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Active Shooter in Local Store: First Person Defender | S7 E10

(heartbeat) – [Shooter] Where is he? – [Bystander] They just killed someone. – [Shooter] Where is the
people who work here? – [Shopper] Ow. Don’t! – [Bystander] Whoa! Whoa! (heavy rock music) – [Host] Welcome to
“First Person Defender”, where regular people come face to face with unknown attackers. – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – No! No! No! No! – Drop the gun, son! Drop the
gun! Drop it! Drop the gun! – What about the (mumbles) – Drop the gun! Do it now! – [Host] And fight their way out. (heavy rock music) – [Host] This is “First Person Defender”. – Today on “First Person Defender”, if they’re shooting inside a retail store, unfortunately, it happens. But how do you use the
elements inside the store to your advantage to save
yourself and your loved ones? (drums beating) – [Host] These force on force scenarios use training guns that fire
non-lethal projectiles. – I carry because I want to take my safety into my own hands. – Everybody thinks that carrying a gun is solving the problem. Right? They lack the training aspect of it and watching TV shows,
and watching YouTube, although it may give you good ideas is not a substitute for training. – We were actually walking
through a park one day and there ended up being
someone hiding in the shadows, so we just escaped a really
potentially dangerous situation. The next day, I started carrying everyday. – Unfortunately, today, yeah,
we’re seeing a greater trend in active shooters and it’s
gonna change your tactics and you’ve gotta be ready to
immediately defend yourself, defend your family, engage the subject. – Oh wow, I’m expecting
to not know anything (laughs) that’s going on. (rhythmic drums beating) – [Host] A day out shopping turns violent. In this scenario, Candice is tasked with protecting herself and her husband. (rhythmic drum beat quickens) – It’s time to pull up. (gun fire) – Hurry up! Come on! Come on! – Wait!
– It’s your turn! It’s your turn! – Don’t kill me man! (gun fire)
– Ow! (pensive drum beat) – [Victim] Ow! – [Shooter] Who’s next? Who’s next? Where’re you at? I know I saw someone in here. It’s over! (drums rhythmically beating) Where are you at? I told ya’ll this would be the day! I told you! You didn’t believe me! – [Victim] Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! – We’re done! – [Victim] Don’t kill me! (gun fire) – Ow! – [Greg] End ex, end ex, end ex. (fast dramatic music) – All right.
(heavy breaths) – You’re breathing a little bit. – (laughs) Yeah that was scary, so scary. – So walk me through what
happened, what did you see, what did you hear? – I saw two guys come in and really, I heard the
bell and then looked up and he was already shooting Steven. So I just ran away. And it was really hard to leave him there, but I know that– – That was just, was that– – There was just no way I could’ve– – Did you think through that or was that just instinct?
– helped him. No, I thought through,
he told me if he got shot to run away in any situation because then I could get help. And then I thought I saw two people, I knew I saw a red shirt
and a darker shirt, and I saw someone just
shopping with a darker shirt, so I wasn’t sure what was the other person that was coming in to attack. Then I heard “He’s gonna kill that guy.” So I’m like, “It’s time
to step out and help.” It was really nerve wracking, especially knowing that my husband was laying there bleeding. – What was the goal of
the bad guy, in your mind? What was this situation? What was going on? – I knew that he just wanted
to kill everyone in the store. It wasn’t a robbery, he came
in and immediately shot Steven. – So that is an important base line to understand, to gauge our reaction. You don’t have a duty to act, you’re not a law-enforcement officer, but we have to know this, if
we’re going to carry a gun with us daily, we have to
know that things like this are gonna weigh on our
conscience afterwards. In situations like this, there are two things that we need to do. First thing, we need to stop the killing. That means shoot and kill, or shoot and incapacitate,
stop the bad guy. Until we stop the killing, we cannot do the second requirement, which is then, stop the dying. Until we stop the threat
and stop the killing, we can’t call 911 to bring
in law-enforcement officers, medical personnel or do
our own medical treatment. So at what point in time
did you draw your pistol? – [Candice] I got behind a
concealment and then I drew. – [Greg] Okay, so you ran first, got behind the clothing racks back there and then drew? – [Candice] Yes. – All right, ’cause I was
wondering how that was gonna work, drawing while you were running because maybe some of
the viewers don’t know, but you’re wearing essentially, like an inside the thigh holster that you can wear with dresses, which obviously, I don’t wear dresses, so I don’t wear one of those holsters, but, so you ran, you got stable,
static and then you drew? – Mm-hmm. – Did it come out all right?
Did it work all right? – It came out really easy. – Okay. – We’d like to thank Springfield Armory for their support of FPD. One of the guns they
