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Airsoft Review ENG SUB – Tokyo Marui Glock G17 GBB GEN 3 with shooting test –

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep, let’s go for a new video and for today, a nice gun, the TM G17 GBB, the 3rd gen This gun has been provided by Univairsoft, thank you to him for lend me this gun to allow me to make the review This glock cost around 160€ Warning, the Glocks become more and more rare on shop because of the licencing problem It’s become near impossible to find Glocks replica or spare parts So if you have one, keep it and find spare, if you don’t have one, hurry up because these guns are oftenly OOS Let’s check the packaging So about packaging, no problem for Marui, they know how to make good one Look at this, honestly, they have a special touch everytime They know how to sell their products with white, focus, etc Honestly, with a box like this, I want to open it! But, nothing is localised on this box, no french at all, it’s abused They could make a small effort to translate some texts… At least we can read that it’s a Glock17, it’s the Gen 3, it’s a blowback version It’s gas propulsed, the hop-up is adjustable and it’s a Marui And we should have nice marking It’s not bad On the side, you can see the night sights, better on low luminosity No other important informations, here no more english, it’s in japan, perfect! Nothing on the back of course So despite the text, good point for the packaging! Inside the manuel What inside? Lot of stuff, but I’m already angry The manual ok, but entirely in japan language! So good luck to understand all draws Thank, not useful at all Japanese again It seems it’s for the sight disassembly Some target… Let’s continue, japanese again Blablabla japanse blablabla 🙂 Ahhh alright, once again, the magical packaging of Tokyo Marui! The Glock is well presented on this black case With this, even if I don’t know the performance of the gun, I have the feeling it’s should be good So there is one mag There are the night sights on a small box Some following bb spare parts It’s curious to find this kind of part, maybe it could be broken easily? It’s weird, personally I never broke this part except one time when a mag fell Anyway, it’s nice Some useless bbs, on a plastic bag when everything else is in a nice box… More rare, a cleaning stem! This is perfect for the pistol maintenance! And of course, the Glock! With somes stickers So even inside it’s a good packaging, the gun is well protected! There is even a Glock 17 marking it’s cool Now let’s go to see the gun! Let’s begin As all TM product, it’s in plastic only, even the slide It’s not conform to the real one but it’s classif for Marui products About the finish level, it’s classic too for Marui, it’s just perfect Despite that, as it’s a Glock, there are few weird effect like this one, or injection point here It’s a personal point of view, I’m not a big fan of the Glock design But I have to admit that it’s better on this Glock than others I saw So it’s pretty good at this level This gun is really nice, I’m surprised myself to think that about a Glock Maybe I have been impressed by the box/packaging but anyway, it’s not to ugly for a Glock 🙂 Still some injection points here But in general, it’s nice Rare and very nice, there are real marking The real caliber of the real gun I’m not sure they are real but they look like so it’s nice! Here some other marking, serial number… Overview of all markings Same on the mag here Like all Glock, no security, you have one kind of security here on this part Another security is here You have to engage the gun to activate the security Like this, we can’t push the trigger I already said it, I don’t really like this kind of security but why not All functions are functionnal The bolt stop/bolt release The disassembly buttons The mag release button It maintains the mag a little bit too much, but at least mags will not be eject by error Maybe it’s a question of time, but compare to other Glock airsoft gun I tried, it’s different Another marking here The finish, the paint, they seems good I’m really happy of it, the plastic seems very good, it doesn’t feel cheap Even the slide is well paint Few oil marking but it’s nothing About sights, I didn’t put the night sights Nothing wrong with them, no problem The bolt stop works perfectly I have nothing really bad to say about the external of the gun, pretty good! Magazine! It’s a classical glock mag With very nice marking here It can’t be locked It should be possible to insert bbs by this space The contenance is about 25 bbs The mag weight 310gr The gun and the mag weight 730gr I’m done with the external and mag, now take a look inside the gun To disassemble the Glock, like always, pull back the slide, remove the mag Pull down both button and then push to the front the slide On this gun, you can remove the slide before it’s totally removed, strange As you can see, it’s really quick and now, you have both parts First, the slide So this slide, what it will told us It’s very classical The hop-up can be adjust here thank to this little wheel That really nice, no screwdriver needed, and the access is really easy As you can see, the Glock is already lubrificate I remove the outer and inner barrel There is a small arrow to know how to increase the hop-up effect, cool The outer barrel is in plastic of course The inner barrel, with the hop-up bump The functional slack between the outer and inner barrel The inner barrel can’t be extract easily, which is nice for me It could avoid some problems As you can see, the slide is well lubrificate too The nozzle move freely and come back very quickly, good point! It’s not hard to remove sights, there is a screw here And here Except the fact it’s a plastic slide, so you have to use a 144a gas Great I put oil everywhere, I have to clean that 🙂 This slide is pretty good About gas, remember, don’t use Ultrair or any other strong gas please Only weak gas like 144a If you don’t know, in France, the 144a is the clean version of the 134a because this one is carcinogenic So they remove it You can find it on the Univairsoft website Now the lower Once again, very classical This part is well lubrificate too I like when guns are lubrificate from stock Here is the metal bolt stop/bolt release Inside you can see the spring of the mag release button I’m not a big fan of the internal design of the Glock, I’m always afraid it will break Here the trigger spring And here, the metal wheel The mechanism is quite exposed, easy to lubricate Probably easy to fix if there is a problem It seems strong enough But it’s a Glock, I don’t like this kind of internal mechanism where lots of parts and springs are visible and can be scratched It always frightened me a little To reassemble everything, it’s simple but don’t forget to engage the hammer otherwise it will not be possible to engage the slide The trigger reset is pretty good I can hear and feel it easily The trigger travel is a little bit long but it’s not annoying, you can do fast shoot easily Shoot with this gun is a nice sensation The accuracy/range test is the same as usual To be transparent, I measure the distance with a triple decameter The target is a human size target to see if the gun can hit an airsoft player And I shoot in stand position, so maybe the gun performances are influenced by my own performances So I try to be the most accurate possible At 30m, with 0,25gr bbs, as you can see, it’s not hard to touch the target It’s regular and accurate The grouping is not amazing but enough Good consistency, I didn’t feel any change in the power, honestly, at this range, it was not bad at all With 0,28gr bbs/30m this time, once again, good performances, maybe a little better grouping But honestly, the changement is not amazing I tried to hit the target at 40m, but it was really not good So this gun as an effective range of 30m, 40m is a little too much 2 full mags with few more bbs, I think it’s not bad at all

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  1. Héhé 🙂 tu peux oublier le français sur les boites/manuels, Marui ne se soucie que du marché japonais. Ils ajoutent un peu d'anglais sur les nouveaux manuels pour faire genre mais ça s'arrête là. Par contre ils aiment bien mettre les petits autocollants dorés "number one in the world of the world" 🙂

  2. 10:19

    de la glissière ? :p hihihi j'te chambre 🙂 Tu as trop l'habitude des machins en alliage sans doute.

  3. très sympas la review 😉 l'arrêtoir de culasse , ou une partie est en métal comme sur les récentes version de TM?

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