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Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Operation Beercan

Hey guys, today I got some gameplay footage from Operation Beercan for you Our teams goal is to conquer several enemy points which are spread between us and the enemys base We keep up the pressure on the enemy and slowly make our way to the first point I spotted 2 guys trying to flank us on my left side If a medic doesn’t help me within 5 minutes I have to walk back to the respawn The enemy will try to get back the rocket station and therefore we are preparing an ambush We successfully protected the rocket station, so I’m heading towards the enemie’s base Someone is shooting at me from behind, so I cover behind this stone I hope you guys enjoyed my gameplay

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Operation Beercan

  1. i have some question. There exist a way to simulate a airstrike ? For example, there a way to simulte the operation iraq freedon? And dogs, do you have some ideia how put dogs in this game?

  2. Hey guys just wondering what age is good for getting into airsoft im 11 right now so im nowhere close but i still want to kno we.

  3. Hey novritsch, Do u think u can mail me one of thoes Auto-pistols u have? it would be grateful if u would

  4. The audio quality of his microphones is INCREDIBLE! With headphones on, it sounds like you're actually there when he's in scope cam.

  5. nov, understand when i say this. to you and your fellow air soft players (in that game and most of your vids) we admire how dedicated to the rules you guys (and girls?) are.

    the hit calls,
    the 5min wait for medic,
    the walk back to repawn point.
    even the tumbling and hard falls when rushing an area

    i can only hope for everyone to have discipline as refined as you guys.

  6. those players you play with have to hate you !!?? xD you kill everybody from so far they not even can fire back !!

  7. AAhah best vid ever, op teammates first i laughed so much when i saw this guy playing his phone but then i saw this epic reload aaha

  8. whats the name of the video or atleast give me the link of the airsoft war where you ride a truck then it got shot by a grenade launcher?

  9. Novritsch du bist deutscher oder spielst du oft in Deutschland ? Wäre cool wenn du mal ein paar Anfänger Tipps geben kannst (allgemeine) mach weiter so

  10. 2:48 That dude pulls out his loaded mag out of his pouch but put backs in and try to load the empty mag. lol

  11. Hi Novritsch!
    I am Brazilian and I like your videos so much!!
    You must come here to play airsoft in Rio de Janeiro!

  12. The guy at 2:20 wasn't playing a game… he was obviously calling in a predator missile after getting his 5 kills… he was putting that newly claimed rocket station to good use!

  13. 4:22 ohhhhh he said "fan t-shirt". I thought he said ''fancy shirt", which would have been much better! hahahaha

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