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Airsoft Cheater IGNORES 9 HITS | Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

Hey whatsupp guys, today I’m playing at Wild Mountain together with Silo! In this mission there is 1 spy on each team that can change the color of there bandade ingame. The they need to capture the Intel from 5 people that are wearing blue bandade’s. They need that intel to be able to trade with the germans to get some drugs from them. The team with the most drugs, wins. I got one blue bandade so I have to watch out for the spy that might come in to me. We decided to go up in the container first to over see the field and make some long range shots. Well that’s it for this sniper gameplay video, make sure you also check out Silo’s gameplay footage. Because we will be making more gameplay video’s together. I hope you all enjoyed it and if you did don’t forget to leave a like and a sub for more video’s just like this. I see you guys next week.

100 thoughts on “Airsoft Cheater IGNORES 9 HITS | Airsoft Sniper Gameplay

  1. Your a great sniper brother I've been showing all my friends your videos were also heavily active airsoft players and we really like how your tactics are keep up the great work man

  2. you doing it wrong Cleanshot if someone is a airsoft cheat 1. STOP PLAY 2. TACKLE HIM DOWN 3. CALL FOR REFS .4 SHOW VID PROOF…i hate when people still try and play when there is an airsoft cheater STILL ON THE BLOODY FIELD BE A MAN! and fix the problem ASAP! NOW ! GOGO!

  3. I don't understand why people would cheat. I never played airsoft so I try to give the benifit that they didn't feel it but when they clearly react to the shot and not call it just sucks

  4. hey man im just getting into all this i have a few questiing if you can plz respond ….what is tht hose i see comming from opls backpack to there weapons

  5. we did this in the 80s with real steel bb guns… lol. At least it gets peeps away from the x-box and off the couch for exercise.

  6. even though I'm watching this 2 months late. Will Entertainment was that guy in the container with you at the start! i just watched his video before this one.

  7. Never played airsoft before im a noob, but I have a quick question does the distance in which you shoot affects whether or not the persons feels if they've gotten hit?

  8. I noticed a big difference between the field I play at compared to most others:

    Futureball: Oh fuck theres mud between me and my destination daintily goes around it

    Other places: Wait, what mud?


    Futureball: It's not exactly 70-75 outside I'm not doing this shit

    Other places: Good thing I packed the right equipment for the conditions

    SMH at the pussies of futureball…

  9. ha!!! I read all of your bio man, and you're right I am a real fan. I love what you are doing here I've never played the sport but it looks like a lot of fun! i love anything that has to do with sniping and this is as close as you can get to the real thing! keep it up and make more videos for me to watch cause I watched them all already xD. have fun and keep up the good work bro!

  10. I would really like ro see some tutorial videos in this channel hopefully you will do what you wrote in the description.

  11. The guy that complained to the marshall about getting hit in the face shouldn't be playing if he's gonna be a whinny little bitch, it's part of the game and there is eye protection, GET OVER IT! Am i not right? lol Maybe your thoughts aren't as harsh as what I said, but it's still not fun to play when your playing against babies like that and cheaters.

  12. Awesome job on the camo paint on your weapons, looks great 👍🏻 loved this vid, now you have a new sub 👍🏻

  13. Honestly y'all shoot so far away it seems like a ricochet and it's probably not but a small impact lol. I dunno. I'm hoping they're all not so bad is all it's what it seems

  14. U guys hit a guy in the military hat with a 2 bullet and doesnt feel it (tip:dont hit on the hat hell not know when his hit when u guys hit on the hat

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