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(Airsoft) CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion Kit (used with a Glock 18C Tokyo Marui) – KhanSeb

CAA RONI conversion kit for Airsoft Glocks Turns your Glock into a small carbine I use a Glock Marui, which is probably not the best choice for this kit, especially with a long mag Fact is that Marui Glock slides are a bit larger, which cause more frictions between the kit and the gun With a Marui Glock, the magazines have less autonomy (because of the frictions between the kit and the gun) You can hardly sense the kick I would recommend to use other airsoft brand for this kit (KJW, KWA, KSC…) The kit comes with those spring sights, which are pretty nice Retractable stock (2 positions) Adjustable check piece Magazine holder Little accessory so you can still pull the slide Folding grip Some manuel safety (which blocks the access to the trigger guard) … And rails a bit everywhere Instalation is simple and doesn’t require any tool You can still switch firing mode with a Glock 18C… Even if it’s not very convenient

100 thoughts on “(Airsoft) CAA RONI Pistol-Carbine Conversion Kit (used with a Glock 18C Tokyo Marui) – KhanSeb

  1. hey khan, if you were to suggest a pistol for a beginner to use, preferably something with good quality but cheap, what would you suggest?

  2. im inbetween this an an mp9 which is better because theyre both around the same price but i reallly want an automatic airsoft glock

  3. They recently made a version of the real one that that has a little cut-out in the side that allows for easier access to the selector switch on the Glock 18.

  4. just adding in, even airsoft full metal flash hiders aren't built to handle a real firearm.. likely, the reason why the kits or parts made for actual firearms are way more expensive is due to their parts are tougher and likely made from a tougher type of metal. (I'm sorry if this is all too obvious)

  5. Khanseb, Would you say instead of buying a CQB gun buying this for my pistol with extended mags would be smart?

  6. No way its the real Roni by CA defence. The real one costs about 600-700$ in here (israel, they country its made in) 😛

  7. Tu devrais essayer le kit de conversion APS je l'utilises avec mon glock 19 de kwa et j'ai aucun problème 😉

  8. salut khan ! très bonne vidéo juste esque tu pourrais me dire ou tu as acheté ton écusson trollolface continue comme sa sinon !!!

  9. To absolutely clarify this question.. Here is the answer from one of the retailers I spoke to @shot show. The Roni G1 which is a basically a discontinued and first Gen roni is exactly the same.. Exactly the same! (if and only if it is a CAA Brand and not WE Tactical) whether designated as airsoft or firearm…The Israeli company that makes these had to get rid of the many Roni G1`S they had left over after introducing the G2. So they rebranded the G1 molds as "airsoft only" for legal purposes to get rid of them more easily in the large airsoft community. The reason for this strategy was also do to the major improvements the G2 has over G1. It was evident that once a consumer actually had there hands on both… The G2 would be the clear choice and word would spread leaving the company stuck with defunct G1`s. I can absolutely say that as an owner of both gens..The G1 is a great platform and if u can get your hands on the cheaper "airsoft" designation.. Go for it! You will love it and the money you have saved will pay for the tax stamp. However if you have the cash for G2 & a stamp… You will be extremely happy I guarantee. That's it..Clarified!!

  10. I really want to put a real glock in this thing and see what happens….. Might have to remove the front barrel but shit….

  11. I am looking for a similar one but it must be "universal", i.e., can fit all airsoft pistols with picatinny rail. Guys, any advice for me???

    P.S. I know in the real gun world there is an SIG Adaptive Carbine Platform.

  12. On dira ce qu'on voudra, mais pour peu que ce soit un nom féminin, on pourra dire "ma CAA RONI", et ça, c'est quand même la classe.

  13. Wtf is up with the mags……. did you only fill a little or what? because I know damn well it hold more gas than that.

  14. Merci khanseb je t aime trop j ai trouvé ma réplique!!!!!!
    un coup de coeur et en plus sur airsoft entrepot il est moin cher et tu y travail

  15. Can I use airsoft roni with my glock 17 firearm, live bullets. airsoft roni is cheaper. Just asking for a tip. tnx

  16. @KhanSeb Tu sais si il y a beaucoup de place en avant du canon lors de l'installation? Pour peut-être mettre un silencieux.

  17. It's illegal in most U.S states if you use this for a real firearm without the proper license and such. However this company makes a similar version that comes with a 16 inch glock barrel and it's legal because it makes it a carbine rifle. Because of all the regulations with this product it's been marketed to the airsoft community and requires no special permits and such because it's a BB gun. And I have one with a full auto M9 and it's totally fun to shoot even though it's a BB gun.

  18. Salut kan seb pourrais tu me donner un nom de site Internet pour trouver les chargeur d'un g23 de 50 bille stp merci continue comme ça t'es super 😁😁😁

  19. Man they really need to make a Roni 16" varient carbine kit… i fell in love with the barrel on that thing.

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