offer for concealed carry is the XD-E and it’s actually a DA/SA gun, actually a hammer gun
so you can decock it, run it a lot of different ways, but it’s single stack, easy to carry, so if you like that type of
gun, that type of trigger, take a look at the
Springfield Armory XD-E. (metal against metal) – All right Candice, so in this scenario, you guys were kinda ambushed, right? Your husband took two
to the back immediately, you kind of freaked out, ran away. You gotta do what you have to do. If you don’t save your own life, you can’t do what you need to do to help prevent other
lives from being lost. You ran back here, you got
your gun out, all right? Now that’s the only kind of downside to the way you’re carrying right now is that’s mounted on the
inside of your thigh, so if you are running, it’s gonna be very
difficult for you to draw if your leg is moving. Now, we have cover and concealment. When you ran around, you
kinda hunker right up on this concealment. The problem with that is now you lose all awareness around you. And now you’re losing where he is, you have no idea, right? A couple things that we can do rather than hunker right up on this piece of concealment, right? This offers me the same
amount of concealment whether I’m right up on it, or I’m back here behind it. Seize that initiative while
he’s busy focusing elsewhere, I want you to get nice and crouched, have your pistol aimed in
on the open area, right? You’re aimed in where the
immediate threat could appear, not on the actual rack, so you’re aimed in right
on this corner here, yup. Get nice and low so
your head’s not exposed and now slowly you’re gonna
trace the gun around that corner as you slowly pie out
until you see the target and then nice and
smoothly engage the target with two to three rounds. (gun fire) Beautiful, all three hits. You trained on him, he’s
down, you’re pretty confident that he’s no longer a threat, now what else are we gonna do? We’re looking around, are
there any other threats, are there bystanders, are
there law-enforcement officers that are gonna mistake me as a bad guy, I need to get on 911,
hey someone call 911, maybe now I need to render aid, there’s a lot of further
things we need to do, like we talked about earlier,
first thing we have to do is stop the killing, right? That’s neutralize the threat,
that’s the cool term right? Neutralize the threat. We gotta stop the bad guy
from shooting more people, basically what it comes down to. After we’re confident
we’ve stopped the bad guy or bad guys of killing more people, further injuring and killing people, now we’ve gotta stop the dying. – One of the companies that
makes FPD possible is Ruger. They’ve supported us from the beginning, and they’re really one of the companies that popularized the small,
semi-auto pocket pistol with their LCP, LCP2. It’s a nice gun to have in
your arsenal that you carry with whatever you’re wearing. – [Host] “First Person
Defender” brought to you by Ruger GunDealio smart phone app Surefire and Ammo Inc. (heavy metal music) (gun fire) – Right, so, in Candice’s scenario, bad guy came in to the retail shop, immediately started shooting people, she was able to draw her gun, move to concealment and engage him. After you’ve been in an engagement, after you’ve shot someone
the fight is not over, just ’cause you shot that person, doesn’t, one, mean that they’re down and your hits were effective. So that’s the priority, tracking your immediate threat that you know for sure
is there to the ground, making sure they’re no longer a threat. But then we’ve gotta become
re-aware of the world around us. Right? We’ve gotta break ourselves out of that tunnel vision. We’ve gotta scan, are
there additional threats? Are there other civilians
that are coming to aide with firearms that might
mistake me as a bad guy? Are there police arriving? Right, police response to active shooters are getting better and
better, quicker and quicker. If you have a gun in your hand,
in an active shooter event, and police respond, there
is a very high probability of you getting shot by the police. And to no fault of theirs either. We need to make sure we become aware of the world around us again, and we’re not sucked into that tunnel of the threat we just engaged. All right, so low and behold,
bad guy presents itself, I drive my pistol out. (gun fire) (heavy metal music) (gun fire) Track him to the ground, he’s down. All right, gun’s fallen out of his hand, he’s no longer a threat. Now I can go ahead, and
I’m starting to scan. I’m gonna scan my secondary threat area. And then I’m gonna check around, I’m gonna scan all over, real world, I may be turning. Then I’m gonna go ahead and check, is my gun in battery? Yes, my gun’s in battery. Do I need to top off?
If I need to top off, I can access my spare magazine, conduct a tactical reload,
stuff my partial in a pocket and I’m ready to go. Police are arriving, I
may set the gun down, have my hands up, I may holster back up, but now my gun is in battery
with a full magazine, threat’s down, if another
threat does emerge, I’m ready to go back into that fight. (heavy metal music) (gun fire) – You know Kimber is known
