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Airdrop Challenge | PUBG

Let’s go. We have a vehicle so now just to the center of the circle. When it (stutter) appears. Let’s get this bike *3 wheeled deathtrap* instead- I don’t know why, but bikes just seem a lot better in first person to me. You have such a clear view on them, which is good. Come on circle. Circle? Please? *gets screwed over by circle* Aw shit 🙁 Let’s go get it! Drop please? :/ Please don’t go to the north side of the waterr. shit, oh there we go! Come on, baby cheeks! This is one bumpy ride. Lets go. *Internet dies* What the fuuuuu-ah? Okay, that’s um… that’s fucking amazing. I love this game. No more down- fucking a… Come on fugglet you’re better than this. Please let there be something neat in it. If it’s a tommy gun I’m just gonna remake it now. I’m not but… There we go. let’s get the fuck out of here! It’s gotta drop now if we can- if we gonna make it *BANG BANG BANG* 0.0 No, no, no no no! Calm down! Atta boy. Stop, stop, please! Ok- okay. Hu Fuck you! *BANG* Buh-Bye! That’s what you get Cald3n, you piece of poop Let’s see alright… little bit of healing. That’s good! We’re gonna go with the SMG here. There’s a lot more ammo 38 beans ain’t gonna get us nowhere. Ohh the red dot! Now we’re the camper, huh the tables have turned. *Mortorcycle approaching* *Majestic jump* *bbrrraaapppp* Can we not talk about this… Holy shitballs. Don’t be mad at a little bit of potato. Okay? A little bit of potato is okay Please healing? Fuck! What has this guy been doing this entire time stunts on his bike? *Distant shot* Oh What was that? Somewhere Southwest *Distant shot* There you are! Magic 300? *BANG* Yee know it. Oh zeroing it’s such a fun blast to use when you’ve practiced a lot with it. I feel it’s a lot more… better than lifting your weapon, that’s just me. Is he going to drive over here nah, he’s not. Fuck ’em. You just got to watch your flank here if we can get this entire hillside to ourselves we’re good. But the thing is it’s kind of a tough task because it’s an open area. Oh my god, I suck… Not so good with the yumby dumby today. See if we can catch him or as long as he doesn’t push up again might want to be ready for that There he is! God damn… We just need one inch on him. How can i not see him yet? Oh, I was looking at the wrong tree, shit! How do I miss that, oh? Oh no! Oh yes! Oh no! There’s some off from that place. There’s still time to redeem myself, please, oh! What is up with this network lag. today telling you 300 meters is a magic number See, we sit still stop should have taken the shot It’s okay. It’s okay Now we just want to make sure that nobody comes up from behind because then we have this entire Hillside. I think Think about the first person is the people that used to lay down in the grass and I wouldn’t be able to spot shit Unless they’re far away like the guy, we just shot What do we do what do we do see if we can find some more peeps? This challenge is not The hardest one to do if you just get the first airdrop and have a weapon like this because you get the point shot anybody with a little bit of Luck. Or skill or whatever you want to call it. Radio tower clear. That’s the thing though now that there are people in the ingame houses in the circles they have to peek out if they want information If they don’t do that, then everybody else outside knows that there’s somebody in that house because people wants to be in the houses Right for the guy inside the house. There’s no jack shit any play position outside because you can’t use third person anymore Which is what I kind of like about first person All right, ten-four. Maybe look for some enemies instead So you just did not want to peek I guess Where are those shots, that rock there? Is that rock? No. Let’s push! There he is! One more, there we go. I was like in the hill. What a way to go! Circle’s coming now, we gotta get moving. Shit! That kinda needed to be a headshot.
He needs to push to! What this circle is gonna be ouchy? There we go! What? How is he not dead? There we go! Did he really have time to use a first-aid kit there? Oh? Oh no! This is gonna hurt! Not like this, please!
Oh God! Thank you! All right, where do we go to get some healing cover? Screw it! Let’s just go up here. Lay down If I can… Four others and peopleare shooting, okay? Again from the house woke up. That’s about time! Oh hello, that’s not a headshot. This is Greedy. I know. Stupid do loot this late! Don’t kill me! That’s just chill here, for now! Please be good circle! Let’s see! Let’s go to right away, get a good spot! We know one guy is in the house or outside now, but the other guy can be everywhere. We have the best sopt right now! The only place with cover. The thing is now, do we lay down but they gonna be pushing this tree, so we should probably standing up and expecting them to push us. Right? Haven’t played enough First-person yet? Fuck off, backpack! Let’s get a grenade! Okay, we’re good. We get any information. We still have good cover so we can take one hit if we can just get a player location from it. Keep the boost up! Come on, fuckboys! Alright, here we go! Oh shit! Please don’t kill me! Good shit! What? Okay then! CHALLENGE COMPLETED!
Only airdrops. That wasn’t too bad. Compared to the others.

100 thoughts on “Airdrop Challenge | PUBG

  1. In this video the add was awesome and this is the 1st time I watched full video of add.

  2. Once i won by hiding in a car 3 other people went pass me and didnt noticean the zone was right beside me

  3. I won only using airdrops with an AUG and a M24

    On mobile😐

    My rank is CROWN I SOLO GOLDIV DUO and SILVER V on Squad

    I did it on solo sooo…

  4. Idk if its just me but your video quality drops from 720 to 144 every 10 sec, i mean that s how it apears on my screen ( all of ur videos)

  5. When I gust started playing, obviously I used third person, and one day I accidentally picked first person and now that’s the inly perspective I play in skksksks

  6. You're so suck ah this game please don't play it anymore it's not for you you will never become a pro like this so fuckyou and your whole family dumbass

  7. 5:35–5:42 reminds me of that scene from American Sniper where Chris shoots the guy with the RPG and the kid doesn’t really know wtf happened but he picks up the RPG. The clip is just like that when the guy looted anyways except Fug shot him anyways lol.

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