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Airsoft Ghost Ghillie Gameplay | Canadian Sniper

Mercy Mercy Oh Hello everybody and welcome to another Milsim highlights video In this game I utilize both an Mk23 and a gillie suit to get some amazing close up kills I hope you guys enjoy the video After that player was eliminated we witnessed a force moving along the opposite side of the field from us because they outnumbered us we decided to stay hidden until we could move up behind them We decide to move extremely cautiously because we don’t know how far ahead of this corner the enemy is Oh, you’re dead Got four, okay we’re good That’s the four I counted After those players were taken out we moved back to the field to wait for the reinforcements that they had called in Because my pistol didn’t quite have the range needed, I decided to crawl through the long grass to try and get behind them I think you hit my camera For the rest of the game I was playing as a solo recon team Because you guys have been asking for more full game videos I left this next clip almost unedited This is so you guys can see how I move through the field and how I choose positions The reason why I’m so cautious to move above this ladder is I know that if I can see people outside of this barricade They’ll be able to see me, inside the barricade After every few shots I try to find a new location to shoot from so I came down from the tree to move to the bushes Unfortunately on my way out, I was surprised from behind Hit Got me in the bottom Anyways that’s it for this episode guys, I hope you guys enjoyed If you liked it remember to leave a like and a sub so you can keep up with my new videos and I hope to see you guys on the next one Mercy Wait, are you N.O.C? No? Mercy.

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Ghost Ghillie Gameplay | Canadian Sniper

  1. When u shot the guy with the sniper towards the end. You saw his team mate look towards ur location. They knew where he got shot from. You should have instantly relocated and waited for them to come to you.

  2. mate you need to gather to folage around you, having dark green as camo on solid bright ambeint green doesnt work. you got the suit for it, layer it with shrubery and heavy grass and you'll be alot harder to see, also your gloves and gun need to be the lightest part of you rig. blend you head into it and they will walk right over you.

  3. that sweet sniper rifle you have I was wondering what would be a good starter sniper rifle in air soft why I ask I want to get in to airsoft shooting

  4. I love how players are unsure of what to do when hit by a sniper. They turn to face their attacker and no ones there, their not sure whether it's a misfire or what.

  5. Hey if you go to another milsim like the 48 hour ones can you make a series off of it??? that would be cool to see a 48 hour milsim event in the scope of a sniper. Great vids bro keep it up

  6. Excelent vid. Everybody does hightlights. But that kind of patient sniper tatical game is priceless!

  7. you have tactical movement down, just work on the little things. don't worry about moving slow when bugging out. always move fast. violence of action is my all time favorite military term.

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