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Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on Gun Control in the U.S. 🔫

Hi everyone. I’m Jennifer from English
with Jennifer, and in this video I’d like to help you prepare for a discussion
about a current issue: gun control. I won’t be showing any violent images, and
I won’t be using any offensive language, but this topic is for a mature audience.
I caution my younger viewers and ask that you don’t watch this lesson without
permission from your parents or guardians. Okay? Gun control is a hot
topic right now. If you’re going to talk about this, you’ll need some vocabulary
and background knowledge. I’m not here to promote my politics, and I’m not here to
argue with anyone. I’m here is a language teacher who wants to give you
information that will help you communicate more confidently and clearly
about this important issue. Okay? The basic debate is over the sale, the
ownership, and the use of guns by private citizens. This debate goes back to the
beginning of our country’s history. You know we have a constitution, correct? We also have a Bill of Rights which goes back to 1791. The Bill of Rights are the
first ten amendments to our Constitution. Amendments are changes. The first ten
amendments were written to limit government power and protect individual
freedoms and rights, or what we can also call civil liberties and civil rights. Today our two major political parties
are the Democrats and the Republicans. One thing the parties disagree over is
how big a role the government should have. Generally speaking, the Democrats
are for a stronger, more centralized government, and the Republicans are for
having less government control at the federal level. When some of our founding fathers argued
for the Bill of Rights, we had the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The
Anti-Federalists opposed a strong federal government, and they wanted a lot
of control to remain with the states. The Bill of Rights addressed the fears of
the Anti-Federalists and made sure that the new U.S. federal government wouldn’t
limit or infringe on our civil liberties and rights. The very first amendment protects our
freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Those are the big ones. The
First Amendment also includes freedom of the press, the right to assemble
peacefully, and the right to petition, meaning we can complain to the
government about something without getting punished. The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms, meaning the right to own a gun. People in favor of owning
guns like to state that we’ve had this right since the beginning, but opponents
of gun ownership say that the law was written at a completely different time
in history. In colonial times, we didn’t have an
organized army. We had the militia — just a group of
regular men who brought their own guns to fight when needed. Today with our
local police forces and strong national army, do civilians need to own guns? That’s a question for debate. Civilians are people who are not in the military and
who are not police officers. So Americans argue about whether armed civilians help
or harm society. But there’s something else you should know. There’s another
reason why the Second Amendment was written. The law was originally put in
place partly to protect citizens from the tyranny of government. “Tyranny” refers
to cruel and unfair treatment. If citizens are
completely disarmed, meaning if all weapons are taken away,
then it’s possible for a cruel government to oppress them or have full
control over them. So those who defend their Second Amendment right say it’s
their right to defend themselves against danger from anyone, including the
government. I’d say that gun owners are mostly
law-abiding people. They buy guns legally and use them responsibly. It’s not a
crime to be a gun collector or a gun enthusiast. I read that there are at least 393 million guns in the U.S. But I don’t think we’ve had 393 million gun-related crimes in the past
year. Of course, all it takes is one person to misuse a legally owned gun and
commit a terrible act of violence. Everyone agrees that even one mass
shooting is one too many. A mass shooting is usually defined as
any shooting that involves four or more people, not counting the shooter. Note that we can say “shooter” or “gunman.” Shooter is a gender-neutral word. Not all shootings result in death, so we usually talk about mass shootings rather than mass killings, but you’ll hear both terms used in the
news. Did you know that the majority of guns used in mass shootings were
obtained legally? That means that the owners purchased the guns legally. To buy
a gun in the U.S., you need to go to a licensed dealer, someone who is allowed
by law to sell guns or what some call firearms. A licensed dealer performs
background checks before selling guns to people. Many Americans agree on the need
for background checks, but those who strongly oppose more gun control say
that tighter regulation opens the door to invasion of privacy. These people
argue that stricter gun laws negatively affect responsible gun owners. There are
arguments over what kinds of guns should be sold to private citizens. Those with
a middle position tolerate civilian use of guns as long as the guns are used
for sport or basic home defense. Many Americans at the present are against the sale of assault weapons to civilians. Assault weapons are the kinds of guns
used by the military, and they can shoot very fast. They can shoot repeatedly if
they have a high-capacity magazine. That’s the part of the gun that holds
the bullets. Even if the government banned all assault weapons and
high-capacity magazines, we’d have to figure out what to do with the assault weapons already out there. A ban is a law that says something
can’t be done. We actually had a ban on assault weapons a while back, but it
expired. Will we have another ban on assault weapons? That’s what many of the
