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AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

With millions of examples world- Wide the AK is one of the world’s Most prevalent firearms While this platform is notorious For operating flawlessly in the Harshest of conditions contrary to Popular belief it still requires a Little TLC especially when Shooting corrosive ammo In this series we’ll show you step-
By-step how-to properly Disassemble clean lubricate and Reassemble your AK Before beginning with Disassembly in this first video We’ll do a quick safety check by Removing the magazine Disengaging the safety pulling the Bolt to the rear and checking the Chamber With the gun safe and all possible Ammunition sources removed From the work area we’ll begin by Removing the top cover To do so we’ll depress the recoil Return guide protruding from the Rear of the receiver and lift up on The rear of the top cover and set It aside Note in the case of the Zastava M70 it will require engaging the Cover release pin to allow the Depressing of the recoil return Guide Next we will again depress the Recoil return guide this time far Enough forward to clear the rear Of the receiver and pull it clear of The rear of the bolt and set it Aside With the bolt carrier assembly no Longer under spring tension it can Be pulled rearward and lifted up At the rear to remove it from the Receiver so that it can be set Aside for further disassembly Next we’ll remove the gas tube To remove it rotate the Hand- guard retaining lever on the Rear sight block 90 degrees Note this may be difficult to Rotate and may require the use of Pliers With the lever rotated the gas Tube is free to be lifted off With the gas tube removed we’ll Place it in a vise and lightly secure The rear section of the gas tube Being careful not to crush it With it secure rotate the furniture 90 degrees around the gas tube Once rotated the furniture and Gas tube can be separated and Set aside along with the metal Retention clip in the case of wood Furniture Next we’ll remove the muzzle Device To do so depress the spring- Loaded detent at the 12’oclock Position and unscrew your muzzle Device Note that most variants will have Left hand threads Lastly we’ll disassemble the bolt To do so first push the bolt Rearward in the carrier rotate it 45 degrees clock-wise and pull it Forward out of the front Every few thousand rounds it is Also recommended to completely Strip the bolt this again is Especially relevant when shooting Corrosive ammo To remove the firing pin and Extractor you will need a Nylon/brass hammer bench block And the 1/16 inch punch To begin we’ll first locate the Firing pin retaining pin on the Bottom of the bolt
Once located push the firing-pin Retaining-pin out from the Bottom to the top It’s imperative to tap it out from This direction as the hole is Tapered Once tapped out set the pin aside And place a finger at the rear of The stem to prevent the firing pin From shooting out as some Variants are under spring tension With your finger in place remove The punch Then slowly relieve tension and Remove the firing pin Next we can remove the extractor By driving its pin out from left to Right as you’re facing the bolt Once removed place your thumb Over the bolt face and slowly Remove the punch as the Extractor is also under spring Tension With the gun now fully Disassembled and ready for Cleaning be sure to watch part 2 Where we’ll cover how-to Properly clean your AK

2 thoughts on “AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

  1. Could you give me any ideas why a bolt carrier would jump one of the guide rails on the receiver and jam up? This has only happen once, but now the weapon is having problems charging a shell, sometimes grabbing a shell from the magazine and sometimes not which it didn't before(I've used several different mags with same results).. My Ak only has about 350-400 rounds ran threw it and no issues until this happen.. Any response is much appreciated!

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