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Airsoft Sniper Hides HIGH in Tree and Destroys Everyone. (42 feet / 14 meter high)

Hey welcome back guys in the latest video you saw my friends swoosh oh He was a german special police officer destroy some airsoft players whilst he was sent over to take the castle for the blue team My orders were to take the square in the center of the playing field and attempt to get behind enemy lines After I made my way through the front line. I need to head to their first capture point in the middle of enemy territory Where I could take up position in my favorite tree? Another After making it behind enemy lines our job is to stay put and disrupt the enemy respawn players from reaching the front line What’s going on come on What With the enemy team right behind us We’re trying to keep a low profile in the hopes of the enemy players to move away from our position Unfortunately I didn’t wait long enough and that last shot gave me away and got me killed This time however me and two teammates on my left managed to get well into enemy territory And were attempting a second time to get to the tree The tree not only provides a great vantage point to shoot from but airsoft guns also gain a massive range increase since you’re shooting down With the help of gravity. I’ll be able to hit people much further away with better accuracy With my sniper rifle empty I have no choice, but to sit up here and wait if I try to climb down It’ll take me way too long and they’ll swarm me before I’m able to get down Hit I fuckin love this spot. Ow. I got hit in the cheek ah I was a good headshot whoever got me Today is a special day because I’ve attached some cameras to my friend We will call swoosh oh he’s in a German special police force which is in ways Comparable to the American SWAT police and today, we’re gonna watch him in first person destroy some airsoft player

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniper Hides HIGH in Tree and Destroys Everyone. (42 feet / 14 meter high)

  1. Too bad you didn't have a machine pistol as a backup. Semi-auto pistols lack that spray-&-pray intimidation factor.

  2. You are in the sniper's sight
    The first kill tonight
    Time to die!
    You are in the bullet's way
    The White Death's prey
    Say goodbye!

  3. @Silo, you seem to quite often run our of ammo. Why dont you bring more of it? Is there some kind of rule for the ammount of ammo you are allowed to have?

  4. Hi, you are asoem man!! i like all your video!!👍👍👍👍👏👏 i hope i can be like you when i grow up

  5. That's the problem with trees. Good high ground but once they know you're there you're a sitting duck.

  6. This reminds me of something I did at my friend's house. He hunts, so he's got some deer stands. I remember taking my DSR-1 up there and picking people off. It got to a point where between games I took a sandwich up there. It was a good sandwich.

    Some of my fondest memories are of running our of armor up there and jumping down with my SPAS-12 and Glock and making one man rushes. Foolish? Yes. Fun? Very.

    I remember once borrowing several claymores and walling off a hallway so I could shoot in peace.

    Anybody else carry a shotgun with their rifle?

  7. canal top . eu não entendo o que você diz mas airsoft não precisa de entender a língua kkk .. só a emoção Like !! Sou brasileiro kk

  8. I dare you to get another set of gear and sniper and paint it white and bury yourself in snow and go on a hitting spree.

  9. I love how friendly the enemy players are like they say good shot or congratulate yo, and then I compare them to people who play video games. Rage vs great sport

  10. I would like to point out that he outperforms everyone while simultaneously having 2-3 cameras strapped to all of his guns

  11. Wait… didn’t wwii germany have fake trees? As a Hiding spot?? I can’t believe they now use real trees 👍👍

  12. 2:38 6:12 real snipers needs to have extreme sight and calculations with wind to shoot the enemy properly

    And silo has that

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