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ACP: Action Combat Pistol Airsoft Gun Review | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys, I wanted to show you a cool new
pistol today. The ACP, or action combat pistol, by APS. Now this pistol here is a replica
tactical pistol and it comes in two different frame colors. You have the dark earth, which
I’m holding here, as well as the black style frame. So give you a coupe options. The pistol
also is CO2 powered which is great if you are playing in any colder temperatures during
the winter. You’re going to get more shots out of the a magazine verses a green gas fill.
It’s also going to work better in lower temperatures as well. Fox Airsoft
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(888) 316-7816

6 thoughts on “ACP: Action Combat Pistol Airsoft Gun Review | Fox Airsoft

  1. One of our local players uses a high end kydex retention holster but he had to file something down to make it fit properly. Unfortunately, you will have to test fit it with your own holster to see how well it fits. Feel free to bring your holster into the shop to see if it fits. If you aren't a local customer, you might be able to find this at your local airsoft shop. We hope this helps you out to some extent.

  2. Ive seen a few videos on this, and I was wondering if all the handguns have the same completely orange barrel, Or just a few?

  3. To the best of our knowledge, this pistol has an entirely orange barrel on every single one. Not just a few of them. 🙁

  4. Mine goes through 2 mags with one co2 cartridge, and then goes poof and the co2 cartridge is empty. why is that?????????

  5. It comes with a metal outer barrel with a orange tip. However, I can't take out the inner barrel from the outer to replace the barrel. Anyone know how to do this?

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