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Airsoft – Impulse101 – Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG gas shotgun [ENG sub]

I’m not ready!I’m not ready!I’m not ready!I’m not ready! hi everyone, welcome to the Lair I’m not ready I’ve received the parcel it’s right there have a look at it I haven’t had time to open it yet I’m not ready! but when you’ve got to do it, you’ve got to do it! let’s start this overview of the Kel-Tec KSG by Tokyo Marui seriously, not ready? Me? Never! first of all let me thank Julien and Kenji at it’d been a long time here is the price of the replica the price of extra gas tanks and here the price of a pack of 2 30-bb shells the real KSG is built by Kel-Tec, in Cocoa, Florida if you’re a fan, one year ago I showed the PLR16 from WE built under Kel-Tec license the KSG was issued in 2011, it is a recent shotgun you can buy it here in France for 1100€ the retail price in the USA is around 990$ the main feature of this shotgun is that it has two loading tubes each one can hold from 6 to 7 rounds of ammo depending on the type plus one in the chamber it allows law enforcement units to breach doors and then neutralise a suspect with different type of ammo this weapon is used by our French RAID, South Korea and US correctional special units I guess that as usual all the “gamers” will comment, saying “oh they’ve copied the gun I saw in ArmA3″! guys, most of the time it is the other way round : games use real gun designs but sometimes they name them differently because of licensing issues the KSG also appeared in two successful movies the latest Terminator, and John Wick but we’re here to talk about the BB-gun you can see the box behind me it is once again a very nice box with a 1:1 picture of the gun and many data regarding the real gun and the replica there’s a sketch showing the real ammo overlay using 3” cartridges we’ll see that we put much less ammo in the replica! inside the box it is also very classy the different accessories are in small boxes and the gun is strapped with Velcro strips so nothing moves and Impulse101 send tight wrapped packages besides the gun there are the usual accessories given by Marui the safety plug a sachet of BBs a tool to adjust the front sight a cleaning rod and a BB-loader a 30-BB shell you may be familiar with this type of ammo they come in grey, green and red greens and greys used to be more expensive it is no longer the case there’s also a few targets and the users’ manual written in Japanese sometime Marui put English texts not here too bad because it seems really interesting there are many drawings so you won’t be lost and the parts list here I don’t feel like stripping this gun! they’ve put a QR code on the cover when you flash it you go to the KSG website there’s a bit of English here this shotgun is the 4th of the “gas series” a few years ago we talked about the M870 Tactical then the Breacher and they also released a wooded version of the M870 if there’s gas, you need a gas tank it looks smaller than on the M870 but it is bigger than the Breacher’s so we’ll test the autonomy in the shooting tests I’ve bought an extra tank because I usually use this gun as my main replica so I don’t want to be stuck on the field it is not heavy nor cumbersome so you won’t be annoyed the filling valve is right there and this is the outlet valve to feed the gun I’ll talk about it later here is the gun, it’s not light it is made of ABS and metal but good alloy, not the cheap thing from low end Chinese stuff when I wanted to adapt a Magpull hand-guard on the M870 I had to modify a part and I wasted three Dremel cutting discs before I could finish some of you guys may think “darn, it’s ugly” Kel-Tec like doing weird-designed guns this here is a bull-pup shotgun it means that the loading will take place behind the pistol grip and the trigger it allows a good barrel length in this case three barrels and three fixed hop-up buckings notice the three inner barrels they don’t reach the muzzle I’d say they get this far so maybe you can use the WIITECH 6.03 longer barrels it is solid, there’s a slight game between the hand-guard and the tubes but that’s normal, this is a pump-action shotgun this is made of metal so is the upper rail it has markings and Marui included two flip-up sights you can adjust the front sight’s height behold the quick aim sight here the rear sight can be adjusted in windage there’s also a quick aim sight you needn’t necessarily flip the sights up but if you don’t like these sights, you can remove them if you prefer MBUS sights, it’s up to you but most people will mount a red dot there’s a lower rail on the plastic handguard/pump it doesn’t sound as the