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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Sneaking up the River

Hey guys, this time I’m playing with about 20 people at game area coalmines. We are starting with simple teamdeathmatches but later on we’re continuing with very funny airsoft gamemodes as you will see My teammate just got hit from an enemy hiding in the bushes My plan is to sneak up on the right flank of that guy Therefore I choose to walk up the river because it gives me good cover and the noise of the water helps me getting closer without beeing heard If he didn’t move he should be hiding in the bushes right behind this fallen tree roots My clothes got completely wet from walking up the river I’ve to change them My friend on my right got hit Now I am alone against a guy shooting an automatic airsoft who also knows my position I can hear him reloading so I take the change to run to the spot where I can score some points At this gamemode the team that topples all domino stones wins I hope you guys enjoyed the video

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Sneaking up the River

  1. Why do people dont hide when they see their friend beside them got shot. Like wtf? They be like : oh.she got shot. What ever im gonna still gonna stand here

  2. you should reccomend telling your location a d the place you are ate so I and others know where you are if we wanna go there just a reccomendation

  3. loving these videos I'm from Scotland and we have a phew airsoft communites through out the towns our team is called TheBlackTigers I'm going to purchase some gear and start taking videos but yeah I' could watch these videos all day!! 🙂

  4. iam 14 and whant to go play airsofts as a sniper i love camo and guns but iam not very strong in my cou try the age to play is 18 but i cant wait can i go in germany ? i whant to play airsoft as a sniper and play outside whit game modes and terains to play on like u is that posible as 14 year old play airsoft

  5. Does it really hurt a lot when getting hit by airsoft pellets? Is there a specific number of pain depending on a certain gun?

  6. is it hard to learn all the stuff like using the map and compass, military tactics and all those things? i dont know shit about that

  7. Hmm ist es rein theoretisch erlaubt sich aus Pmm eine Art Riot Shield zu bauen und damit aufzukreuzen? 😀

  8. "My clothes are completely wet from walking up the river. I have to change them."
    Takes off jacket, squeezes it out, and grabs another jacket and puts it on.

    Please tell me how you change clothes so quickly. I must know your secret.

  9. what kind of super U are song and what do you reccomend(i am looking for a s niper and dont know what i should

  10. What I would have done if i were you when the Teammate behind my got shot I would have switched the pistol to full auto and then shot everywhere in the bushes

  11. Dose anyone know what jacket he was where ing because I'm about to start air soft and don't know what jacket it is

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