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Airsoft CHEATERS! VS SNIPER! | Airsoft Sniper Scopecam Gameplay

right side lots of movement what one of those are you going to call any of those woosh woosh BOOM hey everybody, i noticed there is a huge increase in these airsoft cheater videos and i just wanted to show you you can still have a good time out there even if other people are still cheating if you guys like this sniper scopecam gameplay rememebr to leave a like and a sub and youll get a new one twice a week

100 thoughts on “Airsoft CHEATERS! VS SNIPER! | Airsoft Sniper Scopecam Gameplay

  1. hey gys i broke my leg because me and a friend was going fast then we hit stones on the road so we fell off then the bike rolled on to my leg lol

  2. "Aw sorry dude oh so sorry"
    "Kill them with kindness"
    I knew he was Canadian before I even saw the patches lol
    Just switch to paintball
    You can still snipe and you can see if someone's cheating

  3. Do you ever call these guys out?? I played paintball like 20 years ago, got to be tough to call a cheater out with airsoft.

  4. Don't apologize to that guy at roughly 1:05 stupid shouldn't have been walking straight through everyone's field of fire.

  5. I love how you hold your pistol in the holster while running so it doesn't fall out, but it looks like your holding your balls XD

  6. I hate cheaters they ruin the game the last cheater in my game got a 150round blast from my hpa he didn't do it again lol its painful as my friend did it to me I Stings like heck but hey you wanna cheat you gonna get blasted idk who you are

  7. I ran into a cheater once waisted 4 mid cap mags on him and even then he didn't even raise his hand. I got pissed of and hit him really hard with my sidearm. He wasn't cheating just me but through the whole game he "didn't die" 😒

  8. When he said I don't wanna grab him he's American he scares me this makes me proud to be an American

  9. the airlift you play is way different than what we played 12 years ago. everyone called their hits, and we had no refs. the amount of kids playing now is funny. when we played it was all 19+ and  we al were fully decked out in camo

  10. You should of showed the one where Novritsch finds a cheater hits him multiple times and he doesn't call his hit so Norvitsch shoots him in the balls😂

  11. Canadians always being so kind he didn't yell "CHEATER HE CHEATING!!!!!!" when the guy didn't call his hits he just was cool about it and went with it

  12. I like airsoft but I hate cheaters once in a building there where passages between walls and some1 on the opposite team pointed their pistol in to the passage and blind fired 7 shots at me and I reported him but nothing happened to him

  13. I Love Your Videos House Gamer! Your Channel is one of the best Airsoft Channels I know. Keep up the great Work!

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