2020 Democratic presidential candidates are pushing for. Some have proposed a
federal buyback program. Gun owners would turn over their assault weapons and be
compensated. How easy would it be to put such a program into practice? We don’t
know. Gun laws vary from state to state.
Florida is one of the states that has a Stand Your Ground law, which is a
shoot-first policy. It allows gun owners to defend themselves in the face of
danger. The law, not surprisingly, has been interpreted different ways, not always in
favor of the gun owner. One difficulty in getting any law passed is that our politicians have to work together. They’re from different parties, and they
represent different interests, so agreement doesn’t happen often. Then
there are the lobbyists. A lobby is an organized group that tries to influence
the government according to the common interests they share. The National Rifle
Association, or what we call the NRA for short, is a very large and powerful
special interest group. They’ve been around since the late 1800s, and today
they strongly defend their Second Amendment rights. NRA lobbyists have had much influence in Washington. But remember that the need
and desire to own a gun goes back farther than the 1800s. Many of the early
colonists had guns to hunt and to defend themselves from hostile Native Americans.
Later as the country expanded West, people on the frontier fought Native
Americans and sometimes each other with guns. Hollywood has glorified this period of
our Wild West. Incidentally, you have to wonder how the U.S. would have grown if we hadn’t used firearms against the Native Americans. Our military had an unfair
advantage over the Native Americans in terms of weapons. At some point I should
make a video about the history of Native Americans and their treatment by the U.S.
government. Let me know if that topic interests you. Gun violence increased in the early
1900s, especially in cities like Chicago. Organized crime makes use of guns, and
that’s one fact that responsible gun owners like to highlight. Mass shootings
in the U.S. have increased for sure, but many homicides here are gang-related. Those acts of violence don’t involve the
Smiths down the street who happen to own a pistol for self-defense or your
cousin Bill who likes to hunt with a rifle during deer season. But opponents
of gun ownership say that guns in the home and guns carried by civilians can
lead to unnecessary violence. So all gun owners keep their guns away from
children? How can we monitor the mental health of gun owners with no criminal
record? Is the answer to ban all guns? The topic of gun control will remain a
central issue for Americans until we agree on how to prevent mass shootings.
Until that time, we’ll continue to hear the same descriptions in news reports: a
senseless tragedy, a horrific event, a deadly mass shooting. Many of us are
stunned by the fact that we’ve grown used to asking the same questions: Another one? Where? How many were killed? Did they get the shooter? Who was it? Some shooters have a clear motive, a reason for committing the crime. Other shootings
leave us baffled. Not all shootings are hate crimes that target specific people.
Some shootings are random. The news reports always tell us the location, the time, and the number of victims. Victims include fatalities and injuries. “Fatality” is another word for “death.” Some news reports are now choosing not to identify
the shooter by name because there’s a risk of giving notoriety to these
criminals. “Notoriety” is the state of being famous for doing something bad. Until we can stop mass shootings, we have
to remain prepared. On Instagram, I shared my thoughts on having active shooter
drills in the public schools. Visit me on Instagram to listen to that
post. An active shooter is a gunman who is actively shooting with a weapon.
Active shooter drills prepare the staff and students for the emergency in which
a gunman opens fire in a school or on school grounds. There are two basic responses: evacuation and lockdown. In an evacuation, people leave the school and escape to safety. In a lockdown, all doors are locked to keep the people inside
safe. Note that a school can be in lockdown or go into lockdown. If you’re the parent of a public school student here in the U.S., you’ll probably hear about a safety training program called ALICE. A.L.I.C.E. is an acronym for alert,
lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate. These are the actions of school staff can
choose to take during an active shooting. Often the threat of a school shooting
comes from a student or a former student, so do you think arming teachers with
guns is a solution? This is currently decided at the state level. Schools are
generally a gun-free zone, but some states have laws that allow adults to
carry a concealed weapon. “Concealed” means hidden. There are two ways you can carry
a gun: open or concealed. We can talk about open carry states or people with concealed carry permits. If I’m not mistaken, Florida is the most recent state to pass a law allowing classroom teachers to be armed. To sum up, Americans are aware of the
increase in mass shootings. We know there’s a problem; now we have to talk
about our current gun laws and agree on how to prevent future violence. Some will
ask for no guns. Others will demand their right to own
any and all guns. That’s part of the problem right there. Some say that guns
increase the chance for violence and guns make them feel unsafe.
Others say that owning a gun gives them a sense of safety — guns can prevent
crimes. Hopefully, we can find a middle ground for common-sense laws. What would those laws be? What are your thoughts? You can tell me in the comments. We’ll end
this discussion here, but I’m sure we’ll meet again soon for more current issues.
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45 thoughts on “Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on Gun Control in the U.S. 🔫

