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*Airsoft Collection * Pistols & Revolver 2016 – Part 1 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

Bruce here BB2k Airsoft. Hello
and welcome to my channel. This is my last video in 2016 and since i
have thought of something special for you. you can see here the whole airsoft
replicas distributed on the ground Today i give you a little insight into my
collection. I start with my pistols & revolvers. I wish you a lot of fun. Let’s start the intro! Bruce again… BB2K Airsoft channel.
Thank that you survive my intro 🙂 i had promised to show you a another
video before 2016 is closed. Due to XMAS and coming New Year my time is very short. I first
wanted to show you a Top 10 of the2016 Airsoft replicas. But then i got the idea you wanted to see my airsoft
collection. And so today i give you as a small thank you a little insight. i’ve put all my pistol and revolver airsoft replicas on
the floor and show them to you briefly in the camera. Since there is much to show, i will drink something soon. and then i start with my absolute new addition. I am so happy about it. I’ll show the
TANAKA Colt Python 6 Inch Nickel I shiw it only briefly because there
is so much to show…. here ist is A greeting from Rick Grimes (The walking dead) It is made entirely of plastic but
it looks like metal. So beautiful Next one The next Colt Python.This one is from KWC / Cybergun a very old model with shellsystem and 24 rounds. Fullmetal, CO2 powered and a very fast airsoft with a nice kick Next a classic for you one of my favorites. Very rare in germany with X-Cardige system, 6mm BB Also full pastic with a nice metal look i open the box for you That’s how it looks. The P-Virus P226 pistol GBB, full metal, 6mm BB I also made a review of it Now comes a nice revolver. I love revolver 🙂 a very heavy, big revolver. also with X-Cardrige System Each shell is loaded with 6mm BB Really nice brachial style also a classic from marushin a review of this also exists. full plastic body, GBB, full markings, 6mm a real classic. also for sportshooters comes in this plastic case the last for part 1 of my collection it lies in the real steel bag of the FN FNX 45 Tactical One of my hightlights and one
of my favorite airsoft i own. so it looks inside with an osprey silencer With a RMR Sights on it a nice replica this is the osprey silencer replica so it looks like One of my favorites.

40 thoughts on “*Airsoft Collection * Pistols & Revolver 2016 – Part 1 | English Subtitles – Deutsch

  1. Bruce, woher hast du die coolen Revolver? Man findet die einfach mal gar nicht in deutschen Shops, Spezialimport mit Abnahme oder sind die schon so Uhr alt?

  2. Ich finde wenn du schon drei Parts machst dann hättest du die in größeren Zeitabständen hochladen sollen weil sonst hättest du auch alles zusammen schneiden können
    PS: Guten Rutsch dir und allen die das lesen 😀

  3. hey bruce ich habe eine Frage ich habe auch die Lager p08 wo du hast im kurzen Lauf mir ist aber die Platte kaputt gegangen wo man beim zerlegen weg machen muss weißt du wo man das Ersatzteil her bekommt?

  4. Lieber Bruce, ist der Schalldämpfer bei der FNX 45. Tactical im Lieferumfang enthalten? Und wenn nicht könntest du mir verraten, wo man Schalldämpfer dieser Art herbekommt? Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

  5. da haben wir aber den selben Geschmack Bruce fnx 45 ist meine Lieblings Pistole aber wo gibst denn den schalldämpfer in der farbe

  6. Gibt es schon airsoft GBBS! (außer Revolver) die mit hülsen arbeiten, die zusätzlich mit Gas gefüllt sind (Sprich auch mit Hülsenauswurf )?

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