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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scopecam – Novritsch SSG24

What’s up guys? Fabi and I are about to infiltrate the enemy’s base. It’s a team deathmatch with infinite respawn. There’s not really much to lose That’s why we don’t hold back and push as hard as we can. We’re spreading out to create different fire angles on the enemies. Fabi can run around in the open like this because our team sent most of the enemies back to the respawn already. Now he looks for a nice hiding spot where he can wait for the clueless enemies to get back into the game. That’s a good spot right there. Now it’s time to wait. Meanwhile, I try to advance to those pallets in front. Pallets are the worst cover ever. And I got hit. Stupid me. Fabi already has my killer in his crosshairs. Oh no! He missed! Come on Fabi, shoot that guy in the head. The opponents just respawned. Two enemies were passing the building but they have no clue that Fabi is behind them. Suprise, motherf******. The sides change and our task is to take down an enemy sniper who is hiding in a two story building. He’s using an SSG24 too, but has high ground. Distance is not our friend this time. Our idea is to get in range, and then pop up at the same time, shoot and get back to cover immediately. So he doesn’t find the time to get his gun sighted in on our heads. He’s down. Now the middle of the field is clear and we can move further on. We made it into the sniper tower. It’s a great position if the enemies have no clue that we are in there. And they have no clue. I hope you guys enjoyed this regular airsoft sniper gameplay, this is Novritsch and I’ll see you guys next Monday. If you’re subscribed, of course. If not, you’re going to miss out on a great video, so you better subscribe now. Dang Novritsch, I love your gun!

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scopecam – Novritsch SSG24

  1. hey Novritsch great video again! I am big fan of yours… aaand I would like to invite you for some indoor CQB games in Bratislava we have two cool fields that are opet on tuesday and wedensday evenings so if you would like to play during work week and leave your SSG at home (no need for it, or downgrade the spring to under 400 fps) you are welcome and of course the weekend games and playgrounds are pretty cool too… If interested just let me know 😉 Its not that far from Wien…

  2. #novritsch can you please work more with epic game music like in this video? It makes the vids so much more awesome!!!!!!! like if agree!!

  3. lol I remember this one time when I snipe someone and somehow My bullet went into the enemy Gun barrel XD.
    I laugh so much I couldn't aim properly

  4. Novritsch i have been watching your videos for a long time now, and it was all good but who thinks he should stop adding music. I think your videos with hit sound affects and no music were better like if you agree.

  5. hey I know it's your name is in the videos but can I have your pistol Like My Daddy doesn't have no money and he's homeless

  6. Lol when one time is a war i think of novritsch is 1 milion dollar headhunting hahaha because nobody wanna be have a sniper enemy like novritsch. He is in the austrian military….in a real war i thinke he kill 50-100 people no problem and become the record of "Chris Kyle" the "American Sniper" with 58? kills oder 65? i dont know but he kill over 50 people with his sniper rifle, novritsch can this too

  7. Ich schaue mir deine Videos regelmäßig und gerne an, kein frage!
    Mittlerweile habe ich aber das Gefühl, dass das Snipen beim Airsoft-spielen sehr oft einfach nur ziemlich unfair sein kann.
    Du bist ein fairer Spieler, aber ich würde höchstwahrscheinlich irgendwann einfach nicht mehr mit dir bzw. mit und vor allem gegen Sniper spielen wollen.
    Trotzdem, mach weiter so! Die Szene liebt dich und deine Videos sind auch immer sehr unterhaltsam!

  8. Try to keep your muzzle inside the building before shooting, your giving away your position to any other good snipers out there. But as always enjoyed this video, keep them coming.

  9. Can everyone subscribe to me please. I’m trying to start getting into the sniper world and need some tips and subs. Thanks for the support!

  10. You can tell Fabi knows every nook and cranny of that place.

    Love the videos, makes me want to get into Airsoft. Haven't played since middle school with spring pistol battles.

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