  1. Gun Control, has it's roots in State Department Memorandum 7277.
    Real gun control, involves using both hands.
    It's a poor craftsman, whom blames the tools.
    And remember, when the seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

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  8. According to Title 10 US Code of Regulations 249 all American male citizens (and those who declare their desire to be US citizens) between ages 17 to 45 are still members of the unorganized militia. Women in the National Guard and all men in the National Guard are members of the organized militia. Politicians and history teachers forget that we are a nation of soldiers. Might be an interesting topic of discussion.

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  10. "Did you know that the majority of guns used in mass shootings were obtained legally?" Roughly 75% of mass shootings are committed in gang infested, urban areas where (according to the FBI) 93% of gun crime is with illegal weapons.
    "assault weapons are the types of guns used by the military…" The military does not use semiautomatic rifles aside from the Barrett 50 cal sniper. AR-15's and (SA) AK-47's are not used by any military in the world. Therefor, by your definition, they are not "assault weapons".
    "The NRA is a very large and powerful special interest group." Is the NRA large when compared to the Girl Scouts? Yes. Is the NRA large when compared to Planned Parenthood, Lockheed Martin, oil companies, or big tech companies? No, they have <1% of the spending power that some of those interest groups do.
    I enjoyed your video and I understand that this video was about the English language; However, there are some glaring falsehoods or exaggerations in the information that you presented.

  11. The United States is the LIGHTHOUSE OF LIBERTY in the world precisely because its people have the guaranteed right to arm themselves to defend their lives and property. If the second amendment ever were to be overturned, the United States would quickly become a huge communist Russia where citizens who speak ill of the government, get shot in the back of the neck and disappear without a trace today. A nation where the GOOD CITIZEN is forbidden to have weapons the government becomes tyrannical in a few years, even controlling the thoughts of good citizens and killing citizens who express opinions contrary to what the tyrannical government preaches. I hope the Second Amendment will never be overthrown, otherwise the whole world will fall into the SATAN KINGDOM where an elite will rule and the rest of the cattle will obey or be killed, see the case of North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and other tyrannies. scattered around the world keeping their own citizens.

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  15. Q1 Yes
    Q2 Yes (If it means "AR-15")
    Q3 Yes & No (It depends on situation)
    Q4 Yes
    Q5 Yes (IF teachers train well. If not, they should not carry a gun.)

    I live in the US as an immigrant for almost 3 years. I own some guns and concealed carry a pistol everyday.
    I've never thought carrying a pistol when I lived in Japan. But here in the US, I need to carry it for protecting myself.

  16. A complete ban on the sale and ownership of all guns in all fifty states is my view, and that is how I would tackle this issue. For those who own guns legally at the moment. there could be a gun amnesty. We had one in Britain after that horrific Dunblane massacre, which also resulted in a blanket ban of all gun sales and ownership. With the ban and amnesty, we would then know that it is just the 'bad guys' that have the guns. I don't hear enough examples of good people with firearms defending themselves to support the 'self defense' argument' I'm afraid. If a man comes up to you with a gun and asks for all your money, then you give him all your money. How often do we have time to pull out our own gun and say, "I don't think so, Bozo!". We're not living a Western here. This is real life. My proposal would help rid your country of future killings sprees by psychopaths, and from the totally avoidable accidental deaths from firearms.

    Police here in the UK don't even carry guns because we don't have the gun epidemic you have in the States. However, I don't support a proposal to disarm the U.S. Police Force or the U.S. Military,.who are after all, fully trained in the use of such weapons. They are the good guys with the guns.

    Please note, while gun control is a major issue in the United States, mass shootings and gun related crimes are not the norm. In the main it is a peace loving country with good people in it. .

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  23. We need "hate control" not gun control. Unfortunately, a lot of our elected officials (mostly democrats) want gun control but also encourage hateful/violent conduct against people with opposing views, thus affecting both first & second amendments.

  24. This is why you can't debate the left on gun control. On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823.

  25. Gun Control feels like a circular argument meant to divert people from discussion over more immediate concerns which greatly contribute to our demise, namely the over reliance on consumption to grow our Economy. Imagine all the people reliant on smartphones, how many could give them up if they knew how much waste was created to produce them?

  26. Nice job but the term "assault weapon" is vague and misleading (not really your fault). An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle (1 pull of trigger = 1 shot fired) and is not used by any military. An M-16 is capable of fully automatic fire (1 pull of trigger = multiple shots fired, a machine gun) and is illegal to own in the US (they can be bought but the process is long, drawn out, and extremely expensive also very, very, very few people in the US own any). The uninformed masses think an AR-15 is an assault rifle. It is not. It is just a scary looking, black colored rifle that closely resembles the M-16's the military use.

    As far as my answers:
    Q1 YES. Police respond AFTER the shooting, assault, or act of violence has already occurred. They rarely prevent these things from occurring. You have to rely on yourself for protection
    Q2 YES (there is actually no such "thing" as an assault weapon). Machine guns are already illegal to own in the US and that is what the uniformed masses think assault weapons are anyway.
    Q3 NO. We have plenty of gun laws currently and they have little to no affect on gun crimes. How does passing a "law" have any effect on a "criminal" (a person, who by definition, breaks laws)? Gun laws ONLY affect law abiding citizens, not criminals.
    Q4 NO. I don't think they should get recognition or national attention for what they have done.
    Q5 I'm not totally against that but they would need extensive training and would need to train on a regular basis. You definitely shouldn't force this on teachers but those who want to carry should be able to carry if they can prove they're competent enough to do so. I would like to have police officers in every school including plain clothes officers.

    Nice video and a great topic to have a civil discussion about.

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