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Airsoft Cheaters HATE this sniper! (Yes it is a sniper)

They seem to uh… Know where I am a little bit. I don’t know if I should peek here anymore No, it’s okay. I have a foolproof tactic to get out of positions. Just like this. Are you ready? Tactical Roll! It’s flawless every single time a success dude, this is Intense, it’s the mark 23. Yeah with all the upgrades But I threw a scope on her and made her a sniper All right guys we’ve got the future of Airsoft combat. We have the Tokyo Marui Mark, 97 let’s do this. This is actually the SSG 23 SSG for spooky sniper gun I got lots of gas and lots of bb’s don’t worry. I got people who have gas and I have bb’s Dude we can get right up to the front there. Let’s do it now Let’s send it dude. Go full. Send will send Cooper I am so quick with such a light firearm This is a god It’s a god Do you think I can make it into these barrels? Okay, I’ll leave that with you. Throw it at me if I need her Press dose Boone Yeah Oh Okay they know my position They seem to Know where I am a little bit. I don’t know if i should peek here anymore No, it’s okay, I have a foolproof tactic to get out of positions just like this are you ready? Tactical roll! It’s flawless every single time a success Okay, i’m goi- I’m going to come out and go to that pile that you’re out there Cooper…… crossing What happened no, okay, I’m gonna move right tell Cooper I will miss him Hey, how’s it going man? got one guy? ..yeah, do you think if I crawl up that fence line, think I’ll make it up there at all But all right. Well, I’m gonna – send it I’m pretty sure the van still got people there All right, so I’m gonna just fast-forward this bit cuz it was super tactical but it wasn’t very entertaining so we’re back Okay, you got to do me a favor You got to move left and make them. See you Uh, yeah just so they know they think there’s no one over in this corner and I’m gonn- gonna sneak right around them This gun is the most OP sniper I’m gonna try and move Touch DUDE YOU GONNA CALL ANY OF THOSE? Thanks in that bear arm, yeah, I know that’s real tough He called it after a few it’s just okay dude, it’s the bear arm man. It’s real hard to feel He’s blank-firing. Okay, we got to get into that building man put down some covering fire stop and then I’ll run Same tree got him. I got him. I got him. I got him got him One more guy ran in the back!!! Cover Cover cover! get back get back get back back first building so silly One person watch right? Hey you you get over his shoulder watch right side of this closest building. Are u watching left side? Yeah, he moved he moved Really… nicely done Can you run across to me real quick run across here come to me just sprint it just sprint it you’re fine Okay, watch your head That tree with the orange metal on it. Yeah, it’s a door a big one. Yeah door to the CQB area. There’s a guy in it CQB?…. Yeah that wood area Legion heads up kill building hot! Got em! hell yeah! No guy way back there. Got a kid, did you not call it? There we go This is the sickest gun dude, this is Intense, it’s the mark 23. Yeah with all the upgrades But I threw a scope on her and made her a sniper I’m actually pegging people from across the field, dude. Do you want to get finish off CQB with me? Cool Can I steal your gun and clear out CQB? Yeah, keep keep the camera entertained keep them. I’ll do my best to make you look good Team team team team team team team Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, we’re good we’re good no torments Besides good. Okay. We’re Gucci. We’re Gucci. We’re Gucci or into the field. I heard fire coming from that way. Cool. Cool. CQB is clear Hey Dude come up to me here Stay nice and low stay nice and low That Fork tree right there if you come right to where I am and shoot above there’s a guy Above the fortress poking his head up. He’s the only one I’m really worried about Okay, so if you can at least keep his head down, that’d be fantastic. I can push up to one of those forward walls We’ll see what happens. Yeah, if I get hit well, guess what? I’m pretty much out of ammo doesn’t matter I’ll run on you’re clear So way she goes sometimes she goes and hey this is one of the times she went Dude did that guy just go back into the game after calling hit?!?! Well friendly fire counts as fire, it’s okay. I’m shooting them now. Thank you Hey, dude, did you call out and then go back into the game? Dude did that hold on. Did you call out and then go back into the game? Friendly fire counts dude, you can’t just walk and stand there and then go back in the game Dude this is the most intense sniper rifle that exists man! No worries I was watching I saw the conversation and then you walked back I was like what the heck’s going on No, no friendly fire. No worries, dude. Give me a good fist bump. There you go, man Okay, so your friends probably know I’m here now, so get out of here Anyways, that’s it for this episode guys. 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100 thoughts on “Airsoft Cheaters HATE this sniper! (Yes it is a sniper)

  1. Ya know, I've been watching alot of these gameplay videos and I'm seriously curious how much it'd cost to build a airsoft field in the Sandpoint, Idaho, area. There's no fields in North Idaho and barely 2 in all of Idaho.

  2. Funnily enough that tactical roll was performed flawlessly and in the right way for the right purpose and is a real military tactic in field craft for getting out of that exact same problem

  3. It's a sniper cuz I added a scope. 😱 so I can get an rocket launcher and add a scope so therefore it's a sniper 👌

  4. Why do i really wanna go to a war with this guy. U just see him and all his friends with pistols and scopes on them rolling around the feild

  5. When the enemy see’s ur airsoft anti material rifle run out of ammo, but I pull out ur OTHER AIRSOFT ANTI MATERIAL RIFLE

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