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Airsoft – Présentation gamme Cyma CM.35x (Shotgun) [ENG subs]

Spring is here ! awakening nature blooming flowers wandering butteflies buzzing bees and the gentle wind in the trees magnificient roses… I don’t like that, I’m a pollen allergic ! but welcome to the lair today we’ll have a look at some Cyma shotguns Airsoft Entrepot had the exclusivity of these products this is the CM.35x series there are 9 different shotguns you can see them here and there are two groups plastic body and metal body the prices range from 39.99€ to 90.90€ so you’ll find three basic guns CM.350, CM.351 and CM.352 then you’ll have the CM.350L, long version and CM.350LM, long and metal version about CM.351, there’s a plastic model alongside the CM.351M there’s no LM about CM.352, there’s also a CM.352L a CM.352M and the CM352.LM there’s also a 20cm-barrelled model, specifically designed for clooose contact intimate contact should I say… those shotguns are inspired from the Remington M870 and the guts are a copy of the Marui M3 shotgun this system is well known to work well will it be sturdy enough in our case ? I’ll try to give you some answers in the written reviews on the blog I received the CM.352LM (long, metal) and the CM.350L (long, plastic) I’ve been talking for 45 minutes and we still haven’t seen the guns there’s a sticker showing the gun on the lid of the box plain cardboard ! the metal shotguns, here this is a metal folding stock model come with a small sachet of plastic 0.12g BBS a 90-round BB-loader three 30-BB shells which will allow you to pump 10 times because those shotguns fire 3 BBs at a time 3 different barrels, 3 fixed hop-ups the plastic models come with the same BBs the same BB-loader but only one shell one is better than none… good news if you already own Marui, ASG or double eagle shells, they are compatible let’s see this be careful, this white polystyrene is crapy you can swarm your house with small white flakes if you don’t pay attention ! wow it’s heavy ! Ah, I forgot this ! there’s a cleaning rod in the box as you can see it is not very straight… here is the beast with its folding stock there’s slight wobble here, some players have already found solutions to that personnaly I’d have used a chair-leg buffer, they did better it’s a long shotgun ! the pistol grip is nice it is very comfortable on this kind of replicas when you need to pull quite strongly the handguard it is more stable the body is made of painted alloy the fake bolt is also made out of metal, it is shiny if you don’t like it you can paint it unlike on Marui shotguns, the shell-ejection switch is on the right side of the trigger guard and then you can insert a cartridge here you can see the safety it locks the trigger the handguard is a plastic one notice the sling swivels the front one can turn inside the outer barrel it is an abyss ! whether you buy the short or long models, the inner barrels are all the same length the plastic shotguns are really light the center of gravity is near the middle the plastic is quite good I like it’s feeling there is a rubber buttpad M870 classic grip here the body is made of plastic but the fake bolt, the outer barrel and the lower tube are still metal-made you have to pump quite harshly I must confess that I had trouble at the beginning a long time ago I owned a Marui SPAS12 but for 2 years now, I’ve been playing with Marui gas shotguns and to cock it, you have to do this… so when I shot my shooting tests, which have been finished for ages now I had some problems loading the shotgun inserting too many BBs and even blocking the mechanism I had to remove the shell and shake the gun to unjam it if you’re like me and play with gas shotguns, buy some muscles ! and be careful when you take your gas shotgun back, if you pump too hard you can break it ! I’m done with this overview of the Cyma shotgun range thanks a lot to Airsoft Entrepot staff I’ll be back soon with the complete written reviews and shooting tests see you soon in the Lair Xoxo! welcome to the Lair today we’ll have a look at those Marui shotguns ! that’s not it ! those are Cymas ! I don’t know what I said (you said Marui) I sleep Marui, I eat Marui, I say Marui ! I said Marui yep…

18 thoughts on “Airsoft – Présentation gamme Cyma CM.35x (Shotgun) [ENG subs]

  1. cant understand a thing of french, but you have sold me one, do you have some kind of mental powers?

  2. PD: Are the holes of the stock in the metal one for holding the shells? i heard dat somewere but i dont have it confirmed.

  3. Thank you for your review. Wauh the Cyma Shotgun are quite cheap. I did not understand. Is it made of metal? I hope they are soon in Germany. Do you know whether folding stock adjusts Maruzen M870 or Tanaka? Je vous souhaite une bonne journée. salutation Bruce

  4. Bonjour ! Super vidéo , pourriez vous me donner le lien de la vidéo dans la quelle ils ont trouver un système pour ne plus qu'il y ai de jeu entre la crosse et le corp ? Merci beaucoup .

  5. Pour la crosse pliante qui fait du bruit quand elle est repliée, un bout de "Talon Grip" en caoutchou, découper à la forme du talon de crosse, ça réglera le problème je pense…

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