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AK-47 vs Prince Rupert’s Drop (at 223,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 170

Hey, it’s me Destin welcome back to Smarter Every Day I’ve been waiting on a sunny day to do this. You remember the last video I fired a 38 special versus a Prince Rupert’s drop, and the Prince Rupert’s drop won. Well, we’re going to fix that today We’ve got the high speed camera back out, and even though it beat full metal jacket rounds last time you remember I fired the 22 magnum and this particular prince Rupert’s drop survived and then I fired the 38 special and it survived. We’re to move up here. So now we’ve got this is my mini 14 It’s comparable to an AR-15 except I like Poor Man guns This is a much different round, a lot higher velocity. It’s pointy, I know that sounds silly But I think it matters I think a pointy bullet is going to create more of a localized stress on the Prince Rupert’s drop I think it’s going to beat it We’ve got the AK-47 if the Mini-14 doesn’t work and now the AK-47 round, a lot more mass here. So if that doesn’t work, we’ll just put more energy into it. Then, if that doesn’t work, Mosin Nagant. If you don’t know anything about Mosin Nagant, this is like, it’s a big deal. You can see there’s a lot more energy there. Anyway, let’s get to shooting. There’s a lot going on here. It’s gone. I think we beat the Prince Rupert’s drop. Yeah surely. Yes, we totally beat it And there’s light! There’s a light that goes off and it turns it into a fiber-optic. A lot of light, okay this light thing. I want to talk about it It’s something called triboluminescence, and I had to research that because I didn’t know about it You know the Prince Rupert’s drop was first investigated in the 1600s right, well the same thing was true for triboluminescence. Sir Francis Bacon, the father of the Scientific method says this: It is well known that all sugar whether candied or plain, if it be hard will sparkle when broken or scraped in the dark. They knew that in 1620. A lot of people don’t know that today if you have hard candy thats sugar, and you put it down there. And you have well-adjusted eyes and you smash it, you can see sparks. I think it’s amazing that 400 years after triboluminescence was first documented, the scientific community still does not completely understand what’s happening. That’s amazing. That’s cool. I want to do it again. We’ve got to do the AK just because we can. That’s how that works. All right, here we go. It’s a very expensive camera-mount by the way No, no No We saw the – we saw the light again There was a localized light this time It’s just a glancing blow, but it was enough to destroy the bullet that’s an AK round! Look at that! Come back. I’m not really aiming. I’m just kind of looking… Oh man, we cut Okay, weapon’s clear. I didn’t see any powder. I have no idea what just happened That thing didn’t even try to stand a chance to that Man Beautiful. I think we have our answer once you get faster bullets that are that pointy They can easily beat the Prince Rupert’s drop. Now we know Okay, one more thing that falls into the “just because I can” category. This is the biggest Prince Rupert’s drop I’ve ever seen. It’s got like multiple shapes and stuff It’s really scary I’m going to try to Set it in tannerite and see what happens when we shoot the tannerite see what a shockwave externally does I don’t think it’ll break. I just want to see what will happen Mom, there’s about to be a big boom! Okay, before we go blow stuff up. I’ve got to share this letter with you I’m a dad right, so when you get a letter from a little girl named Paisley in California you pay attention. Check this out Dear Destin. My name is Paisley. I am in second grade. I am seven years old. I love your videos. My favorite is the tempered glass one because I like to smash things. But my mom won’t let me. Darn it. My mom says I’m crazy because I am. I’m homeschooled I’m good at art. My dog had puppies. I love science and math I am left-handed. Love Paisley. Paisley, This is an adorable letter, And I thank you very much for it. The really cool thing about this to me though is your name Paisley that reminds me of the fabric Pattern Paisley which looks to me like Prince Rupert’s drops. This is really really cool because it made me think about why we don’t have a shirt at the smartereveryday website that has prince rupert drops on it. So you just inspired me to do that. So Paisley, I’m going to send you a shirt for anybody else. You can go check the shirt out. But it’s for Paisley. One more thing Paisley, your mom who won’t let you smash things, if you tell her you’re going to be doing science, she’ll probably let you smash things. Okay, if you want to take the bait go check out the shirts, and you should totally take the bait. I’ll leave a link down in the video description. You can go to the website while you’re there, as you know audible has supported smarter every day for quite a while. But I’ve made a website that details every book I’ve ever listened to on audible and what I thought about it. It’s really kind of fun. Anyway, one in particular I want you to check out is Ready Player One. On the next episode of no dumb questions, which is a podcast I do with Matt Whitman. We’re going to talk about Ready Player One because it’s a discussion we’ve been wanting to Have for a really long time. It’s a good book. Probably not for the kids, but it’s really deep. If you want to do this with us go to and download Ready Player One or just smash the big red button that I got on the website there. Again That’s get a copy Ready Player One and right now.,It’s time to go blow stuff up. Mom, there’s about to be a big boom. Complete professional. Wow, holy cow it’s raining Prince Rupert’s drop. That’s amazing. Okie-doke that was fun. Things happened here. Wow What do you think chicken?

