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Air Arms D.I.Y: How To Remove a Jammed Pellet From Your Rifle

Hello, my names Chris. I’m a technician here at Air Arms. Today, I’m going to show you how to remove any jammed pellets from you rifle. Obviously, safety is paramount. So what we need to do first is make sure the rifle is empty of the magazine and the safety is on. Also, what I like to do is vent any air out of the rifle. Use a 10mm spanner on this cross cut at the end here. Lossen it off, at this point you’ll get an O ring burst and the air will be vented out the system. You may need to replace this seal after you’ve done this, but we’ll have a look at that afterwards. So what we need to do now, once the air is vented from the rifle, remove the muzzle end with a 2mm allen key. Comes off like so, putting the gun back on a semi-firm surface. Use a clearing rode. These be purchased from any gun shop. Insert the rode down the barrel of the rifle until you locate the jammed pellet. Which you then gently push out of place. Once the pellet has been removed, go back to the front of the rifle, tighten down your filling valve, making sure you haven’t trapped any of the o-ring. around the outside. Tighten it back up. Replace the muzzle end and also tighten this back up. That’s your pellet cleared. For more information on our products and helpful tips please go to, thank you,

8 thoughts on “Air Arms D.I.Y: How To Remove a Jammed Pellet From Your Rifle

  1. After I cleared the pellet from my air rifle, it stopped shooting. there was no pressure when I shot it. Do you know what caused this? The pellets were pretty tight in there.

  2. Why vent the air at the risk of damaging the seals, considering the gun won't fire with the bolt open and safety catch on

  3. The air release is a major risk and a pain in the ass with lots of hissing etc. Better to just be careful and put a block of polystyrene in the breech with the bolt back. It's better to tap it out forwards with an inch of steel rod wrapped in tape, shake the rifle to hammer it forward.

  4. Having just bought a thumbhole s510 with all the “bells & whistles” I’ll sub to this channel as it has all the information I’ll need as I pursue my hobby.
    Thanks. my Rifle is absolutely epic! Nothing comes close.

  5. I worked at a children's camp this summer in riflery. We used pump pellet guns and quite a few jammed up. Most of the time we got the pellets out by using a rod to ream the pellets out.However, some were stuck half way in the barrel and would not come out. How do we get those out? thanks.

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