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AirsoftPro – ICS BLE-ALPHA “Black Leopard” GBB Pistol (ENG. SUB.)

Hello there, welcome to airsoft review video As an ICS captain today I am going to review brand new ICS BLE Pistol BLE brand is very new and there is only one model so you might not hear it before. ICS plan is going to produce pistol products in BLE brand, maybe this could be change but it’s look like this at the moment. The first product is BLACK LEOPARD EYE / BLE-ALPHA normally we don’t do unboxing but for this product we will do something special. Box includes User guide, 1 mag, cleaning rod, grip adjustment adaptor and GBB pistol 🙂 The first impression for this pistol when I grap it I got a good comfortable hold. It is easy to adjust he grip so If you are big handed like me you can use the bigger adaptor to have good control. This is very important, because in pistols you need a space for your other hand thumb with this you will have a comfortable holding and this will improve your gaming experience. When you pull the slide of the pistol and it’s lock your thumb position is perfect to press “Slide release lever” It’s very easy to disassemble for cleaning and hop-up adjustment pull and lock the slide and push the slide diassemble lever. and glide the slide forward, away from the frame. You can easily adjust hop-up in here. In this pistol ICS made the spring that fits on the mechanism. In other pistol it’s not fits so when you open the slide spring can go away and this is bad thing on field. but in this pistol you will not have a problem like this. with this you will have an comfortable and easy when hop-up adjustment. This is a little pros for this pistol. No more spring fall down in the field. Nozzle is plastic, inner barrel is brass and easy to disassemble and again very easy to hop-up adjustment The thing that I am trying to tell you is about spring fitting you can only understand this with experiance. We play on forest mostly and that spring fall can be pain in [email protected]€®S!!… Pistol power is 1 Joulle, it’s about 330 FPS on 22 C It’s about 300 FPS can be much clear Right now we are in january and the weather is cold and the FPS is around 240 – 260 FPS It’s very hard to operate this pistol in this weather. I will do some blank shots, pistol is empty Blowback is very nice and strong Magazine is big like G17 and other 9mm replica pistol magazines and easily fit to all other pistol magazine pouches. BB loading is also easy you don’t need and extra adaptor to loading. Just pull the magazine feeder spring down and you can see the hole But be careful don’t give any spaces then you fill your BB’s It’s a very good pistol and I played some airsoft game with this pistol but I can clearly tested it because of the cold weather temp. was about 7-8 C. Indoor shooting with room temp. test fire I don’t have any problem. Right now ICS is in the pistol market I am a little bit ICS fan, and love their product. Thats why I always recommend ICS brand. It’s good product, for the first model It’s not a licensed product so that’s why I can’t actually tell you which real fire arm model for this. As always ICS made a original design for their BLE brand. So I don’t want to tell you the real model It’s very similar to most of the guns. We need pistols to make short distance combat (CQB) and we need more, new models for pistols. So with ICS we have an brand new pistol model for airsoft. There is no problem with operation of this pistol. Safety is on the trigger and just press the button and the safety it on and off. Pistol grip is plastic, slide is metal When you grap it you feel good. I tried to fit this pistol to my SAFARILAND g19 hoster and it’s fits… I will share with you an holster link under this video. You can easily use that holster for this pistol. Because the product is very new and hard to find an specific holster for this pistol I fit’s well on universal hoster so you can use universal pistol holsters. for magazine you can use all pistol magazine pouches. again it’s got brass inner barrel and grip adjustment is very easy. Overall it’s a nice pistol. ICS done a good job on their first attempt pistol production. It’s not game tested for me yet, but when the weather is good I will try and share with you some game play. If you have an question you can ask on comments, we will do our best to answer you all You can also visit our website and follow us on our social networks Thank for watching this video, see you on new videos. If you want to watch our backstage and outtakes just click this link and see our fails :)… Thanks for watching.

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