination with either the muzzle brake or the suppressor with tuned gas settings helps keep the recoil extremely low without any reliability issues. Josh, “There’s little bit of vertical stringing that’s… “taking place here; my rounds are climbing…” “but that’s me ripping the shots as…” “quickly as I can take the shots and so…” “that’s that’s the recoil that you’re…” “seeing in that 12-15 round strength.” since the muzzle brake is pinned the overall length of the barrel is greater than 16.1 inches, which means in the U.S. it does not require complicated NFA paperwork Let’s see the 9 Hole accuracy tests we tested this with 55grain Fiocchi ball ammunition at 100 yard, we cloced 9 rounds from this rifle at 4.554 inches with about 80% of the shots in a 2.279in cluster using the aim point red dot and a 200-yard zero, we recorded quick and reliable hits out to 350 yards and actually we’re able to stretch the Niner’s impacts all the way out of 500 yards on the practical accuracy course one of the only remaining weaknesses that we can think of is a lack of 5.56mm Kalashnikov magazines in the U.S. despite the AK-Niner not being an off-the-shelf variant of the AK-100 series rifles we felt that the versatility and performance of our creation could potentially be a blueprint for your inspiration in yielding a performance Kalashnikov rifle let us know if you’d be interested in working on a project similar to this one in the meantime, thanks again for tuning in and we’ll see you at the range!

100 thoughts on “AK Niner – “Spetsnaz Concept” Kalashnikov (Saiga 223, AK102)

  1. Thanks to RichterFriedrich for pointing out that 1:21 happened in Donbass, not Crimea. We realize that those were 5.45 AK's, but we were illustrating the point of some "Not-Soldiers" hang out in people's neighborhoods sometimes.

  2. Why are people still flogging the dead horse of a 1940's era weapon ? The legend of the AK is a myth , its no better than any other rifle and its design lacks all the modern aspects such as a solid base for optics, ergonomic fire selector and safety, and even a decent iron sight radius.

  3. If i ever moved to the US this would be my go to gun build, sadly i live in the UK and we can only get shotguns, bolt action rifles and semi auto .22 rifles which are all good fun but…nowhere near as fun as the big boys toys you guys get over there.

  4. I built a unique AK 5.56 similar to this. I used a bulgarian SLR 106 barrel and bolt, polish AK 47 trunnion and bolt carrier, AK74 receiver and various other small components. It took some dremeling to make everything work but now it's a beast of a rifle.

  5. Do you think it would be possible/worth it to add the allen engineering muzzle brake and collar to an slr104 since its 5.45?

  6. I'm finally starting into gunsmithing and this story in very interesting, I loved how you appilcated the suppressor to be like th MK12 that was genius knowing the muzzle brake of the weapon followed 5.56 and 7.62 gas dispersion. It compensated very well with the suppressor add when you showed at 500 yards, awesome.
    See you on the range👍

  7. I am interested in making this build. I’ve been having a fugly .223 Saiga in my safe for the past 2 years and finally know what I wanna do with her. Thanks

  8. At 1:12 it isn't Crimean police station and it isn't russian army. This is police station in Kramatorsk and these soldiers are pro-government troops (legitime old government was destroyed in 2014 and old government wasn't pro-russian). I not want critize you, but in the USA, you see things differently. This is not your fault. This is problem of US government.

  9. I have been wanting an ak that shoots .223 like my AR so there is no need to buy another caliber of ammo!!!!!!

  10. Bolt don't hold in back position after last round? Are you serious? So many years and this seems like space rocket for engineers?

  11. Not sure if you respond to comments on older videos or if anybody is willing to help out, but how did you get ((10)) mags to fit so smooth in the Saiga? I just file down the front but they're still pretty stiff, was any other place filed?

  12. Are you using an Allen Engineering can? Is the AIM can so good because it is an over the barrel design that created more baffle room?

  13. In real world of war, I rarely see battle rifle with scope or red dot.
    Is it if the weather is foggy, snowing, or raining those things
    when it gets wet or blurry will be useless or you'll just wasting
    your time wiping it? Then your enemy can shoot you?

  14. Still curious as to whether or not Allen at Allen engineering would accept work on such a collar system for anyone else, assuming they had the patience and the cash, or if he wont do this for just anybody.

  15. Would it be possible to legally purchase one? Im very interested just wondering how the russian weapon import
    ban would affect purchasing it.

  16. Nice work Guys..
    I Remember I Baught my
    Saiga Sporter Riffle 7.62×39
    in 2007 for $400 Dollars.
    What a Steal, little did I Know I Stumbled to One of the Greatest Riffles Ever Produced.
    Great Video..

  17. I had a slt106cr chopped with a Bulgarian 4 piece cone.It was reliable only with circle10 mags and front heavy.I bought a slr107r and plan to have a front sight gas block installed and the barrel chopped to 14.5 inches.No more $45 mags if you can find them,I already have 18 763×39 mags 10 eastern euro 8 Wbp polish mags and 3000 rds ammo.The ammo and mags were leftover from a Slr107fr triangle folder I sold.

  18. I like the Allen Engineering MK12 suppressor set-up. Can you share what part numbers I should buy from them for an SLR106FR?

  19. I would own and shoot the hell out of it if I got it free but i dont really want a ak in 5.56 the same way i don't want a AR in 5.56.

  20. У нас в России это называется – собрали из говна и палок 🙂

  21. @9HoleReviews That is amazing. Honestly, would you guys be interested in selling her? Have a serious offer if you would consider…

  22. Its not "galil magazine release". That small addition is from RK-62 and its one of the functions IWI (formerly known Israel Military Industries) kept when they were developing Galil.

  23. In fact, Russian special forces act differently. Army special forces can roll up a tank and destroy the house where the terrorists were sitting. AK is certainly a powerful weapon, but for a Russian, it is rather weak.
    Remove spaces – https :// www . youtube . com / watch?v=hrRKUNVtdws

  24. I decided to go a little different route (although I do own a Galil Ace pistol in 7.62X39). I also bought a PSA Gen II KS-47 AR in 7.62X39. Shoots like a dream. NO ISSUES!

  25. I heard the hot 556. Is hard on the AK and also questionable reliability. Well for homebuild .but would like to find a 556 bulge/Russ

  26. 9 hole – Consensus is we all want one! Recommend you use your prototype and find a mass production house to build. At the $2k range you could fill enough advance orders for a limited run. We ALL need an AKniner!

  27. Just got my hands on a saiga 223 and plan on making something similar the only real problem I'm going to have is getting a suppressor like yours

  28. I think some subs wrt Crimean events are wrong, those were Donbass events, iirc (the police station one and the one with the crowd being pushed by folks with guns).
    Just from the memory of watching those when they were first posted, 5 years ago.

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