Hello and welcome to this video. You’ve been a lot asking me to review my pistols. Let’s go! So, this is the first episode of my new saga: twisteub’s workshop. Some of you may have recognised the box, but this is not a stock TM MEU. You can see an interesting sticker on the box. And there it is! It’s an Airsoft surgeon MEU pistol (based on a marui MEU). This is my main airsoft pistol. It’s very sober so I don’t care about scratching it. The markings are realistic. On the left, we can read “Professional cal .45”.On the right, there is the SFA logo, the SFA markings and a serial number. On the custom side, there is a Nova metal kit and a pair of Pachmayr Gripper. I also polished the chamber I changed the trigger for a 1911a1 type shot trigger. Its travel is really short and pleasant. I pierced some holes in the sights before panting it with Glow On paint. The springs have been changed for Airsoft surgeon products. The inner barrel is a PDI palsonite 6.01mm and the bucking is a purple Nineball. The blowback housing has been changed for a polymer one (really lightweight).The nozzle and the piston head are Airsoft Surgeon parts. This GBB is compatible with all Marui and clones 1911 Magazines. It’s not compatible with WA magazines. Power It shots at about 290 fps (Japanese standards). I’m using Tanio Koba 0.20g BBs and ultrair gas. As I don’t have a long range at home, I’ll show you some game test instead. This pistol has some impressive range and precision. My targets are about 20 – 30 meters away and I manage to shoot them easily. That’s all for this first episode. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions, advices or remarks, please do it in the commentary section. I’m sorry for the video quality, but it will probably be better next time.

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