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Aero Survival Rifles from TNW Firearms at NRAAM

all right so what we’re showing you here
today is the TNW aero survival rifle what this rifle does very quickly tears
down into a very small platform so I can get this into a backpack it’s designed
to go into a three day pack go with you anywhere you need it to go some neat
features of it what it does if you have this with an optic when I put the barrel
back on its gonna index back into the exact same spot it came off of so it’s
gonna leave my optics zeroed okay so not too many firearms out there I’ll do that
so this is as standard obviously not with the optic but as standard this is
what you’re gonna see in the rifle what we offer is this as your serialized
firearm is the upper okay the lower is a plug-and-play we offer three options in
the lower we offer a nine-millimeter lower a 45 lower and a rimfire lower
with those three lowers you can change out your bolt face and your barrel and
go into multiple caliber configurations so in the rimfire we offer a 22lr and a
22 mag in the nine mil we can convert from nine mil to 357 sig or forty in the
forty five caliber we can convert from 45 to ten mil to 460 Rowland
across-the-board everything’s plug-and-play so you buy the upper
basically and obviously you buy a complete it’s going to come with a lower
and the barrel but you buy the gun itself then as you want to change into
different configurations you can buy those accessory pieces they’re
relatively inexpensive we offer it in a couple different variations obviously
this is our standard rifle we offer it in a pistol standard which is going to
be an 8 inch barrel with this barrel nut and obviously your pistol buffer as
standard you’d see on other ARS we also offer it into a tactical pistol which is
going to come with an SB brace a 10 inch barrel
and the handguard that you see these all tear down in the same fashion that I
showed you the barrel comes off of all of them tears down very easily
conversion into different calibers takes about three minutes it’s very very user
friendly easy to use so that’s pretty much the gist of it
tnw firearms calm is our website we offer all of our accessories online so
if you buy this rifle at one of the stores you can go online and get any of
our accessories any anything you need all the way down to individual parts
okay so that was our interview with Brian Young from tnw firearms and he
gave us an overview of their arrow survival rifle what you’re seeing here
is the backpack that they sell to go with their survival rifle and we’ve got
a demonstration coming up and I apologize for the camera work but the
gentleman that was demonstrating the backpack requested that I not show his
face so he got a pretty low and lousy camera angle but he breaks it down it
goes into the backpack he’s gonna put it there in the back is where your
receivers go and this is your barrel going in and it does poke out the little
hole there in the bottom that you can see and you still have the rest of the
backpack is for your provisions for being out there on the trail and again
it opens up you’ve got plenty of storage there in the front more storage in that
front and in there go the Glock mags because yes the tnw firearms arrow
survival rifle takes Glock mags so hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you to
Brian for the interview and we’ll catch you on the next one

4 thoughts on “Aero Survival Rifles from TNW Firearms at NRAAM

  1. Did they say why they chose to use that brace and not the SBA3? The SBA3 would seem to be a more intuitive choice, as it's collapsible.

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