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Airsoft CHEATER takes 500 FPS Sniper to the Face

oh Hey, what is going on guys today? I’m playing with my sniper comrade, clean shot, and our job is to carry around the intel for the red team the first one who is able to kill the enemy intel carrier and take the intel, basically the armband, back to their spawn wins the game. But unfortunately we were having trouble with a group of people who were getting increasingly salty and started to toggle their God mode on What? They parked right near the new car. Yeah? They came in just a few seconds, I think they’re going to drop people off from their team yeah, yeah I think so, behind us. Right, lets have an ambush. Keep an eye on them See they’re getting in. K. No, let’s wait for them when they get back. Yeah. Yeah. Not sure if they hit him or the car. Yes he’s gettin behind the car. Oh! Think it’s a double hit, dude! At this point, it was still early on in the game. So we didn’t really think much of it. He could have not felt it even though it was to 500 pf snipers hitting him But then his buddies were giving us some more trouble Did ya hit him? Got him. Yep. On his head. Nice. Sorry mate! Sorry! He’s complaining to the Marshal. Ya! Sorry dude! Can do, ya? Ya, on the right side, yep? Yep. oh they’re shooting live ammo there. This field is pretty cool because the allowed gunshot noise on the earring is from the nearby shooting range right next to the airsoft field. the gun was having some jamming and feeding issues because of all the loose sand and dirt getting into the gun and I clear the jam, give it a few test fires, and make sure it’s working again. Sometimes the problem of being an Airsoft sniper is that people that you’re shooting at don’t actually know that they’re being shot at. Now this guy clearly reacts to it, but he may not have felt it though because it was at a very very sharp angle Well when you’re getting hit from this distance with a 500 FPS gun to your pants, you’ll definitely feel it. [overall] players in the Netherlands are very very honest players And this is the first time I’ve seen a group of people acting like this if you’re not going to call your hits then Maybe call of duty is more your thing. Yo yo! you’re death, you’re death, you’re death It was getting kind of ridiculous there as I moved and reinforced another area Did you see anything? Yeah, in the uh window of the container. Snipers? No, assault. kind of ran off. One down That was it I think That shot was on the tip of my nose! Hahahah, sorry bob. Nice right? Oh shit! I saw it flying in the air. Ed?

100 thoughts on “Airsoft CHEATER takes 500 FPS Sniper to the Face

  1. its good to see honest players with integrity, afterall its just a game and we're here to have fun and enjoy our youth, no sense in getting all hot headed and denying your hits. great video.

  2. I’ve realized (from experience) if you are sniping in woodlands from a far some people genuinely don’t feel or realize they are getting shot at. With some lower power rifles it might seem like it’s just bbs bouncing off something and heading your way or you are behind some one who is getting shot at from a far.

  3. 5:38
    Dat soort mensen die onsportief zijn zijn te egoïstisch en/of dom. Ze beseffen niet dat ze zo een geweldig spel ruïneren of het boeit ze gewoon niet.

    Ppl like them who are so unsportsmanlike are to selfish and/or stupid. They don't realize they are ruïning an awesome game or just don't care about it.

    Don't be one of those dickheads ok? Thx 👍

  4. Maybe Call of Duty is kind of your thing 😂😂😂😂 bro you seriously think you being out here shooting little bitty airsoft guns makes you any better than someone who plays on the game 😂😂😂???

  5. Get some steel balls and load them up when people aren't calling their shots. Just rotate airsoft with steel shot magazines when you find a cheater.

  6. I'm confused, was the cheater the guy who was shot in the tip of the nose?

    If it was he was a good sport in the end, there were other jerks before him.

  7. Reminds me of when my buddy sniped me in the face… Hit right between my nose and upper lip dead center… No mask, just goggles… It was the perfect shot…

  8. For starters stop sniping is boring and cheating. + you should have shot him again or pulled your pistol and shot him again he gave away your position… l2p sry

  9. Why do they cheat. It's just a game. If they play honestly. They'll gain the respect of their fellow players and if not. They'll be labled a Girly Man for the rest of their pathedic lives.
    Cheaters NEVER win and Winner NEVER cheat.

  10. people are stupid if they don't where face protection, I feel like they just do it because they think nobody will shoot at them when there exposing there head. face protection should he required

  11. I haven’t started playing yet and I live in the US and I feel like there are a lot more cheaters here cuz Americans can be kinda dickheads lol

  12. What are your internals on this sniper rifle ? I have all laylax parts in my vsr10 g spec but always get more of an arch shot with the m150 spring .. seems like I can barely use my hopup

  13. Anyone from Georgia (usa) play airsoft?
    If there are any Georgia (or Near states) airsoft players interested in Joining my discord server

  14. I would grabbed the micro went at point blank, shoved it his face and said call ur hits or we can take care of the hit now to your fucking forhead

  15. When I am using the Noveritch SSg24 that I bought from his online store, I mainly target heads so the enemies know that they got hit and I will not have to deal with this problem.

  16. Pretty interesting to have the live ammo range right next to an airsoft field. Makes for a good dynamic to simulate a war arena.

  17. By talking to that dude you shot you actually allowed his him to expose your position to his team without him having to call it xD

  18. I don't understand how people can just poke only their heads out from somewhere and then complain that they're getting shot in the head..

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