as being a 1911 builder. They make really nice 1911’s. And the thing that people
like about the 1911 is that it’s just a sweet gun to shoot. So whether it’s a small one for carry or whether it’s a bigger
one to take to the range and have some fun with, take
a look at the Kimber 1911’s. – [Host] Candice finds herself shopping when violence erupts around her. She’s drawn her line in the sand. Is she quick enough to
save those around her? – Can I help you find something? You looking for a
particular size or anything? – Yeah, 32,33. – 32, 33, let’s see, these are all– – All you mother (beep) get up. (beep beep beep) get up. (gun fire) Get down. – I’m a get the register. – Get the register, get
the (beep) register. – I’m concealed carry
– You said you had a gun, do something. – I’m concealed carry. – They’re killing someone. – Where is it? Where is he? – They just killed someone. – [Shooter] Where’s the
people who work here? – Ow! – Whoa. Whoa. (heavy breath) – [Greg] End ex, end ex, end ex. (base guitar rhythmically strums ) – All right, how you
feeling this time around? Same or different? – Different. – Yeah? – Yeah, I just, practicing the
pieing out definitely helped and then the shop worker was helping me, so I said, “I’m a concealed carry holder” and he’s like, “You got a gun, shoot him.” so I’m like, “Oh, yeah. I
better do that.” (laughs) – And I never, you know,
and I’m the bad guy here but I didn’t hear you say that to him. – I think I’d like to
practice verbal commands, because I got kinda got caught up on that and I think it made me slower ’cause I’m like, “What
do I say to this guy?” so I know that he doesn’t shoot me. – Yeah we’ve heard some
folks say some funny things in the show when they try
go give verbal commands and they never have before. – [Narrator] Shots and
commotions happening – Everybody down, I’m a
concealed carrier, carrier. I’m a good guy, everybody down, everybody over in the corner there. – Think giving verbal commands and maybe practice them a little bit, helps break you out of, like,
getting tunneled in on things. – As soon as I pied out,
I saw you both together, so then I just tried to
get both of you down quick, because I didn’t want you to
be able to come and get me or go out and get maybe the driver, I don’t know who else is out there. – You did hit us both. Going through this a second time, do you notice a difference in
your nerves, your emotions, and that kinda thing,
or is it kinda the same? – Yes, no, I definitely wasn’t
hyperventilating as much– (laughs)
– [Greg] Yeah. – beforehand. – You think about the
first time you drive a car, it’s nerve wracking, and
then the second, the fifth, the tenth time, you
start getting used to it, and this is why we do this training. – Yeah. – Better? Worse? Different? – I think I did better. – Yeah, I’d say you acted quicker. Yeah, you drew your pistol
and you looked at me, said, “I’m a concealed carry holder.” I said, “Great, you’ve
got a gun, shoot ’em.” Right? He’s killing people. So I was tryna drive you, remember, you know, seize the initiative. The longer you wait, the
worse the situation gets. The more you let it progress, the more they can enact their plan. These guys have a plan coming in here. Anything you can do to interrupt that prevents them from enacting their plan. Active shooters are not clairvoyant. Active shooters are not, do
not know where everyone is. Active shooters get tunnel vision as well. Active shooters are focusing
on a certain threat, “Okay, I killed him, now I’m
gonna go to the next guy, okay, I killed him.” We get paranoid, they know where we’re at, they can see us, they don’t. They don’t, but we need to make sure we can maintain our awareness
and seize that initiative. (heavy rock music) – One of our goals for this show is to help more people be more prepared. So if you like this show, share it around, and also on YouTube, ring the
bell, so you can get notified about new episodes on Facebook,
like us and follow the page and you’ll see new “First
Person Defender” episodes when they pop up.

30 thoughts on “Active Shooter in Local Store: First Person Defender | S7 E10

  1. I love training, but I would not use that training to be the hero. Training is for my/ family protection only. Guarantee you that store / anyone else in the store isn’t going help pay legal fees.

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  4. The comment at the end about active shooters getting tunnel vision is a great point to remember. Use thier state of mind to your tactical advantage

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  8. I think one lesson missed ( or at least not covered), was her not kicking the weapon of the downed attacker out of his reach, post shooting.

  9. You may not have a duty to protect those around you, but in those situations you become a first responder, law enforcement gets too much credit.

  10. What if you don't have money for training? Watch youtube video and self defense videos, learn how to properly use cover/concealment, go to an outdoor range, and practice it doing live fire. Classes are expensive and trying to find the right instructor is time consuming.

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