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  1. Yup,that would be a difficult one indeed,but nothing stops a researcher like me! ;D

    I have seen how the Japanese made shell-ejecting M4A1 EBB works before,and it really interests me to build one of those as well.Not to mention,belt-feeding mechanism would make a real good challenge for that! ;D (Hence my gun of the choice)

  2. Hey Khan,what flashlight is it and what mount do you use,cause Im lookin for a flashlight myself.
    Thanks for answer.

  3. Khan plz Answer

    What is the Grip wiht the Little thingy called, and where did you buy it ?
    Btw you should really show off you Gun colletion sometime 🙂

  4. what type of magazines do you use? i own an APS M4 RIS and it has alot of feeding issues with magazines from other producers, at least hi-caps. i'll try some midcaps, hopefully they'll feed better

  5. I found that ASG very Good: beautiful range and precision. Simple to assembly and disassembly, gear box 3th generation, and the charges are like the m4, (it's aggressive) the barrel is 50 cmq long!! and you can use in urban and in the middle of the forest!

  6. I have two questions today if you wish to answer
    1. What are your thoughts on the Famas, one of the few, if not the only, french firearms seen in modern media?
    2. Does any one ever call you KHAAAAAAAAAN in homage to startrek?

  7. TM Famas is one of the best AEGs ever built. But, its plastic fantastic, not compatible with M4 mags, and mounting Redot it will bee to high. Used one for 5 years. Modded the mounting og redot though. Most solid gearbox ever, but with no easy spring change like "modern" bullpups.

  8. MC and LC will fit after modification. Probably V2 of the AEG will not have the problem. Hopefully the fire selector will be more like HK or M4. Used by the thumb.

  9. Putting major thought into buying this gun…Most anyone talk too hasn't even heard of this gun, can't wait to see people's reactions to an original gun.

  10. Ok j'ai tout lu le review et les messages.
    Sinon niveau précisions j'ai entendu dire que c'est vraiment incroyable.
    Qu'en pense tu ?

  11. Non j'appelle ça comme je veux.
    Voila toi t'as fait 2 fautes dans ta phrase. Te plains pas de ce que j'écris.

  12. I broke down very single part of gun, UAR was my first airsoft gun, and i dont like it much due to it's slow firing rate for my model and the flashes from the motor 🙁 That's why I got an A&K MASADA.

  13. So what would you say is your favorite bullpup airsoft gun? When you take into account everything, price, accuracy, reliability, looks, ergonomics, what would you see is your pick for best or at least favorite bullpup? Im debating between this, or going a bit further and getting the G&G f2000, but I want an opinion from someone who has shot and own both, and a few others.

  14. hey khanseb,
    which magazines will not only fit, but also feed in this gun? i tried mag brand midcaps and modified them to fit, but they don't feed, i also tried classic army highcaps, they fit but also don't feed. do you have any ideas?
    love your videos!
    best wishes from austria

  15. j'ai acheter cette réplique en magasin donc j'ai eu l'occasion de demander aux vendeurs qu'ils m'on dit que à pars de trouver d'autres chargeurs d'UAR il n'y avait pas vraiment de chargeur compatible (la réplique est fournie avc déjà deux chargeurs et un ressort de rechange), voilà.

  16. moi aussi ça ma fait un peu penser à ça quand je l'ai eu dans les mains pour la premiere fois, mais ils y a aussi la STEYR AUG A3 qui à une forte ressemblence

  17. apparament on m'a dit des conneries puisque je vient d'essayer mon chargeur flash de M4 qui compatible avec UAR 501 … lol

  18. a 9.6 stick fits very well and balances out the weight.

    furthermore if you switch your gun and battery over to deans it all fits better

  19. so tempted to get this as my first gun, mt friends said APS is not that great and half the people with the gun love the and the others have broken guns

  20. So what do/what did you think of it, in terms of reliability and such?
    Also, regarding the magazine incompatibility and backup mag release:
    -There's a bar on top of mid-caps that's longer than the ones on hi-caps, so most hi-caps will fit but no mid caps will fit unless a small mod is made
    -The backup release is for those shooters used to a FAMAS or an AUG.

  21. La réplique accepte uniquement les chargeurs de type Hi-Cap ? Une lipo 7.4 ou 11.1 de type bâton peut il rentrer dans l'emplacement batterie ?

  22. Is yours (or what's sold in ehobbyasia) is Gen 2 which place the battery in rear stock or the Gen 1 ver which battery compartment in front handguard?

  23. Thank you, sir. Very useful. So it doesn't accommodate any other mags than its own? Do you know if it can fit a 9.6V?

  24. Midcaps won't fit because the housing for the spring is too long, so to get the midcaps to work, you might need to dremmel it down a bit

  25. Bonjour KhanSeb, tout d'abord superbe vidéo comme d'hab. Mais j'ai un petit doute á propos des rails sur les côtés… Est ce que les rails sur les côtés sont maintenus par des visses ou elle sont faitent en une seule pièce avec le garde-main? Merci! : )

  26. the rail looks so small…..I was thinking about adding both a Halo sight and flip up iron sights to it but since the Halo is 138mm I guess it won't fit right? 🙁

  27. ¿Que fusil bullpup barato preferís?
    A. Urban Assault Rifle – [APS]
    B. KU 904 – [Army Armament]
    C. KU906 – [Army Armament]
    D. 020TB – [Snow Wolf]

    Quiero que la valoración sea por calidad, no por estética.

  28. The military space drama The Expanse used this as the Martian assault rifle:

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