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*Airsoft Review* KJW / Haw San Mad Max Shotgun Madbull Shell | Deutsch German

The KJW or Haw San Mad Max Shotgun
is loaded with these shells. These shells leak quickly and have
handling and performance problems. On the right side you can see
the gas tank and the valve. the blue one can be filled with up to 6 BBs Comparing the KJW
shell with the Madbull Shell. you can see the size difference immediately. Visually, the Madbull shell
is more a shotgun shell. The valve is located on the side.
The gas tank tolerate Green Gas and CO2. Up to 600 FPS can be reached (CO2). Unfortunately the Madbull Shell
does not fit in the Mad Max Shotgun. The barrel is too far and
the Inner Barrel too deep inside. In order to use the Madbull Shell,
i let build a sleeve for it. The sleeve has the same dimensions as the
KJW Shell. how the KJW shell, also this sleeve have the
Connector to the Inner Barrel. The Madbull shell fits
perfectly in the sleeve So there is no gap for Inner Barrel.
The performance is guaranteed. There is also a new ejector was prepared. The ejector fits flush with the sleeve and
provides for easy removal of the shells. To install the Madbull Conversion
the forgrip must removed. Now, the barrel can be
removed from the system. The ejector is removed next. The ejector can be removed
by unscrewing the two screws
. And get away with it. Now the two sleeves are slightly used. The ejector is recognized
to determine the correct position of the sleeves next. Now firmly press all right. mount the new ejector. Perfect:-) put it all together again. The ejector pulls the Madbull Shells
clean out the double barrel. Done.
Time for the Chrono Test:-) The values ​​vary a little depending on
gas charge. But as you can see are also
2.9 joules possible. the average is 476 FPS / 2.1 joules it is really a Shotgun:
the BBs scatters in all directions 🙂 Even today,
the zombie could not bite me 🙂 The KJW Mad Max Shotgun
is made of metal and real wood. Each shell can be filled with
1-6 BBs. When shot, the shell completely unloads If you have large hands, you can use the
shotgun with one hand. The Shotgun works with
the Madbull shells really well. The sawed-off shotgun is the
classics in all action movies. It is known especially
by the Mad Max trilogy. Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi in “Desperado” Milla Jovovich as
Alice in “Resident Evil” Bruce Campbell as
Ash Williams in “The Evil Dead” GROOVY

86 thoughts on “*Airsoft Review* KJW / Haw San Mad Max Shotgun Madbull Shell | Deutsch German

  1. Where those sleeves/adapter can be found? …90 dollars? So expensive? And… Why that joule difference between each shot? Was the same with the blue shells?  …The law on my country says that Airsoft guns can't go over 1 joule, so if it shoot that way i wish to know if it is because of the gas or the madbull shells.  I'm not sure for buying this one or the new marui M870 breacher. …Sawn off is way better looking and maibe more practical to roll down the floor and killing someone right behind a corner. While the new marui shotgun has the problem that once you miss a shot you do have to reload. But it is with Hop Up and can be switched from 3 to 6 bbs. I made you a "Like", please reply me, probably i want to buy it. Thank you 🙂

  2. The money you would make selling those kits!
    And damn, you would be a saviour for us double barrel fans.

    If you ever decide to make more, tell me!

  3. If you could sell these kits, that'd be awesome! Im planning on buying the gun, but from the reviews i've read, the shells suck. I've heard about conversions into madbull shells. Thank you for the video, maybe i could have this done, or if you plan to sell the conversion kits for a nice, reasonable price, that'd be great. Awesome video!

  4. Hi Brain Felix, I have not made ​​the kit itself. It's all handmade without CNC machine. Therefore, the price is so high.

  5. I own the long barrel version of this gun and love the hell out of it. Seeing this video really wants me to get this kit. I'm willing to pay 90 plus for it if i had to. Its an awesome idea and who wouldn't want to use madbull shells instead of the over sized ones.If in the future you decide to make and sell the kits or know of someone that makes them please let me know.

  6. Can you do a video on how you made the conversion pieces? Thumbs up so he can see this, we really need those conversions!

  7. Kann ich sie dir abkaufen ?
    Die ist bei sniper as ausverkauft und ich weiß nicht wann da ne neue Lieferung kommt :DDDDD

  8. Ist es möglich, dass du den Adapter auch zum Kauf anbietest (z.B. per Maschine fertigen lässt), so, dass er einiger Maßen bezahlbar ist?

  9. Wie hast du es denn hin bekommen, dass die Waffe kurz ist, hier in Deutschland gibts die ja nur als lange Version?

  10. Ich denke mal die macht sich echt cool in der Vitrine/Räuber loswerden/und natürlich als sekundärwaffe neben der ICS IK47 RAS >:) bööse Pläne

  11. na dann weiss ich ja was ich auf der arbeit machen kann ^^
    als zerspanungsmechaniker (in ausbildung) hat man hier riesen vorteile 😛

  12. how easy can the orange shell be set off?? i really want to make my own full length shotgun but idk what i should do for the trigger mechanism yet

  13. Im being honest right now. ive had my mad max for 2 year now and ive tried using the 3d printed kits, they are crap. I will pay stupid money my friend if you can make me a kit like that.

    If your interested please respond

  14. Me intereso en comprar la escopeta AirPort reviuw KJW /Han SAND MAD MÁX shotgun Madbul Shell/Deutsca Germant

  15. hallo bruce, das scheint ein älteres Video zu sein, da man dich gar nicht reden hört. Ich hätte das Video mit Sprachkommentaren besser gefunden aber es war auch so sehr schön anzuschauen. Immer wieder toll mal etwas ausgefalleneres zu sehen als nur AR15 xD

    Bist ein super Typ! Und hast ne sehr geile Sammlung.

    Lg aus Duisburg

  16. why not make it so the conversion can use aps shells? they are easier to come by and function more realistically

  17. welches gas ist das was so raucht? das is mega geil😱😱😱und kann ich red gas für die nehmen oder hab ich dann splitter im kopf🤣

  18. I'd pay $50-60 mainly because the cost of those shells that come with that gun is $20 apeace and it comes with two so that's $40 and the kit comes with 2 and I'd pay $10-20 more dollars for the ejector

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