breacher it is more “plastic-y” but still nice I was puzzled because on most presentations, Marui shown the gun with a foregrip but it is not in the box too bad, because they put a foregrip with the HK416C the frame is made of plastic it is ABS, not nylon fibre I don’t know if Tokyo Marui is ready to use nylon fibre it is sturdier though look at the stock here the cheek rest is made of metal, then there is plastic and the butt plate is made of rubber you’ll have to remove it to insert the gas tank on the left side are the Kel-Tec markings on the right side, airsoft markings I didn’t remove the small stickers this is a safety tip : don’t put your fingers in the loading tray while pumping well, if you do this it is not a good idea to have airsoft guns… it is quite heavy because there is not much plastic on this gun basically, the pump and the lower frame the outer barrel and the tubes are made of alloy the safety switch is above the grip the grip is comfortable and quite thin which I like if you don’t fancy the squares, you can do a nice stippling here the fire position push the switch, it is nice and firm this is the “safe” position it locks the trigger it is very nice I had problems aiming with the breacher as I tend to rack like this and shoot, most of the time I would hit the head even with a red dot it still happened the KSG has a stock so you can lock the shotgun to your shoulder and you can easily aim for the chest I know that many players are well protected but I always feel bad when I hit the head at the front of the KSG there are two sling rings look at this aggressive muzzle! you may attach a sling here for a modern weapon I think it is strange not to have though of a QD ring for a single point sling but I’m being picky as its big brothers this shotgun can shoot 3 or 6 BBs remove the panel here now you can set 3 or 6 BBs 3 rounds for the back 6 rounds for the forward position back to 3 rounds of course this is made of metal the panel won’t go away, it is quite tight I watched a few videos of the real gun, and it looks like the patch of the pump is consistent here it’s not the case on the M870s once it’s racked, you can’t rack any more so you can’t load 30 BBs the trigger is pretty soft and the trigger reset is smooth, so you may not feel it you can’t let the trigger pulled and pump to shoot endlessly now you have to rack and shoot let me show you with the breacher I can keep racking and it’ll shoot it is very convenient to clear a room quickly you could hear the difference between the breacher’s sound and the KSG’s still, it sounds nice better than the regular “click” and “shboing” where do we insert the shells? well, there are two tubes right here you can insert two rounds inside the left tube not easy when you don’t see what you’re doing! I remind you that the real KSG can hold up to 6 or 7 shells in each tube I’m not wearing eye protections, I’m crazy! Of course not, but the left tube is only a reserve the right tube will hold the active ammo you can see the two release latches it is not very convenient because the shell hits some part you’ll have to get used to it this one went right inside the stock because I haven’t inserted the gas tank you’ll need to practice to be able to reload quickly I’m done shooting, I can eject the empty shell I’m afraid it’ll be longer and less convenient than doing this training, training, training… but Tokyo Marui had no choice as the real gun works like that this small lever is useless on the replica on the real KSG it allows switching tube but at least Marui replicated it let’s put some gas in there! I’ll remove the butt plate using my fingernail this is the locker It is recommended to use HFC144a, or HFC134a but it is forbidden here in France then it goes like this push firmly now it sound good! there’s a spring noise it’s weird load a shell and you’re ready to play theoretically the fixed hop-up buckings are designed for 0.20g BBs but make some tests to determine which weight is the best for your use it is a gorgeous gun great finish as regular Marui guns the range and accuracy should be consistent with the three other gas shotguns I’ll tell you in the complete review on the blog in a few weeks tomorrow I’ll take it in game well, it means it is past for you guys! I’ll test if reloading is easy and convenient I think this replica will be very successful well, it is already successful given the amount of orders if you liked this video, thumbs up if not, thumbs down if you’ve bought this gun, if you’re interested, if you have questions don’t hesitate to comment read the description subscribe if you haven’t done it yet see you soon in the Lair xoxo *hit!* *one shot, double hit!* that’s good!

