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Air Warriors Monorail | 2017 Buzz Bee Pump Action Shotgun

Good morning Nerf Nation, welcome back to the CJ nerf channel! Up today the Buzz Bee Air Warriors monorail blaster review and firing test For the price of $19.99 here’s what’s going to come with the monorail blaster. You’re gonna get the blaster itself and you’re gonna get 12 Buzz Bee’s long distance darts. 80 feet to my driveway obviously we are way short. This starts about 40 feet maybe 30 feet so that one’s not too good We have a good majority between 50 and 60 Below 50 So as you can see, definitely not living up to the hype on the box I’m also having some problems with jamming as well as just not all the darts are firing out of the cylinder so Yeah, that’s actually the best dart that one right there, so It’s a max range 65, maybe 70, that’s only one of them. The rest were kind of below, so You guys be the judge!

21 thoughts on “Air Warriors Monorail | 2017 Buzz Bee Pump Action Shotgun

  1. I love this idea of an internal tube magazine. I was suprised nerf hadn't done it for rival as the balls would allow a higher capacity.

  2. Cj it’s extremely cold here in Canada well we were in a cold front today well you probably already know this but Canada is near the arctic it was brutal getting places and great video

  3. I think the jams are a quality control issue. Captain Xavier had no jams with any darts he tried, but Walcom had jams with everything except the Dart Zone Super Darts. I think you just have to find what yours likes. I am still searching for mine.

  4. I am glad u upload a lot school is killing me but atleast I got my nerfing squad to keep me going keep up the great work CJ

  5. CJ Nerf you wrong the the reason why the Air Warriors long-distance darts wasn't going that far it's cuz it was windy out and you probably got a lemon

  6. CJ Nerf why didn't you test other darts like Nerf Elite darts the precise Pro darts Lake X shot or accustrike

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