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  1. If you own a double barrel that does that get it to a gunsmith NOW. No Doubles were produced to purposefully fire both with one trigger. Each trigger corresponds to a barrel. Owning even great grandpaws double barrel that happens to fire both barrels at the same time constitutes a Machine Gun by the ATF's standards and they WILL treat you and it as such.

  2. Ant chance of you showing the removable adapter so we can get an idea of whats been done as all i got from this vid was to put O-rings around the shells (which I did and actually helped alot) but mine doesnt close anywhere near as easy as yours.

  3. So will those madbull SHOTGUN SHELLS fit in KJW mad max sawed off double barrel shotgun stock or will modifications need to be done to fit them in.

  4. Est-ce normal que certaines vidéos ne soient plus disponibles ? Genre le CZ 75D Compact NBB, ou bien le WA Shan en 8mm

  5. Cette réplique est très peu efficace en partie je suppose? Et dur à manier aussi? Je dis ça du fait qu'ils faut changer de cartouches tout les deux coups, ce qui ne doit pas être très efficace en partie.

  6. How many times can you load up the shells with one normal bottle green gas? And also could you use Co2 instead of green gas?

  7. Sadly, now. I wanted a company to make a kydex holster for it so I can carry it in my back, but after a few tries they didn't manage to make one.

  8. Just bought one myself and made it custom to take madbull shells and that made it thousand times better than with the original shells. One of the shells that came with mine didnt even fit in the gun!

  9. Most airsoft shotguns spray a lot of pellets. I wanted to know if it uses a lot. You didn't have to be a dick towards my comment which was 3 months ago.

  10. Maybe a leather holster? Its pretty basic leather-crafting.
    I can recommend lederjoe.de.
    They make a lot of costum leather-holsters for odd-sized pistols.
    As far as I can see, they allready have a side-holster that would fit.. But thats a bit weston-ish.

  11. Best tip to use this gun for defense like home invasions take the orange tips of and it oughtta scare the crap out of someone. 🙂

  12. Also madbull shells suck I've used them in wars and they don't spread they shoot straight making it very unuseful.

  13. What about those new Goblin shells? Are they any good?

    I've been workin on makin a double barreled shotgun, but under-over, and without extractors

  14. Bonjour @KhanSeb 
    J'aurai aimer savoir à combien t'es revenu l’ensemble? entre le prix de la réplique, la modif faite par Law Airsoft et quelque cartouche madbull. Je serai assez intéressé pour avoir le même mais j'aimerai avoir une idée de prix avant de me lancer dans l'aventure,merci 🙂

  15. Thats an expensive TOY you got there.

    Glad I have myself a REAL firearm I can take to the range and hunt with.

  16. Hi!

    Does the Gun takes the madbull shells SS6 without any mod on it? Or it need something?
    If yes, after the mod does the regular mad max shells (blue for 7 bbs) will work properly anyway?

  17. Did you cut your Inner Barrel? I'm not sure if I should do it. Visually, it looks better:-) But I do not know if the power goes down ?! I have my Mad Max Shotgun also converted for the Madbull shells (if you're interested, please see my video).

  18. Im looking at doing this so i can use my shotty for airsofting, do you have the info on your mod? also do you know the fps when its fired with 6 bb's?  thanks!!

  19. Va s'y tire avec un double canon juxaposé calibre 12 sicié et sans crosse et apres envoi moi une photo de ton bras (avec l décor de l'hôpital deriere )

  20. Hey KhanSeb, Ive just ordered one of these adapters for my shotgun. Quick question, are they reliable? have you ever had any issues with it?

    If you respond it would be great, thanks 🙂

  21. I've got the long barrel version of this. Does anyone know how I take the long part of the barrel off to turn it into the sawn off?

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