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(Airsoft) AS-01 Amoeba sniper rifle

Thanks to them ! Video about the AS-01 Amoeba, which looks a bit like the Magpul Hunter 700 stock made for the Remington 700 It’s equiped here with a JJ Airsoft scope + scope extender and Harris type bipod Apart from its design, this gun has some nice features that I personally like a lot A “real” magazine (45 bbs) placed in a realistic location, which directly feeds the hop up unit A “open type” bolt which opens the chamber each time you pull the bolt for a more realistic feeling A short charging handle course to cock the bolt (which is faster to do, but a bit less realistic) The bolt uses an AEG type spring, the inner barrel and hop up rubber are VSR10 type The other parts are proprietary (pneumatic system, trigger group, hop up unit…) The gun is also modular, with several colors (black, OD, FDE, Urban Grey), several pistol grips and cheek rests, several charging handles… The power of the model I have is around 380 FPS with 0.20 gr ATM, very stable Outdoor shooting test from the prone position, using a bipod and 0.30 gr ATM As mentionned directly in the video, I use a PDI hop up rubber instead of the original one, which sadly is damaged I have shot 26 bbs for this test, I won’t show it all because it’s too long The result isn’t incredible, I miss 6 times and the grouping isn’t really tight Here is the original hop up rubber (quite flexible), which came which this little cut The gun has a reasonnable size despite it’s 550 mm inner barrel, it’s also quite light (2,4 kg) The stock buttplate is made of plastic The finish is quite nice, with a fiber nylon stock and metal parts (body and flutted external barrel) 23 mm CW thread, note how the inner barrel is maintained Here a optional silencer which has been given to me by ARES as well, it’s quite big It comes empty, with no foam Easy to put on the original thread With no foam it’s not really useful except for the look, note the “bottle” sound There is a cocking indicator on the left side The cocking course for the bolt is short, which is faster to do but less realistic Note the safety Since you have access to the chamber you can manually put bbs if you want to The hop up adjustment is made from the top with an alen key ; it won’t be easy to do if you have an optic on it The magazine, which is quite big, falls automatically when you push the locking lever Note you can activate it from the trigger guard with your index finger The magazine is engraved too ; it carries 45 billes Here next to a L1A1 magazine There is no “hard point” on the trigger, you pull until it shots, note there is some over travel (at least out of the box) Engraved markings on the gun Other accessorie sent by ARES : grip and higher cheek rest The grip is very easy to replace, there is some finger rest on it Personally I prefer the original grip And here the higher cheek rest, which is fixed a bit like a keymod accessorie First, remove those 2 srews from the stock (note they also allow you to change the sling mount side) Then, remove the buttstock plate and the original cheek rest Note put the higher one … I also prefer the original one To continue the disassembly, remove those 2 other screws You can now remove the trigger guard and stock You can now access the trigger group in order to adjust it (trigger weight, trigger travel and sear distance) Now, remove this pin, which is fixed to the cocking indicator You can now remove the bolt (it uses AEG type springs) According to ARES the piston is made of aluminum ; the sear in contact with the piston is made of steel The nozzle is made of steel too Remove the screw on the back of the bolt, you can now remove the handle (be careful not to lose the little ball) Another type of handle proposed by ARES, which is bigger and more like a cylinder Now unscrew this part … You can remove the hand guard Unscrew the bbs feeding tube (made of steel) Don’t forget to unscrew the hop up adjustment screw as well … You can now unscrew the external barrel (totally empty, the inner barrel is maintained only at the end of it) Here is the hop up unit, made of two parts fixed with 4 screws Note this part, which is the part pushing on the hop up rubber And the inner barrel (550 mm, I believe it’s a 6.03) The PDI rubber I used instead of the original one The inner barrel is compatible with VSR10 hop up rubber Thanks for watching !

100 thoughts on “(Airsoft) AS-01 Amoeba sniper rifle

  1. C'est dommage que tu as fait la vidéo test avec le "hop up pdi "mauvaise expérience avec ( tester sous 2 pa (we,marui) et un gbbr we ) et vraiment médiocre (pas précis) peut être que avec avec nineball ,modify ou un maple leaf autobot il aurais une meilleure précision

  2. woaaaw j'ai jamais entendu un bolt aussi "chantant" ^^ sans dec c'est un rythme endiablé que tu nous fais là !
    "10/10 would buy again" IGN

  3. Très bonne vidéo de tir, couplé avec un démontage qui est lui aussi super ! Vu le nombre souvent faible pour certains modèle de démontage complet et facilement accessible je suis satisfait !

  4. j'adore la coupe de cheveux comme ça on a l'impression qu'il a 15 ans avec, après la barbe je lui donne 30 ans
    et super vidéo !

  5. Je suis tombé amoureux mais pense à mètre le lien de la réplique en description c bien mieux que de chercher pendent 2 h voilà merci pour la video elle est super continue

  6. Est-que à ton avis des barrel spacer pourrais justement faire en sorte que la réplique soit plus précise parce que c'est quand même très long un canon de 550mm et qui est juste retenue par le "cache flamme" et le bloc hop-up ? ET très bonne review complète comme d'hab 😉

  7. hey +khanseb ,
    maybe put the camera at the fps meter a bit to the right if there is space since the fps meter was a bit unclear i thought i saw over 800 fps until i saw the subs saying otherwise…
    greetings from holland.

