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AK-74 Live Fire Video By Classic Firearms

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. I want to talk to you today about our current
incarnation of AK-74 rifles that we currently have in stock. These rifles have become a real success story
for us recently, after what admittedly was somewhat of a rocky start. Originally our AK-74s as you see here, were
being made by Waffen Werks. In the original ownership, Waffen Werks, they
were very, very good people. I still to this day have the highest respect
for them, but they were basically a small mom and pop operation, and we put a lot of
pressure on them, which was our fault, to turn out a number of rifles for us because
we were selling the rifles very well. As a result, they ended up having some quality
control issues on their early rifles. Fortunately, that is all behind us now and
has been put to bed. A company called Destructive Devices bought
out Waffen Werks, DDI. DDI is a much larger corporation. They have a very good background in building
rifles. In fact, they build some of the highest quality
AK rifles on the market today, and they are currently producing our AK-74 rifles for us. They also carry the warranty on the AK-74
rifles. Because they bought Waffen Werks as a corporation,
they bought up all the boxes and the packaging and everything that went with it, you will
still see the Waffen Werks name on the boxes and on the receivers, but make no mistake
about it, these are DDI rifles, and they’re backed by a full 100% warranty by DDI. Let me tell you a little bit about the rifles
themselves. All of the rifles have brand new US chrome-lined
barrels on them. They all have all matching part sets out of
Bulgaria. They all have the original compensators. Very smooth actions. All of the base rifles themselves are going
to be exactly alike as far as the metal is concerned with a nice DuraCote/CeraKote finish. The only difference you’re going to see is
in the furniture. The furniture that is on these rifles is the
original furniture that came out of Bulgaria when the rifles were dismantled from the military. Some, like this one, are beautiful, all matching
wood furniture sets. Others will be mismatched a little, you see
a little slight different color variation on this between stock and the forearms. Some will even have the solid stain finish. This is a solid stain, as opposed to the transparent
stain that you see on the other weapons. It’s a plum color. The solid stain covers the wood stock better
and provides better protection for the stock. Some people like it, some people don’t. About 15% TO 20% of our stock is in this solid
color stain, but again the furniture is what you get. I’ll show you another one. You’ll see some have a little more wear on
them than others. A few more light dents and dings, but none
are non-serviceable, none are broken, none are anything like that. Certainly all are refinishable if you so desire. One thing I forgot to point out, is that each
one of these fine rifles does have a side rail on it for scope mounting. You can easily mount a scope to any one of
them if you so choose. More than that, under DDIs tutelage, these
things now feed and function great. We’re going to take a little break, I’m going
to put some eyes on, some ears in. We’re going to come back, we’re going to show
you live fire with our AK-74 rifles. All right, we’re back. Ears in. We’re just going to work our way up the row
on these things. These AK-74s came off of the shelf this morning
in no particular order. Brought them out here and unboxed them. We wanted you to see a random sampling, which
is what you have here. We’re going to start at the end, we’ll take
this really pretty one here and start with it. We’ll go forward, fire a few rounds through
each, let you see how these things perform. Range is hot. Range is hot. Range is hot. I love the light recoil on these rifles. The muzzle break does its job beautifully. If you’ll see this thing just holds a natural
plane, doesn’t recoil up, and I’m basically firing into the same hole every time. Couple more. Range is hot. They run great. Range is hot. Just like clockwork, ticking them out. Love these AK-74s. We’re going to take a little break and come
right back and close this out. All right, we’re back. The reason I wanted to take a little break,
is because I remembered we had brought a drum mag to the range with us. It was still laying in the back seat of the
of truck. I forgot to bring out the first time. These are based on the beta mags, they’re
made in South Korea. It’s a 95 round 545 by 39 caliber drum. You see they’ve got a clear front so you can
see your round count. I have not tried one of these drums before,
but we have it with us, it’s loaded up and there’s no time like the present. Without further ado, grab a weapon right quick. Ears in. As a kid shooting a lot, I never used these
ears, that’s why I can’t hear a thing today. So we’re trying to do better in our old age. Anyway, AK-74 with the drum mag. Let’s give her a try. Range is hot. Aha! Got to love that drum. See the clear front. You’ve got a round count going on. We got a cool look. I love this thing, as I do all of our AK-74
rifles. As always, we encourage you to give these
a try and check us out at

16 thoughts on “AK-74 Live Fire Video By Classic Firearms

  1. mine had a weird defect where it would skip a cartridge from the left side of the mag completely because the bolt sat too high from the magazine after i inspected it. I sent it off to DDI and they are working on it now!

  2. I'll take one. I'll totally post a video about my positive experience with it. Maybe. No guarantees. Okay, I definitely won't put up a video or anything but I'll enjoy shooting it

  3. Nice to see these back.  Especially at $499.  Looking forward to getting mine in.  Thanks for the vid and giving a bit of an explanation of what happened with WW in the recent past.  Keep it up.

  4. Do you ever think more SKSs will be imported or should I just say heck with it and buy an AK? Great video Ben!

  5. I have been thinking about getting an AK74.  You may have made up my mind for me.  I love my Mosins that I got from you.  Thanks for the video

  6. So are these the old WW stock with a DDI warranty or were these actually built by DDI? Also is the original chrome lined? Are the ones your selling now have the new chrome lined barrels that have no key-holing issues? Thanks,

  7. Got one on order, can't wait to see it. Props to DDI for stepping in and saving this product line. Before WW got overwhelmed and their QC slipped they were considered damn good.

  8. I always wanted a ak 74 5.45, but ever since the surplus ammo ban I can't justify buying another caliber to keep up with. Not much difference when you have 5.56, 7.62×39, and 7.62×51.. Do I really need another platform? Again I would buy it today if it wasn't for the darn surplus ammo ban!

  9. Classics always is fast, easy to order and have great products. Brutus always gives great and honest reviews. I've bought 4 guns and some accessories from them with no problems at all. Also helped a friend order one of these AK's (he's new to the firearm world) and it came to the FFL on time and looked great. I WILL be ordering from them again soon.

  10. I purchased a DDI AK-74 from you guys nearly a year a go

    1 Issue I had is I paid for the grade A stocks but received grade B (Which isn't a big deal)

    Other than that, the rifle is very accurate and I have had zero failures

  11. When will we be able to buy this again? I was on deployment when this went on and missed out…. I want an AK74 so badly..

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