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Airsoft gun review : KWA G17 (Glock17) Gas Blowback Pistol

[Music] hello and welcome to another airsoft review today I will be reviewing the kwa g17 which is replica of Glock 17 it comes in this very nice package you can see here the picture of the gun and as they say on the side it has maximally one gel and we will test that later let’s have a look inside inside is the gun itself which has the magazine already loaded too for loading bb’s too for hop-up adjustment and few BBS of course the manual and one shooting target if you pick it in the hand you will notice it fits really well under my opinion it’s built for smaller hands rather than the bigger this gun has metal slide and a plastic body as you have probably noticed this gun does not feature any markings at all except the serial number at the bottom the sights are colored white for faster aiming it features also standard glock safety which is located on the trigger here it has a rail frame so you can attach any kind of accessories like flashlights and lasers to fill the magazine with gas you have to release it with this release pin then on the magazine there is a lock for its backplate you just press it down and now you can move it and there is the gas valve with no bb’s loaded in the magazine and no gas this gun weights 728 grams [Music] as stated before the slide is made from aluminium and the body is made from plastic I have hold in the hand the real Glock thing and I may say the plastic is it feels the same the outer barrel is made from metal also the inner is made from metal the spring guide rod is plastic I don’t like that particularly on this gun but it shows no problems at all let’s have a look on the disassembly first of all remove the magazine then slide the slide back to charge it and after that just push this better here it’s located on both sides down and now put forward the slide and it will come off the inner frame base which is located here its metal and also most parts inside our metal I have noticed over the time that this little screw gets loose and you will have trouble firing it’s nothing serious you just need to tighten the screw it’s best to use some glue to fix it the most easy part is the assembly you just puts the frame back slide it back and you’re ready to go I had fully loaded the magazine with gas and with few BBS [Music] this gun has really good power out but even more than they say on the box but because it’s absence of any markings at all and high price I give it rating six out of ten oh yeah I get it that deal the bastard if you want to survive do the same like it

44 thoughts on “Airsoft gun review : KWA G17 (Glock17) Gas Blowback Pistol

  1. @XenuManLove
    Well then it´s a good thing I just payed mine when it arrived at our sponsor XD
    Serriously, fuck Glock<.<
    I have shot the real Glock 17, some guys in our team already have the KWA G17 and so i thought "hell…I need one"…several others joined me and wanted one too, and then our leader asked our sponsor if he could put it in his shelves…which he did and now we are happy.
    It´s underway currently, the waiting is killing me.

  2. @xToXiicxT3RRoRx becouse KSC and KWA is the EXACT same company. only that KWA is mainly in Europe and the U.S. and KSC is mainly in Asia

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  4. It depends on what gass you are using. I have the same problem using green gass because its generally quite cold where i Live, but if i use Extreme BlowBack gass it does not because it works optimumly for as low as 10 degreeds celcius but not above 25. Green gass doesnt really work otimumly bellow 17 degreeds celcius but can go as high as 35-40. Check on the side of the gass tank you have what tempratures it works best in.

  5. If you're gonna say aluminium slide, also say the type of plastic it is.. Or else you might has well said metal slide and plastic frame.

  6. Better use some Loctite instead of glue for the screw that is getting loose. Will still looks clean on the inside after that. Red one is the best

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