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Acceptable Sight Picture in Handguns

Hey guys – Ernest Langdon with Langdon
Tactical and I’m here with the Beretta #WinTheFight training series – today
we’re going to talk about acceptable sight picture, learning and understanding
what that is – Acceptable sight picture is a very difficult thing to learn for a
lot of people – they spend a lot of time when they initially start shooting a
handgun, trying to make those sights absolutely perfect, thinking that that’s
what’s required to hit the target For the distances that we are talking about
for a defensive type shooting, we don’t always need that perfect sight picture –
now, granted: if you’re taking a 50-yard shot, you need a really good sight
picture, really good sight alignment – but when we’re up here close at five, ten
yards we need to learn what is acceptable – again with the caveat that we
still have to pull the trigger correctly if you don’t pull the trigger correctly
that misaligns the sights and it doesn’t matter how well they are aligned – so
let’s talk a little bit about what I mean: what I mean is typically we want
that front sight post centered in the rear sight notch and level flat across
the top front sight and rear sight – when we’re shooting at speed they sometimes
get misaligned and that front sight will be to the left to the right maybe a
little low in the notch and as long as I pull that trigger correctly the shot’s
going to land within that acceptable aiming area that I’m trying to hit so
what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a couple of shots and I’m going to
intentionally misalign the sights so that you can see where the bullet
actually goes – now if you look at that target that’s a USPSA IPSC target there
and my intent is to hit the a zone so the first shot that I’m going to take is
I’m going to intentionally miss align my front sight all the way over to the left
side of the rear sight notch okay? so let’s take that first shot okay completely over on the left side
now I’m going to do the same thing with the front sight all the way over to the
right of the rear sight notch – alright now let’s do it again
front sight all the way down at the bottom where I just see a little bit of
the front sight post in the notch alright and now I’m going to take a shot
with the front sight post half way above the rear sight notch – so all of those
shots the sights were misaligned but I press the trigger properly and I still
landed within my intended aiming area so guys: go out there train hard, learn what
acceptable sight picture is, so that you can learn to shoot at a faster rate and
properly control the trigger. Train hard, stay safe and #WintheFight

4 thoughts on “Acceptable Sight Picture in Handguns

  1. If it is in the notch close range, it's good to go… you're right, that is something a lot of people doing close range shooting worry too much about when doing combat-type shooting. Another excellent video!

  2. Please do a video on the common pistol malfunctions and the proper ways to clear them. There’s a bunch of videos that try to explain pistol malfunctions but the presenters make it overly complex. I’m confident Ernest can do much better than what’s currently out there.

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