100 thoughts on “AK-47 vs Prince Rupert’s Drop (at 223,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 170

  1. wouldnt the sparks in suger simply be caused by the granules rubbing together, causing friction which creates the spark?

  2. hmmmm. wonder if theres any fire starting potential there? It would be AWESOME if so and a potential lifesaver, no punn intended, in a SHTF or survival situation.

  3. that 2nd shot was super cool!
    The PRD destroyed itself from both ends as the shockwave of impact travelled all the way to the end of the tail, "bottoming out" and sending its destruction travelling back towards the impact end.
    Way cool!

  4. Destin. I noticed that when you shot it with the AK it shattered from the bottom but vice versa before, why is that?

  5. one of the really neat things is that the projectiles were destroyed by the drop. Hardness does that to fast moving lead! Also, it was very brave of you to shoot tannerite from that distance.

  6. It's been two years, when are you going to do this one right? You might need the slow mo guys but I'm pretty sure you can do this on your own. Edit: The right way is obviously to get a drop roughly the shape of an L, shoot the tail and see which travels faster, the bullet or the propagation through the drop. Something that looks like this L!

  7. Bro put that in a movie….like bag guy is about to get away and room is filling with propane and all you have is a life saver to ignite it lol

  8. Interesting that the "destruction front" (for lack of a better word) travels upward from the undisturbed end

  9. 223k fps? 223,000 FPS?!?!? Ok, not even watching the video and thumbs down. Thats an inaccurate AND impossible speed for an ak

  10. Ok the reson i did like vid is the suppose ak47 is not a ak47 it is a ak type rifle I love this guy content but learn how to pernouce the type of gun

  11. If an electrode were within the sugar drop and connected to a multimeter, what level of voltage/amperage would it produce when the droplet were struck at different speeds?


  13. hahaha effectivement dire " c'est pour la science" à sa mère ça marchait pour moi 😀 , j'ai pu tout démonter et tout casser durant mon enfance grâce à cette phrase 😀

  14. While seeing those sparks… That made me curious… You are worthy to pick up the hammer as if you still havent mastered the hammer

  15. I have a question on 4:05. When the bullet hit the top of the Prince Rupert’s Drop it break some tiny part of it but why it start to sharded from bottom to top then it break a tiny part even though the bullet hit it on top?

  16. Smartereveryday Look closer it’s the broken parts of the bullet hitting the tail of the prince Rupert drops that breaks them please look closer and fire from further away I think the explosion alone hits the tail making them break not it hitting the blob part please look closer

  17. Ya the old commercial for life savers had a guy and a girl kissing in the dark and sparks were comin from the candy or some thing

  18. Bible verse? I mean, don't get me wrong– I love hacking a Bible verse to make morons squirm. But primitive unfounded beliefs are not consistent with an evidence-based outlook like science. Or, you know, coherent thought.

  19. وااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااو

  20. Do you have a .17HMR you can try it with. Velocity plus point and very lightweight along with stupid fast. Will it do it??

  21. Since months I am following your search for knowledge and understanding the world and the wonders behind it here on youtube. And as usual, I am impressed by your joyfulness and all the energy you put in all this, for you, for your family, for us and for the greater all. Since you've introduced them, I have always been waiting for that little last screen at the end with a quote. I suppose it is probably highly personal, but I really enjoy to be drawn back to our ancient books and try to understand the link or the beauty between what you have shown today and these proverbs who were written thousands of years ago. Thanks a million!

  22. Did anyone else notice that the second shot (first ak-47 shot) actually broke the glass from the bottom. I know it's got a specific name but I don't remember it and I can't check it whilst writing this comment. Also, the second ak-47 shot broke it from the top to bottom, but not entirely. The small bit at the end started breaking from the end. Why is that?
    PS. You awesome dude! ✌🏼

  23. Age of 10 I took my nephews polo mint candy and chewed most of in the dark. That is when I discovered ligth coming out of my mouth. Try it for your self

  24. The first AK bullet was NOT hitting directly the drop. It hit the side of it, so that was why the drop was not broken (it shattered because of the vibration in the small end).

  25. The rifle rounds may have defeated the PRD but the bullets still shattered… I'm still impressed how durable the PRDs are.

  26. As Kid growing up in the 70's we did the to every lifesaver. Nothing new, just knowledge lost from parents tells us not to bite on hard candy, " your going to crack your teeth and I'm not going to take you to the dentist, snaggletooth.

  27. That thing looks like a prostate massager. Not that would know anything about that. I googled it for research purposes only. Lol

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