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Airsoft Sniper Scopecam & Silenced Glock 18c AEP Gameplay – Cyma CM702 M24 CM030 Automatic BB Pistol

Hows it going Airsofters?! This week I’m at Skirmish Airsoft, and the game mode is “Find The Tags”. The field here is an abandoned off road circuit. It gives a great variety of long distance and close up play. That’s one problem with this Cyma Sniper Rifle… It’s not the quietest when it’s firing. And now the enemy are alerted to my position. I try to warn my team mate there’s an enemy really close. I’m to late, and the enemy gets a knife kill before I can take him out. There’s no tags in this building, and the enemy now know my location. So I have to move fast, and get out. I’m all out of ammo in my pistol mags, and the enemy are to close to use my Sniper Rifle. So I’m going to try and rely on my camo to keep me concealed. Ha… Who am I kidding! I’m not Novritsch. I get shot. Finally, I’ve found my first tag. The links these arrows are pointing to will appear in a moment…. …. aaaaany minute…. Boom!

76 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniper Scopecam & Silenced Glock 18c AEP Gameplay – Cyma CM702 M24 CM030 Automatic BB Pistol

  1. Are AEPs actually any good? It just seems to me they lack any real punch and people don't call their hits with them because it's so hard to feel the hit from them

  2. Nice video but wasn't it considered blind firing when you poked pistol through the hole without presenting yourself as a target, or is blind fire acceptable on site. Good gameplay though.

  3. Hey there fella from the other side of the pond 🙂 Awesome video! Your subscribe button isn't showing for the "end screen annotations"

  4. dude I love how you put weapon loadout and kit loadouts in the description as it helps me with what loadout to pick for when I start sniping

  5. hey man love the vids, I've got this cyma glock and bought 2 long 90rnd mags off airsoft world so i don't need worry about emptying every other burst, you should invest buddy 😉

  6. Hey, thanks a lot for your videos, they are very entertaining. I might start getting into airsoft thanks to you. Greetings from Mexico!

  7. your beast bruh. I just found your page and glad I did. now I got another person to look up to on my vids. good shit mate!!!!

  8. Hey camman u wont remember me but i played with u at combat action games a few times, just wondering could you give me a tip on which gun to get under £200 I was looking for an m4 variant for my swat outfit or an ak74/47 for my terrorist outfit anyone got any tips

  9. That sniper of yours is pretty damn insane for only having a TDC. I'm seriously considering picking one up xD

  10. im acctualy going to try and fit that glock rail kit to the new cyma 127 pistol. would anyone like a video on that? ;o

  11. Just found your channel and am quite happy to see someone not running around with 1.000ish $/€/Pounds on equipment.
    The Loadout you use seems fairly reasonable 🙂 Are you happy with it?

  12. Hey! I've have the Cyma 702a, and i have been struggling with the hop-up for quite some time now. It keeps self-adjusting after a few shots, and i cant afford the PDI aftermarket one at the moment. Would you recommend the TDC mod for this rifle? I've seen you've using the 702 with that mod in many of your videos, so you obviously have experience with it 🙂

    Anyways! Keep up the awesome videos! 🙂

  13. Hello, Im thinking of getting a cyma pistol. Are you satisfied with this glock? I want to get into airsofting again but I just want to start playing pistol only. Would you reccomend a cyma pistol?

  14. nice video man, first video i saw of your chanel, i will defenetly follow you, maybe i will get into this sport too. great work, greetings from germany!

  15. Love my cm030 as well. I think I get more excited to get to use it than a really nice rifle at times. Needs more internal parts support though. Or not, for how cheap they can be…when you can find them lol

  16. So I've looked at the AEPs for years, and never thought much of them. Have they changed much, just how practical are they?

  17. You should invest in one of those 100rd mags for the gun. Its only $15 and gives you 5 times the firing time.

  18. Probably teaching one's granny to suck eggs but have you tried packing the stock on the CYMA to deaden the sound? Just a thought…top vid as usual

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