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Air Arms D.I.Y: How To Check For Leaks On An Alfa Pistol

Hello I’m Jack and I’m a technician at Air Arms. Today will be checking for leaks on an Alfa Pistol. First things first, it’s always a good idea to fill your gun up to 200 bar to make sure we have air in the cylinder
whilst we check for leaks. The second thing is to remove the end cap so we can see the male filling adaptor. Now we have to remove the pistol grip. Every pistol we supplied comes with one of these tools in the box to help remove the stock. Release the cylinder lock nut and remove the pistol grip. The best way to check the Alfa Pistol has no pellets in it is to fire it off in a safe place, pointing towards the floor. The most important part on a pistol leaking is around the cylinder here. We use a very light oil to check for leaks. On an Alfa Pistol there is all of these seals where the cylinder is joined together. It’s a good idea to go all the way around the cylinder very slowly, checking for air bubbles. Because an air bubble will indicate a leak. Also, down to the male filling adaptor also check around here, all the way around. Then the filter in the male adaptor. That is where the air cylinder would leak. The only other place on an Alfa Pistol is coming from the barrel would indicated it’s coming form the valve. To get to the barrel we’ll remove the shroud. To remove the shroud underneath the pistol is two 1.5 mm allen keys. The shroud will just slide off the barrel. Just like that. A good way to check the barrel for leaks is to get some oil on your thumb and hold it over there tip of the barrel with a slight gap to see if any bubbles appear. So now we’ve established is not leaking from the barrel we can now re-fit the shroud. Then refitting the stock and pistol grip. Now we have to replace our pistol grip retaining nut. Refit the end cap. For anymore information on our products or helpful advice or tips please go to for all that information. Thank you.

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