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Advanced Target Shooting Tips : How to Pick a Shotgun for Target Shooting

Hi, my name is Don Snyder, Executive Director
of the National Skeet Shooting Association on behalf of Expert Village. One of the things
we want to talk about is selecting a shotgun for skeet shooting. One of the older type
shotguns that was used when skeet shooting first started was the side by side shotguns.
These guns are very, very good for skeet shooting, and a lot of people have these in the hunting
scenario, and can be used to shoot skeet. A lot of people use these guns primarily for
hunting. The most important thing when you’re shooting competitive skeet is that you need
the ability to shoot two shells, so the side by side lends itself to that ability. The
thing that most people don’t like about the side by side shotgun is that it’s considerably
a little bit more recoil, and because they’re built for the field, are somewhat lighter.
Most people that shoot skeet prefer to use an over and under shotgun, or a semi-automatic
shotgun, but we’ll show you those as we move forward. The preferred shotgun is the over
and under shotgun. It offers one sighting plane, and it will hold two shells. It is,
again, a fixed action shotgun. But people prefer to use these in skeet shooting. One
of the other shotguns that is preferred is the semi-automatic shotgun, particularly one
that is gas operated because it dissipates the recoil that’s felt and it’s particularly
very, very good for ladies and junior shooters because of that dissipation of recoil. One
other shotgun that is used, or has been used, is the pump action shotgun. Again, this is
a fixed action shotgun, and you experience somewhat more recoil with it, but again, it’s
capable of shooting two cartridges, and still there are several people that continue to
use the pump shotgun. They’re very, very good and are reliable. The most important thing
is that there are many, many people out there that have pump shotguns that are hunters,
and they often wonder “Jeez, do I need to spend more money purchasing an over and under
or gas operated shotgun”? And the answer to that question is “No”. You can, in fact, shoot
skeet, and be very successful at skeet, with your hunting shotgun if it’s a pump gun.

13 thoughts on “Advanced Target Shooting Tips : How to Pick a Shotgun for Target Shooting

  1. if i buy a shotgun only for self defense, it would be a pump shotgun with an extended magazine tube, but it would sit in the closet by my bed and gather dust because the barrel is too short for skeet or clays and I don't want to take up hunting. I don't know what to do.

  2. @pete5668 Self defence are a whole other type of shotguns go to mossberg DOT com and check em out you cant hunt with them anyways its illeagel because there combat or coach and have no plug you need to check your local police station for required permits.

  3. I just use a 12ga Mossberg 500 with a 28" barrel and a 6 shot side saddle (gives me one full reload ready on the gun). I like being able to load it up with 6 shots and just pound one clay after another, and the pump action is just a satisfying feel both mechanically and auditory. I can also put pretty much any load up to 3" magnum in it. Perfect do-all shotgun. Good for hunting any game, be it feathered, 4 legged, or the bipedal variety that's acting with malicious intent.

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