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Accurate Armory AR Pistol

Hi, it’s Barry here, and I have a question
for you. Is this a pistol or a rifle? What do you think?
Ok, the answer, this is actually pistol, still look like a pistol? It’s still a pistol
But due to laws and regulations you can not shoulder this, this is actually called a stabilizer
The idea of the stabilizer is for you to be able to get a cheek weld on it while shooting
but notice the gap between this and my shoulder If I were to shoulder this weapon and use
the cheek weld, I would be actually having a short barreled rifle and unless I paid a
$200 tax stamp and gotten my paperwork back from the government I can’t legally shoulder
this For those of you who buy a pistol with a stabilizer
on it like this and go to the range and shoulder it
If there happens to be an ATF agent near by and you haven’t done all the necessary paperwork,
you could be breaking the law, something to think about
On the other hand, they are really short This is an Accurate Armory, one of our favorite
providers The reason I really like this is the size
of the firearm, it could fit in almost a backpack, just minimum size
You can still use full size magazines, we got even sixty round mags that will fit in
this. Car gun something like that, this really makes
sense If you have to use it in an emergency, you
can use the stabilizer or don’t do that legally right
But it does have a really small profile, makes it very portable and easy to use
This Accurate has some fun features too It has a pointy thing on the end here, so
if I was to jam this into someone’s forehead, I won’t even need to pull the trigger
He would be going “Oh God, what did you do that for”
Also it has a nice rail on top for optics, lights or whatever you need to do
These holes here are tapped so you can put on rail sections here for lights or anything
else you want to put on it Nice and small, also has the quick disconnects
so you can clip on a single point sling and just have it hang here
So for something that’s a nice grab and go gun or a car gun or anything like that we
are really really happy with this One thing these do is make a lot of noise
If you want something you want to suppress you are forend probably gonna want something
with a little smaller for end so that you can fit the suppressor on
the end of it That will do a lot of nice things to quieten
it down but it will make it a little bit longer Remember short barreled rifle, means you are
now shouldering it, it needs a $200 tax stamp You have to do all the paperwork, which takes
6 to 9 months to get the paperwork back This is not a short barreled rifle, this is
a pistol Who was right out there?
Barry out

2 thoughts on “Accurate Armory AR Pistol

  1. a berry nice (pistol)what the barrel length? / style, name of the muzzle brake ? I'm in the process of my first pistol build the upper is all I need along with that thordson check well
    thanks man

  2. You can still shoulder that AR pistol, just as you can shoulder a standard AR pistol with a pistol buffer tube. What you can't shoulder is an AR pistol with the SigBrace or Shockwave Blade.

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