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AIR PISTOL – Dan Wesson CO2

this is the call you to view a classic outdoor sports show 2014 your big
Germany not to show to the public but the
manufacturers and traders the shooting industry special permission
granted filming I will show scenes video shorts
person with the latest products from the past month Parker’s about to
hit all cells I’m who Thomas provides tito’s good to me in to meet
you sir now you got the new Dan Wesson and these are
the halliburton is supposed to be very can
tell us a little bit more about that share I’ll all we did was we look that
they are going toward it and saw we were missing a couple of pellet version
pistols and revolvers while the right a little barrel actually
adds a little bit more to the accuracy very little to no de PSE known should a lot harder but
agassi is it a lot gotcha yes and the way this works is you
actually unscrew the top of the cartridge and insert the pellet then you just heard back on you’re ready to go that’s how it works
pretty simple and already got I improve Palin version is set up %uh
still BB version that’s really tough because I’m sure
people have been trying to figure that out free at all tolerant yeah call to turn everything is the
attraction to disagree with the revolver exactly I would be just push down on the
man in the guy yeah but I was looking at it thinking now you have no excuse pushing its good
about it that’s going to go inside co-conspirator percent talk to me. I’ll
it functions the same way other like their software still baby version I how they work closest same way yeah I heat didn’t wanna do like we had to
insert a little from Mac in the top or anything like that they go from other
pistols guy saw it this way we kept the look and
feel and everything as I just like spoil the exact yeah
exactly on course but the goal from the colleges
why and you got it you got all the cool
stuff still going on yeah it is it is a were you really clever idea and
I like that a lot does make it so I went to those commands they should could end up here if they’re
not out of out already should be hitting stores really really
soon I there’s been a really high demand and I really trying to keep in touch enough to
get them out there really fast he also released today West low-power version there some six millimeters addition one
jewel to decide on a good first term shit glass of worship testing yeah I mean we
had a six million version before yeah it’s all like updated version about over 1.5 tools I
can remember rose 1.9 yeah which is kinda hardcore players of games
out struggle. so we do what we all know a few things
made the park as a little bit different and started shooting one channel right
which means you can you know shoes people and culture that
mean exactly see I didn’t know you to everything I didn’t know you needed
an ass of version okay I didn’t know that solosinger welcome Jim helmsley that is again that
is very sorry and this is a six mo PB pipe lagging on since the same way as
the you want with the still be working right
to cut Telus I’m not a lot I’ve seen something
that looks very charged in Michael whats up very
well thank you to do well thank you the up do the good

51 thoughts on “AIR PISTOL – Dan Wesson CO2

  1. Sounds dangerously similar to a brocock air cartridge gun. Except it using a CO2 bottle, surprised it's UK legal.

  2. Love that setup!!! I need to order one asap!!!
    nice to see the pellet should never fall out in your pocket.

  3. They should improve the quality of the internal parts and supply some spares.Once the pawl arm goes they wont index and are nothing but a paperweight.

  4. Looks like a fun gun. Glad that they now make one for pellets. BB guns are just not accurate enough for me. All that they need to do now is make one in .22cal. That would rock.

  5. seen one of these (bb version) in store & they are utterly ridiculous size erm wise?
    get a proper air pistol, (umarex CPS, hw45 etc) much more user friendly!

  6. So to load one pellet you have to unscrew the cartridge place in the pellet screw it back up and load it into the pistol, is that right seems really fiddly

  7. Hey! just sent you a youtube message because I wasn't able to locate your business email. Let me know via the email in the message if you're interested. Thanks! ~Claire

  8. Well I thought about modding mine to .22 but if I can just order shells & the barrel I would like to do that. Will this be available for the 8 inch revolver?

  9. Paul McGrath I'm with you

  10. Can anyone confirm the statement here where one dealer will not supply a Dan Wesson CO2 bb gun without this……
    "There is no misunderstanding you must be UKARA registered or have an equivalent legal defence for purchasing a realistic imitation firearm "

    Nobody else has mentione this and I could pick one up today from a nearby gun shop or have one delivered by Royal Mail, so no face to face confirmation of age status!!!

  11. Hi Giles, please can you send me a PM as I have some constructive comments to make re Dan Wesson Pellet Pistol

  12. Paul,

    Then just like a scumbag robber they will get shot by a police officer, provided they are not in the UK in which case the officer will pepper spray the scumbag or give them a good billy clubbing!  Get a life!

  13. If you like the dan wesson, you would love my Colt Officers Model Target, or my S&W Model 24….oh so sorry, I forgot nanny government will not let you have these things….you cannot be trusted. The Mod 24 is my favorite winter concealed carry handgun–oh damn, you guys can't do that either can you? No wonder you (mcgrath) are afraid of toy guns……

  14. Your text conversion from the actual speech……is hilarious!!  Way off the mark at times…. LOL  ".like their software still baby version", "you know shoes people…", "…I didn't know you needed an ass of version okay …"  ROFL  (with the Closed Caption on)

  15. but what if a cop come along and sees it and the bbs look like a 357 bullet and they shoot you bc it looks to real

  16. I have 2 of the 8 inch barrel the seal is shot already and I only used the one about 10 times. Can I replace it without ripping the gun apart ?

  17. I have the black 8" version, which imho is under-powered; also, the hammer is loose, wobbles a lot. Loading the pellets is very fiddly and time-consuming, so I bought 24 extra shells which I load in advance. Accuracy is excellent. I consider this air pistol over-rated.

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