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AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 4 Reassembly

Continuing with our AK Maintenance series in this final Video we’ll be covering final Reassembly We’ll begin by reassembling the Forend To do so lightly secure the rear Section of the gas tube in a vise Being careful not to crush it Next reinstall its metal retention Clip into the forend then line up The furniture with the gas tube And rotate the furniture 90 Degrees around the gas tube With the furniture reinstalled it Can be placed back onto the top Of the rifle being sure the Handguard retaining lever is at The 12-o’clock position Once aligned rotate the Handguard retaining lever Counter clockwise to secure it Next we’ll reassemble the bolt Start by placing the extractor Spring into its cutout in the Extractor and then place it into The bolt Once oriented depress the Extractor with your thumb and Insert its pin into place from its Hole on the top of the bolt next to The triangular lug Note that the orientation of this Pin is critical as it has an angled Cut that retains the firing pin Retaining pin So when orienting the extractor Pin place the non-cut end in first And rotate the pin using pliers so That the cut in the pin is vertical Once oriented tap the pin into Place and confirm that it is Properly installed by inserting Your punch in the firing pin Retaining pin channel to be sure it Passes freely If not remove the extractor pin And try again With the extractor now correctly Installed next up is the firing pin To begin orient the flat side of the Firing pin so that it is facing the 3’oclock position in relation to the Bolt Then insert your punch into the Bottom hole If the punch doesn’t retain the Firing pin it isn’t positioned Correctly and you need to try Again Once the firing pin is installed Correctly go ahead and reinstall Its pin by inserting it into the top Of the triangular lug and tapping It into place using the nylon side Of the hammer Next place the bolt into the front Of the bolt carrier assembly and Rotate the bolt counterclockwise Until the triangular lug fully seats Into its cutout in the bolt carrier
Assembly Once in place push the bolt fully Forward With the bolt carrier assembly Fully reassembled it can now be Reinstalled into the receiver To do so insert the piston into the Gas tube and slide it forward to Align it with the cutouts at the Rear of the receiver Once aligned press downward to Override the spring tension of the Hammer and slide the assembly Forward Now the recoil return guide can Be reinserted into the rear of the Bolt carrier group and depressed To align it with its cutout at the Rear of the receiver Lastly we’ll reinstall the dust cover Insert the front of the cover into The recess at the rear of the sight Block While pressing forward Lower the cover to overcome the Spring tension of the recoil return Guide Once aligned the recoil Return guide button will snap into The cut-out in the rear of the dust Cover This step can be more Difficult on some AKs than others Once you have everything Together perform a function and Safety check to make sure that The gun cycles normally and that All safety devices are working Properly Then give the gun a final Wipe down and the job is done By following these simple tips You’ll be able to quickly and easily Maintain your AK Thanks for watching and be sure To visit today for More how-to articles and videos Along with all the firearms Accessories and tools

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