  8. Salut Seb,
    Dit moi que cette réplique sera vendue moins chère que 280€ sur AE?
    Merci, bonne soirée

  9. Salut KhanSeb, merci pour cette vidéo plus qu'attendue. N'aurais tu cependant pas la possiblité de refaire juste le tir à 20/30m mais avec un joint digne de ce nom? En l'occurence le modify beige. C'est vraiment le résultat du tir qui me freine dans l'achat pour le coup.

  10. @KhanSeb 55rd magazine, Ares website says so, every mag packet says so, and I've tested all 9 of my mags to confirm.

  11. KHAN, please do some reviews on JJ Airsoft sights!!! I have been told they are the best for sight replicas, and Element makes the best lights/lasers, except for PEQs, which goes to Bravo Airsoft.

  12. Sympa ! purée je ne savais pas que ces joints en W existaient encore, jamais pu en tirer quoi que ce soit de bien folichon que ce soit en version GBB ou aeg :-/

  13. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo que j'attendais avec impatience, le AS-01 étant ma future première réplique de snipe. Les dernières minutes que tu consacres au démontage seront sans doute plus qu'utiles, vu qu'il semble y avoir nécessité à un upgrade niveau portée/précision. J'ai vraiment hâte qu'Airsoft Entrepôt ait ce petit bijou en stock (ainsi que le très joli silencieux qui va avec….). Encore merci pour cette vidéo et bonne continuation.

  14. Pense tu que la replique supporterai un ressort pour AEG Prometheus MS135SP car les 390fps ne me suffisent pas voilà voilà sinon super vidéo comme D hab au top il est deja dispo chez gun évasion ce bijoux !

  15. pas mal la bête dommage pour le joint en espérant que cela soit occasionnel pas discret le silencieux,mais a part ça super merci seb

  16. hi khanseb, would you recommend to use a m155 spring on this rifle, give us some thoughts on what spring to use to get it shoot upto 550fps without damaging the sears

  17. Had the gun in my hands in Hong Kong. Externallly and internally it's good considering the low price. Bolt pull was scratchy tho, but this might go away after some use. Maybe, maybe not.
    What I don't like at all about this gun is the extremely short bolt pull. It limits the airvolume of the cylinder. Even if it's possible to get high fps on 0,2g BBs, the cylinder volume is not big enough to accelerate heavyweights like 0,4g. So when you upgrade to 550fps with 0,2g (2,8 Joules) you will get way lower Joules at 0,4g BBs. So you are basically doing the opposite of Joulecreeping, and you will end up with the same Joule amounts as AEG players. So there's no range adventage with this gun…. What's the point of airsoft sniping then….

    I do like that finally somebody designed something new except copying the existing stuff. Anyways if you compare it to the original Magpul hunter 700 stoc it's kinda ugly to be honest.

    Overall it think it's a nice beginner sniper especially for countries with very low fps limits. But for those who want the best of the best a VSR-10 or APS-2 compatible upgradebase is the better choice.

  18. Hey Khan, nice video, as always 🙂 I would prefer more personal thoughts though. I would like to know more about how YOU feel about the gun.

  19. slt ! le block gachette ou le trigger sont ils upgradable ? ou compatible avc d'autre model car si je l'upgrade a 450 fps je pense que comme ttz replique il deviendra faiblard . est t'il possiblz de l'upgrade ? merci

  20. Bonjour j'ai eu récemment cette réplique j'ai changet le joint hop up et le ressort dès l'achat en magasin et le levier d'armement et très compliqué à tirer et à pousser , et toi je vois que tu le fait vraiment facilement, c'est normal ? Sinon bonne vidéo !

  21. This seems like a 10 times better buy that any of the Tokyo Marui plastic garbage, where you have to change 100% of the insides because they are not made for high power.

  22. my friend got the same gun hes bb is curving and some of my teamate dodge it can anyone fix it? my friend channel is cristen cusap

  23. slt est ce que tu pourrais me donner des lien d un ressor, d un joint au op up et d un canon interne que tu me conseil pour augmenter le perfomance de cette replique. merci

  24. bruh this gun is about 380 fps with .2 gram bbs. my ak is about 400 fps with .2 gram bbs lol, so that sniper isint going to outrange most other rifles on the field, so with a slower rate of fire, and same fps, what is the point in having the gun? sure u can upgrade it, but it wont get to high up sense the air volume is small. so dont buy

  25. I got mine in a dark earth or desert tan, dammit I should Be went with urban grey

  26. gros coup de cœur pour cette réplique, chargeur grosse capacité, dimensions et poids idéales pour du hit and run

  27. Quel étais le prix de cette réplique? ( même si je sais que tu ne me répondras pas car ça fait trop longtemps que le vidéo est sorti)

  28. Nice video. Well done. The appeal for the rifle seems to be the ease of working on it. It looks nicer to me than the typical VSR type, though I do like that utilitarian look. Your video was so well done it was lie the next best thing to actually physically inspecting one. I wish other reviewers were able to capture that perspective. 👍

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