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Hello everybody! Today we’ll do an unboxing video. I’m bORAK, from the Tactical Black cats. Let’s go! Let’s do the unboxing of a new Flashlight: the PL-2 Valkyrie from Olight. A tactical flashlight, with a 1200 lumens power, at a range up to 235 meters (~770 ft). The flashlight is waterproof (Ipx6), which is really useful, especially if you play by night or on a wet field. It’s especially useful if it’s rainy. The Pl-2 comes with a 5 years warranty. In the box, you’ll find the flashlight. A user manual is included, showing how to operate the flashlight or change the batteries (the pl-2 uses two CR-123a). In the box, you’ll also find these two adaptors, to mount the flashlight on different types of rails (Picatiny, Glock undermount…), as well as a torx key to use the adaptors. Here is the flashlight: To open it, you just have to push this latch and the Pl-2 opens. It uses two cr123a batteries (2 non rechargeable ones are included in the box) To close it, simply shut the rear part and push the latch the other way. I tested it, and the flashlight is really waterproof. Let’s test the flashlight: There are only two buttons on the flashlight. As it’s ambidextrous, they work the same way. If you push it once, the flashlight is switched on. Push it again to switch it off. By pushing constantly on one of the buttons, you can activate a “tactical mode”, which swiches the pl-2 off if released. If you push both buttons at once, it switches to stroboscopic mode, my favorite. It’s a really painful mode for your eyes… It’s a perfect mode to clear a room and dazzle everybody around you. Here is how you mount it under a pistol frame: As it has a quick detach latch, it’s really easy to mount. The flashlight doesn’t move at all and looks great. Mine is a 2011 type airsoft pistol (a Tokyo Marui Hicapa 5.1). It’s really easy to use and the buttons are really ergonomic.


  1. Merci pour ce retour. Vous nous avez manqué. Superbe review et très bon produit semble t- il.
    Continuez à faire des vidéo svp.😘

  2. Bravo Borak pour ta première review ! Une super lampe cette Valkyrie, tester et approuvé.

  3. Ho un retour de vidéo
    Sympa la review
    Dommage qu'on entendent tes enfants en fond de temps en temps mais c'est pas vraiment gênant vu qu'ils sont loin

  4. J'ai personnellement une Pl-Mini, bien plus pratique que la Pl-1 et 2, la puissance est suffisante on ressemble pas à un phare, pas de pile, la batterie se recharge via une station aimanté avec port USB.

  5. 1 an sans vidéo et la ! Génial on regarde ça 😁 plus qu'une présentation, une pub…. dommage…

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