35 thoughts on “Airsoft – Impulse101 – Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG gas shotgun [ENG sub]

  1. Je suis pas près pour manger des lasagnes…euh non.
    Plus de déconne ya je ne sais plus quelle marque qui a fait le pétard qui tire du 22lr de chez keltec en version Co2 pour nous tireurs de 6mm

  2. Salut Ding, le t-shirt que tu portes, tu en vends via une boutique en ligne ?
    Aimez pour qu'il le voit s'il vous plaît. Merci

  3. Dans ton intro tu dit que tu fait des video de partie d'airsoft mais je n'en vois jamais ! Y a t'il une chaîne secondaire ou tu fait des partie d'airsoft ?

  4. Badass et assez original , ca me plait bien , par contre faut un rechargement intuitif, il y a peut j'ai acheté le GP 870 Ras MED Tactical une galére monstre a enveler le mag.  Son museau au KSG inflige le respect , si tu dis que c'est un lance grenade on peut y croire lol

  5. Salut Ding! as tu les canons internes Wiitech en ta possession afin de nous confirmer la compatibilité? Super vidéo comme toujours 😉

  6. Belle vidéo m'sieur. Autant je suis content de voir une réplique originale, autant je suis pas convaincu. Déjà que je trouve ça chiant de gérer deux sources d'alimentation (gaz tank + cartouches), avec cette réplique ça a l'air en plus moins pratique qu'avec les M870 de la marque.
    Je le testerai bientôt sur ma chaîne…

  7. "Ça faisait longtemps" je me disais exactement la même chose durant la séquence haha 😀
    C'était joli les 3 outs en 2 tirs, malheureusement je ne l'ai pas calculé sur le coup et je leur ai remis une couche derrière, oups 😛

  8. Salut Dingo 😉 Super vidéo comme d'hab hein et je voulais juste te demander ce que tu pensais du L1A1 slr de chez Ares et si tu savais si il était possible de l'avoir en France ? 🙂 Merci pour une réponse si quelqu'un voit ce message

  9. l'inconvénient d'être mineur c'est que tu vois les nouveautés mais tu dois attendre parce que tu peux pas pratiquer sinon hâte de voir ce que ça donne cet réplique 🙂

  10. I love your videos but my auto generate caption subtitles thingy never works right. Luckily I have a French mate here in England that translates for me, She is actually getting interested in airsoft after being forced to watch so many of your videos 🙂

  11. super vidéo, beau double out a la fin. On peut dire ce qu'on veut moi je la trouve belle cette réplique. j'ai hâte que la commande groupé que j'ai passé chez impulse arrive que je puisse le tester.

  12. Super Ding! Je vais normalement recevoir le mien pour review également via mon partenaire. Alors du coup les performances ça donne quoi ?

  13. Ding une question qui n'a aucun rapport mais existe il un SKS simonov en réplique d'airsoft (est-ce que Frontovik en a connaissance ?)?

  14. Hey ! Il faut compter combien de temps pour les délais de livraison en général pour impulse 101 ? Et au niveau de la douane ? Merci

  15. Attention a l’utilisation de poignée en accessoire sur les rails de la pompe, en effet des utilisateurs de la vraie arme, on vue les rails de la pompe ce casser. L'action de la pompe demande une grosse contrainte mécanique que des rails en plastique auront du mal à encaisser.

  16. Super vidéo ça donne envie de le tester malgré ça j'aurais aimé que marui rende les deux tubes à cartouche fonctionnel .As-tu eu le courage de le démonter ? (l'éclaté refroidi un peu )

  17. Salut Ding en fait j'aimerais me lancer dans du russe (je sais je suis pas précis) je voudrais te demander conseil et niveau budget je suis a 1500 € (tenue et réplique)

  18. salut ding, je viens tout juste d'avoir mon KSG, et effectivement on entend le boing d'un ressort. il suffis simplement de mettre de la graisse au lithium sur le ressort du marteau (long ressort qui se trouve à coté du gaz tank, il y a pas besoins de démonter quoi que ce soit) et la plus de bruit ! si cela peux être utile à d'autres

  19. Bonjour, depuis quelque mois j'ai un souci de tir sur mon ksg, après avoir armé la réplique impossible de tiré car la trigger bar ne vient pas libérer le tir, seul moyen pour que cela fonctionne et que je remonte la trigger bar moi même vers le haut puis enclenché la gâchette de tir. J'ai démonté cette partie de la réplique et je n'ai vu rien d'anormale, la trigger bar et bien relié a la gâchette avec un ressort, mais ceux ressort ne remonte pas assez la trigger bar pour pouvoir déclenché le tir. Est-ce que d'autre personne on eu se soucis si oui comment le résoudre. Merci.

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